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Winter in Verbier, Switzerland – W Hotel Verbier

Table of Contents

Winter in Verbier, Switzerland – W Hotel Verbier

Stay at W Hotel Verbier, the W Hotel in Switzerland as a luxury trend mountain hotel. A special resort – a new hotel – in the middle of the Swiss mountains, in one of the newest hotspots of ski regions in the Alps – Verbier! After Gstaad and St. Moritz, Verbier is set to grow into the third celebrity ski resort in Switzerland and has created a new IT hotel with the new W Hotel from Marriott Bonvoy.

W Hotel Verbier – right on the ski slopes

Those who have mastered the 140 kilometers coming from Geneva are treated to 13 curves and a final climb that gives a dreamlike view of the mountains. Every bend a new view and suddenly the village appears. Many small stores, a few restaurants and some nice “boutiques” 🙂 of trendy labels, as well as some jewelers.

At the end of the village then, the lift station and on the opposite side the new “W Hotel Verbier”, opposite a small square and on the right side the W-Residences, who wants to experience it directly longer or is looking for a place for the winter season.

W Hotel Verbier Switzerland - luxury ski hotel in the Swiss mountains in Switzerland - Winter in Verbier

In front of the door of the hotel waits on arrival a Rolls-Royce and a very well tuned Mini Cooper. The wooden houses exude something homely and warm. The building interconnected, opposite the lift station the “W Café” for a snack in between or a coffee after skiing.

Who does not want to arrive by car, can also use the first gondola directly from the valley station to the W Hotel and also from there the next day to start the trip with skis, because the own ski station of the W Hotel is conveniently located right next to the hotel.

Living room and bar

As in many W Hotels, the W Hotel Verbier is initially characterized by a large reception, on the left the W-Insider (concierge) who has all the necessary information for the city and the ski area and is guaranteed to know where to party in Verbier. “Wherever, Whenever” is not just a slogan here, but is actually put into practice.

The right side of the hotel is used by a modern check-in desk and the first view of the mountain panorama, where also directly behind it is the lounge area and bar. Cozy chairs, couch landscapes and light lounge music. This is certainly a great place to spend time during the day.

Wooden rooms at the W Hotel Verbier

Rooms at the W Hotel Verbier are individually decorated, as is so often the case at W hotels with a particular penchant for the region. At the W Verbier hotel, a lot of emphasis is placed on wood, for example, the toilet in the rooms is also built into a “wooden box” reminiscent of many alpine huts, in addition to the already familiar open bathroom and in the W Verbier a large fireplace connects the bathroom with the sleeping area.

Of course, in a winter resort you can not miss the large balcony, which offers another opportunity to relax, after a day on the ski slopes or a hike through the mountains.

Wellness and Spa

Those who want to be pampered will find a small spa area in the basement of the hotel for daily treatments and connected to it a corresponding sauna area with steam bath, whirlpool and a combined indoor and outdoor pool. Matching the small fitness area, which was housed behind a mirrored door and first wants to be discovered 🙂 (but I also didn’t feel like stepper or cross trainer after a day in the mountains…. 😉 )

W Hotel Verbier Switzerland - luxury ski hotel in the Swiss mountains in Switzerland - Winter in Verbier

Restaurant Arola with Sergi Arola

As in the world-famous W Barcelona Hotel, celebrity chef Sergi Arola dominates the menu in the eponymous “Arola” restaurant, combining Spanish delicacies with “Swiss influences”. A view of the mountains offers a perfect place to relax for breakfast and a slow start to the day or to end the evening with a beautiful sunset with family or friends. During my visit to “Arola” I opted for carpaccio, a beef tartare and a subsequent assortment of various delicacies and ice cream.

A successful alternative and the prices are cheaper compared to many restaurants in town, plus the convenience of not having to walk from your own room or suite through snow and cold to the restaurant.

Conclusion – W Hotel Verbier – W Hotel in Switzerland

The Starwood SPG Group has succeeded in creating an interesting new hotel concept with the W hotel Verbier, which is so far unique in the W hotel chain. Contrary to the previous W Hotels in large cities, such as London (Leicester Square), Barcelona (directly on the beach), Paris (directly opposite the opera), New York with various locations in Manhattan and with a view of the skyline, the W hotel Verbier is located rather secluded in the mountains. Seclusion from the daily grind and seeing the W jet set to match is a new and interesting concept.

It was my first visit to the W Verbier Hotel and I find the concept interesting to showcase a hotel away from the big city for once. The rooms are nicely designed with great views of the mountains or Verbier ski slopes. It was a nice stay not far from Lake Geneva with a wonderful weather. Thank you very much for the invitation to Verbier.

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