Vanessa Pur website – new layout 2024

Welcome to the new website of – brighter, friendlier and cleaner. Even though the last layout change only took place in 2023, it was (unfortunately) urgently necessary to make some serious adjustments to the layout for the next few years and to create a new home for my blog...

Vanessa Pur website – new layout 2024

Vanessa Pur website – new layout 2024

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Welcome to the new website of – brighter, friendlier and cleaner.

Even though the last layout change only took place in 2023, it was (unfortunately) urgently necessary to make some serious adjustments to the layout for the next few years and to create a new home for my blog posts, but also for my readers.

Sometimes it is simply better to take a step back in order to be able to take the next steps forward.

Changes to the websites

Many of you praised the new designs and ideas last year and I was also initially very pleased with the results of the pages.

Vanessa Pur - Layout Wechsel bei und

For the first time since starting my blog, I have added an external agency to my team, which will primarily take care of the implementation of layout ideas as well as the programming in the background.

When I started pureGLAM more than 12 years ago, I was responsible for layout and design myself and learned a lot about design, programming, layout and SEO and then passed it on in workshops for bloggers and companies for many years.

Since my topics were increasingly divided between special fashion and lifestyle, many users wanted more information about the exclusive content on Patreon and also wanted to learn more about my exclusive style, separating the website content was also a good option in my opinion.

It was now clear what I wanted, what the focus should be in the layout and programming and what the user experience should be like.

In terms of design, the focus was clearly on two factors – on the one hand, a very fashion-focused layout with videos and the like for and a magazine style for ” browsing through” lifestyle topics and street style at

The topics of the sites were clearly defined, the site was to offer an insight and small, very soft foretaste of my content and over 250+ active videos on Patreon (and OnlyFans) and was to continue to feature my regular lifestyle topics and street style looks.

The launch of the sites was originally supposed to happen at the same time, but the launch of was delayed by more than two months.

Problems after the launch

After the launch, it quickly became clear that there were problems in the background for both sites, e.g. the performance for overseas users was very poor, especially for videos, and there were also problems with the languages of the websites and the transfer of updates to other areas of the blog.

The plan of more than 10 updates per month per website had to be quickly scaled back because it was not possible to automatically adjust everything again and again. Planned corrections in the programming were repeatedly postponed or could not be implemented. Finally, shortly before Christmas 2023, there was only one decision I could make – back to the roots, but then much better and more clearly structured and again without an external agency.

An improved and optimized version had to be created that would meet my layout requirements, but above all allow visitors to the website to view it quickly and beautifully on desktops and smartphones.

Looking back at the first layouts

If you look back at the first blogs today – from pureGLAM (as of 2016) and my first website to today, a few things have changed.

While 80-90% of content used to be consumed via desktops, the ratio has changed significantly today and more than 60% of users are usually on the go with smartphones and tablets.

It’s similar for me: if I’m just looking for quick information, I use the tablet or smartphone, if I want to find inspiration, I choose the desktop.

So it had to be a mixture of all options, beautiful pictures, easy-to-read texts and lots of information, both about fashion and my looks, about my exclusive content on Patreon (and partly on OnlyFans) and of course lots of lifestyle, beauty and travel moments.

Advantages of the new layout

The new design should reflect the versatility of the website and offer a place and a contact point for all topics for all visitors and fans. Only my baking recipe and cooking blog will continue to be separate and will present many new interesting recipes in the coming weeks.

The structure of the new site has become much simpler and much faster. At the top of the screen there are only the categories “Fashion”, “Beauty”, “Travel” and “LIFE”, as well as the menus “PHOTOS” and “HOT”.

The “HOT” category contains a lot of content from the “” website – some images have also been moved to the “PHOTOS” category, which was created on the website.

I’m sure some videos from the site will return to the blog in the next few weeks, sometimes for a limited time, but that will take a few more weeks and in the meantime you can find the much hotter clips on my Patreon page anyway.

Adjustments to VanessaPur social media channels

Some of you have already noticed the changes here in the last few days – a new channel – WhatsApp – has been added. I know how many of you use WhatsApp on a daily basis and so I will also be sharing private moments with you, as well as interesting updates or reports that don’t make it onto the blog.

Of course, things will also continue on Instagram, YouTube and X(Twitter). The postings here have been somewhat reduced due to the planning of the layout, as I first wanted to present a good website for you again. Give me a few more days until the migration of the websites is completed in the next few days, but then it will continue actively.

People have often asked how I feel about TikTok and it’s a “love-hate” relationship. But I’ve already prepared some content and it will start right away in March… and maybe you’ll follow me there too.


Due to all the errors on the and websites, which were caused by an external agency, a new layout and a merger of the two sites was necessary in order to be able to offer you regular, beautiful and up-to-date content.

Sometimes it really is an advantage to take a step back in order to take the next steps forward. The new layout should be tidier and faster, the navigation easier and lots of content that is also relevant to my life in one place.

In future, I want to be able to write something that is currently on my mind much more easily. Regardless of whether it’s a “weekly review”, “personal moments” or even a teaser of a new video or special photos.

Welcome to the new blog and thank you for your support.

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

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