Instagram tips top 10 – more followers and likes – 2024

Summary and explanation of Instagram tips top 10 for 2024. Everyone uses the social media app Instagram – some for inspiration and to be closer to the stars – others to promote themselves. Almost everyone who uses Instagram wants one thing: more followers and more likes. To go with that,...

Instagram tips top 10 – more followers and likes – 2024

Instagram tips top 10 – more followers and likes – 2024

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Summary and explanation of Instagram tips top 10 for 2024. Everyone uses the social media app Instagram – some for inspiration and to be closer to the stars – others to promote themselves. Almost everyone who uses Instagram wants one thing: more followers and more likes. To go with that, I’m sharing my Instagram tips top 10 and tricks.

How does Instagram work? Are there Instagram tips top 10 to become an influencer? What hacks and what instruction manual for Instagram should you know? How to quickly get more followers and especially more likes on your Instagram photos?

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Instagram tips top 10 for more followers and likes – 2024

There are some basics that you need to know and follow on Instagram as Instagram Tips Top 10 to have more fun with the app. Some things should work automatically in your use of the app and become a natural action for you. I explain you my Instagram tips top 10 and tricks for Instagram for more followers and more likes.

Like & comment & follow – the most important point of Instagram tips.

The basic principle of Instagram is liking, commenting and following. You pick interesting people and Instagram accounts that you like to see and follow yourself. In the best case, the pictures are similar to your own pictures.

One should as the most important point of the Instagram tips always liken his feed and comment, if one can comment more than only “Beautiful”. This is how you draw the attention of others. Also, reply to all comments under your pictures to keep the conversation going. Feel free to ask questions!

Even real friendships can develop here in the long run. For some it is a public chat. Also, certain hashtags or geotags that match your own uploaded picture should always be liked, commented on and followed from time to time.

At the moment, some things are changing on Instagram due to the influences of Facebook. The display of your subscriptions on Instagram should change depending on likes and viewing time. There is a rating coming to the stream. 

Good comments as engagement – a comment like “Beautiful” or even just an emoticon smiley is negative as it seems like from a robot. It is evaluated how long the comment is.

Profile and stream with consistent imagery.

To get new followers quickly you should put more thought into the images you upload. There should be a consistent image style. A certain concept. With some Instagrammers, the Instagram account is almost an art exhibition and really elaborately designed. With many fashion bloggers, you’ll find a particularly white stream with lots of bright images.

Try to stand out and be special while still giving some added value. People need to see your picture and associate it directly to you without seeing your name.

Really good streams with a great concept are featured every now and then by Instagram itself. One gets on the list, the Suggested User list and is suggested to other Instagram users to follow as Instagram tips. This is a quick way to get more followers on Instagram.

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Best number of pictures on Instagram 

Interesting point of Instagram tips: Instagram wants active users. So you have to not only like and comment, but also upload pictures yourself every day. At least one picture every day and a maximum of 3-5 pictures every 4-5 hours.

Those who upload two or even more pictures at the same time often quickly lose followers. Do not overdo it and do not bore your followers. With large accounts, you should also be careful with advertising, because many followers are very critical of advertising and no longer want to follow this account in the long run. 

Use best apps for filters and videos

For special professional filters that can make your stream unique, you should use Instagram image editing apps. Especially popular are apps like Snapseed and VSCO for landscapes and outfits. For selfies, I’ve had good experiences with YouCamPerfect, YouCamMakeup, and Facetune. For videos, you can use Hyperlapse or Boomerang, for example, if you want to show certain effects like slow motion or fast motion.

Use Instagram filters – Instagram thinks it is great if you use the Instagram filters. However, you should make sure that your stream doesn’t get too wild and colorful as this will turn off your followers again. Your pictures should be creative and your own style should be recognizable. Overall, your pictures should be pretty to look at and arouse desire.

Tag best hashtags and brands

Use proper and special hashtags under your images. Describe what is in your pictures and what tags you want to stand for. If you get good likes, your images will stand longer under the popular images of the hashtag. Feel free to choose some professional hashtags with a smaller number of images. Sometimes there are competitions under a hashtag, where your picture is featured as a prize. 

Tag brands and companies on your pictures. Not only do you add value for your followers, but you also draw the attention of brands and sometimes they use your images. Some ask beforehand if they are allowed to use your pictures, some not. However, it is important that your pictures are often visible in the brand’s profile if this has been approved.

Descriptive hashtags – while you used to use 30 hashtags, today you should rather choose five to ten hashtags. Always then also appropriate and different hashtags währen, so that you prove that you are not a robot. Hashtags in comments no longer as equal as in the main post.

No hashtag ban provoke – using some hashtags, such as #raffle #giveaway #spam can get you banned from search and display. Rather choose individual and less frequent hashtags.

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Geotagging, specify location and place

If you took pictures for Instagram on the road, include the location when uploading. So your pictures will be found under the geotag, the location as well. Sometimes you can meet spontaneously with other Instagrammers.

Just please be careful and don’t give your home location if you want to protect your privacy. Here, some Instagrammers have already had very negative experiences.

Use location – if you upload a picture, you should always select the location, at least if you were on the road. Otherwise, it is better to select only the city and not “at home”.

No private accounts on Instagram – promote each other

For more followers, you should not have a private account. Companies also do not like private accounts if you want to be sponsored here in the long run. If you see Instagram more as a private diary and only want to address family and close friends, you don’t need more followers and certainly haven’t really found what you’re looking for with my tips.

