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Blogger Tips for Beginners – How to become a blogger? Top 10

Blogger Tips for Beginners – How to become a blogger? Top 10

Blogger Tips for Beginners – How to become a blogger? Top 10

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….​

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

From eight years of experience, I share my blogging tips for beginners. How do I become a blogger? What do you need to become a blogger? How to become a blogger and what do you need to know before? What are typical beginner blogging mistakes? What does a blogger earn? Can anyone become a blogger? Are there any tips for beginners that you should know? What are the disadvantages of blogging?

Common questions from beginner bloggers about creating a blog. Time and time again in my life as a lifestyle blogger, I meet people who are considering writing a blog and aren’t sure if it really makes sense. Often I hear the question “How do I create a blog?” and “What do I need to know or be able to do to become a blogger?”. For those very people and friends, I’m writing this blog creating guide today for anyone who would like to start blogging and become a blogger.

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Blogger tips for beginners

Want to become a blogger and have no idea how or what to start with? You’re not alone, because I’m frequently quizzed on the very topic of blogger tips for beginners. Time for a post about blogging tips for beginners. I myself got into blogging eight years ago and didn’t plan to become a blogger. Initially, it was more like a website with hotel reviews.

There is no training to become a successful blogger and it anyone can theoretically become it, if he brings a lot of discipline and diligence. It is only through perseverance and development that you become a successful blogger in the long run.

Blogger tips for beginners understand and become a blogger. However, at the beginning of a blog is only the first step and it is sometimes not so easy if you do not know where to start. In my tutorial I explain you more about the beginnings and give you my estimations. I also tell you what in my eyes are the biggest advantages, but also the biggest disadvantages of blogging.

Should I really become a blogger? Is it still worthwhile to start blogging now?

If you landed on my information and guide for blogger beginners, then your thought about creating a blog is almost set. You wouldn’t be here if it was just a whim. You probably know other bloggers or enjoy reading other blogs and have been thinking about doing the same for a long time.

My recommendation? Yes, just try it out and see if it’s fun in the long run. You have nothing to lose but time. The longer you hesitate and think about it, the more time you lose, in which your blog could already be running. If you enjoy blogging and stick with it, you can still make it to the top of German blogs.

What do I have to consider beforehand if I want to become a blogger?

Creating a blog takes time! It is a new hobby and will require a lot of your attention. It will motivate you to experience more and explore more. You will see everything around you with different eyes and take many more photos than you have before. Strangers will see more of you than they would without a blog.

Of course, you can make money or get product samples through the blog in the long run, however, this should not be the reason for the blog. Not that a blog under this idea does not run, but readers lose interest faster if there are only advertorials, ie advertising, on the blog. Rather take it as a nice addition, if it suits you in the long run, but not as the main reason to create a blog.

How to become a blogger? Instructions, training, equipment

To start blogging and blogging tips for beginners, the minimum you need is access to the Internet, a laptop or computer, and a smartphone or digital camera. Upwards, there is then no limit to how you can gradually optimize from the equipment. Blogger tips for beginners quickly then become pro tips that you will learn.

What equipment do I need to create a blog? Beginner Blogger Equipment

You need internet of course and preferably wifi at home and when you are on the road. You need a PC or a laptop if you want to blog flexibly on the road. You also need a digital camera to take pictures for the blog. A smartphone is also helpful for all accompanying social media activities. Some blogger basics for creating a blog are covered and can of course be optimized at any time with the appropriate equipment and facilities, such as image editing.

What camera do I need as a blogger? Blogger Equipment (Affiliate Links)

The best camera to create a blog is, of course, in the eye of the beholder. Generally, you can fill a blog yourself with good pictures from your smartphone. The quality of the pictures are really perfect with new smartphones. Some bloggers even use only their Instagram pictures for their blog posts in the beginning.

However, if you want to get more readers and possible collaborations in the long run, you should attach more value to the pictures and invest in good equipment. Really good for this are, for example, the cameras from Canon – from the Canon EOS 100D to the Canon EOS 80D, there are many different models that work with touchscreen and, depending on the niche, are also perfect for food photography or fashion photos with the right lens.

There are no limits upwards. In the long run, it is also possible to sell his pictures to cooperation partners. Here, however, a good quality of the images is required. Many of the cameras are also ideally suited for YouTube, if you want to be active here as well, or at least leave the option open for the future.

Sometimes it’s also fun if you don’t blog alone and are at least active in the background in pairs. Maybe one writes the texts and the other takes care of the pictures? It can become a common hobby in a relationship or friendship and welds together even more.

YouTuber equipment for beginners - YouTube camera equipment CANON 200D - The entry-level camera for bloggers, YouTuber, amateur photographers - CANON EOS 200D Rebel SL2 Review Test - Canon 77D - Best camera for YouTuber, blogger, hobby photographer - Experiences - The all-round camera - Canon 77D product test and review - Experience with the Canon camera - Technology blogger Vanessa Pur - Comparison Canon EOS 200D vs. EOS 800D vs. 77D - Differences, advantages, handling - Camera for bloggers - Understanding camera settings - Better fashion photos for fashion bloggers

How do I create a blog? Blog creating beginner tips

If you want to create and write a blog you need three things: a storage space on the net, a domain, a blogging platform and a blog design. What do I mean by that?