Many also think too little about shoutouts, i.e. introducing each other for a few hours. You usually gain as many followers as you lose, because they are annoyed by shoutouts. Rather, introduce your friends or other Instagrammers properly and build them into your stream permanently with shared selfies. Many professionals, stars and models have expanded their reach this way.

If you don’t upload selfies, find another way to incorporate the other person into your imagery. Try it out and make your followers positively curious about the other person.

Tag others – Instagram likes it when you promote others that you can recommend. You should tag people, but again, don’t choose spam or promotional accounts. it’s perfect if the account then interacts with you as well.

Instagram tips top 10 - more followers and likes

Social media promotion on Facebook

Promote your Instagram profile on your other social media channels like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, etc…. Make a conscious call to follow and explain why people should follow you on Instagram as well and what you share with your followers only there. Make the fans you already have curious to learn more.

Link Facebook friends with Instagram – link Instagram with Facebook, as friends are also becoming more important on Instagram and are more likely to see new pictures and generally comment and interact more. Incidentally, timely replies to messages are also evaluated.

Facebook Business Account – one of the pro Instagram tips: If possible, switch account to business account, as it is displayed preferentially to sell advertising in the long run. Business account is also helpful for best posting times and stats.

No fake followers, because bad ratio

Don’t buy fake followers or like packages as it will distort your ratio in the long run. It stands out and makes you look unbelievable. Fake accounts are always deleted from Instagram. You keep losing followers and that’s what makes your account look negative.

It is also possible to find out which regions your followers come from and whether an investment in your account is interesting for brands or not.

Avoid Ghost Followers – if you have an “old” account, you will probably have collected some ghosts over the years. Ghosts are followers who are now inactive and will never like the picture, which is bad for your growth. Sometimes it is then even advisable to start with a new concept and a new account. (Tip: “How to remove ghost followers”).

Follow important accounts

Follow some interesting great Instagrammers, professionals and of course…. FOLLOW ME! I have two completely different accounts, one of which has already been put on Instagram’s Suggested User List twice. Feel free to check them out. 

Watch who you follow – the most important of the Instagram tips is to be aware of who you are following. Likewise, wild follow-unfollow has long been a thing of the past and is considered negative. Instagram evaluates how high quality the accounts are that follow you and that you follow. The number of people you follow should not exceed 10-20% of your own followers. Generally, you’d rather follow someone who only follows 300 people than if they already follow 4000 and are therefore unlikely to like and see the posted image.

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More Instagram tips top 10 and ticks to more followers and likes – 2024

Instagram changed its algorithm some time ago and now follows a similar system to Facebook. For a long time now, as an Instagram user, you no longer get to see all the posts of your friends that you would like to see, but are given a selection by Instagram.

Nevertheless, there are various ways to get more likes, more followers and more reach with the new algorithm. For this purpose, I have summarized the most important Instagram tips for you. With these little Instagram tips and thoughts, you will get further quickly than if you just post on Instagram without Instagram tips.

More reach and visibility on Instagram – understand the algorithm – get more likes

In my Instagram Tips 2024, I’ll share with you my hacks and tricks that I’ve been able to figure out as an Instagrammer so far that have a positive impact on your reach. They are not official tips, but tips from great Instagrammers and my own mistakes that I avoid by now.

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Instagram Tips 2024 – Tricks

Understand Instagram algorithm

Posts are now only shown to 10% of the audience. If these 10% interact with likes and comments, the image is shown to the next followers. Therefore, there are always bigger jumps in the Likes of each image.

Like groups & comment groups

Instagram notices when comments and likes always come from the same people and in a similar form – often acts like a robot. It used to be one of the secret Instagram tips, but now genuinely mean likes and comments count for much more.

Reaction to comments

Not only the number of comments is important, but also how fast you react and how detailed you comment back. Being active is still among the most important Instagram tips.

Long texts for description

You are welcome to write long texts to the image, because the time the user spends on the image is also evaluated. The more to read, the more time and more response options for comments.

Do a lot of Instagram Stories

You should shoot between 15-30 Instagram Stories a day – spread throughout the day and not at a stretch. You can tell more about the posted picture and call for interaction. Those who look at the Stories and interact are more likely to get the normal pictures from the user then displayed – even each other.

Instagram Reels post videos and galleries

Since the time the follower spends on the posts is important, you should also post reels videos and galleries. Instagram likes it when you take turns posting here. Reels have become almost more important than images at the moment.

Explore Feed

Get inspired by the Explore Feed and comment on the good pictures. This way, Instagram can also better classify and evaluate who might like your pictures. Write rather few comments, but then high-quality and positive comments in the Explore Feed.

Follow hashtags

You should not only follow people, but also hashtags. The followed hashtags should match your pictures and so again your pictures will be evaluated differently by Instagram.

Do not change or repost a picture

If a picture does not run or an error has crept in, you should not change anything for the first 24 hours and also not delete and repost the picture.

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More followers and likes on Instagram tips 2024

There is no secret recipe how to quickly get more followers and likes on Instagram, but a lot is accurate calculation and a thoughtful concept. You don’t become a big Instagrammer overnight and even then, your feed and interaction has to please brands.

My hacks, tips and tricks for Instagram 2024 are insights into what Instagram is likely to evaluate and how to evaluate the feed ad. Who has real interest in what you post? Who is engaging with you? Like in Instagram Stories, where the people who are always high up are the ones who often visit your profile, whether they follow you or not. Have fun with my Instagram tips.

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Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

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