Storage space for the blog – you can rent a storage space on a server at 1&1, for example, to be responsible for updates yourself and thus be extra secure. Alternatively, 1&1, for example, can take care of all WordPress updates, in which case it is not taken into account to ensure that the chosen blog design already works with the latest updates. Away from the self-hosted blogs, you can use a storage space at WordPress or Blogger, whereby the blogs are rated differently in the search engines.

Domain – with and with you get a subdomain. This means that the blog name is usually “” or “”. For the beginning no problem, however it makes directly another impression also for Google, if one has an own Domain and is called then only “”. An own domain is usually included in the server packages like e.g. from 1&1.

Blogging platform – as already explained with the domain, there is e.g. WordPress, which is the best solution on a self-hosted server space. 39% of the top 100 blogs use this variant. With WordPress self-hosted, you have countless design possibilities and the best customization options through various plugins.

Blog design – there are many free designs that you can use as a blogger. However, for regular updates and adaptations to the latest versions, it is worth spending the approx. 50 EUR for a paid design with WordPress.

How do I name a blog as a beginner? What do I blog about? Create a blog

You can blog about anything you want to write and tell about. It’s best to write about what you like to talk about with friends and family and what you know best and have developed a certain passion for. The more specialized, the quicker you’ll have found a niche that sets you apart from the rest of the bloggers. Also, maybe ask yourself what you would like to read yourself. Info? Diary style? Recipes?

Your blog name should ideally reflect the content of your blog or be a perfect fit for you as a person. Feel free to be creative and ask friends and family about any ideas you have. Imagine yourself at blogger events with your blog name and if you feel comfortable with it.

If you plan to travel a lot and be a blogger abroad, consider whether your blog name should be understandable and “pronounceable” in English as well if you create a mother-language blog name.

No brand should be included in the name for legal reasons. The blog name should also not be too restrictive, so that you can still develop into your niche and perhaps write about completely different topics in the long run.

Should I blog in English or in German or your mother-language? Create a blog

Before creating a blog, ask yourself where you see your readers. There are enough readers in the German market who are still waiting for good blogs. If your blog is written in German, you have only the other German blog as competition and you target the German market for companies.

If you blog in English, you are of course potentially addressing a larger market, but you also have much more competition. Your English should be native good. With a blog in English, which is located on a German server, you are always worse off than the competition.

If you blog in both languages, you will confuse Google even more and will not rank well in both search engines with your reports, which will cost you a lot of traffic and visitors in the long run.

Blogger Tips for Beginners - How to become a blogger?

What topic should I write about, what should I blog about?

You can report and write about anything you like. A blog should be authentic and concern you – that’s what blogs live on. It counts the personal opinion and the personal experience with a topic and then especially with products. Your readers trust you in the long run and therefore want to know your opinion and experience you. Predefined press releases are not what makes a blog live.

You hear more and more that the blog should not be in the mainstream, how important is a niche?

The most important point in “becoming a blogger” is not to pretend. You will find your gap and find your readers, but of course it takes some time. Directly looking for a gap where you fit with your blog is usually difficult. You will find your area by yourself with time and you will also notice which area you enjoy the most.

Is there still room for a new blog – or are there already enough blogs?

There is always room for interesting blogs, just as unfortunately interesting blogs are always discontinued. Sometimes authors lose the desire or simply have less time due to studies, job, children etc. or priorities have changed. Therefore, new, interesting blogs are always welcome.

Is there any training to be a blogger?

There is no training, so you learn a lot as a blogger from other blogs and on YouTube. You get answers to all questions and can teach yourself everything you need. Some topics I have already explained in detail in my blogpost for blogger beginners. Everything else is now available in my Blogger Tips for Beginners.

From time to time there are blogger workshops, but some of them are very superficial or very detailed. YouTube really helps the best if you have a problem or are looking for help.

There are some beginner mistakes that you can always observe when you see newbies. Please don’t use photos that you didn’t take yourself. It is absolutely difficult legally with image use if you use other people’s images – it’s similar to music on YouTube videos.

If you want to start blogging together with others, you should consider to start two blogs and support each other. Especially often I have seen it that girlfriends wanted to develop after two years then in other directions and then had to laboriously separate everything, which in the end never really fair.

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Which social media platforms do I need as a blogger? Does a blogger need Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Snapchat?

Once you have decided on a domain name, i.e. a blog name, you should secure all possible social media platforms. That is, create a Facebook page with your name, open an Instagram account with your name, etc. – secure your name before someone else does. What you should use from this right away though? Promote your blogposts right after blog creation preferably across all platforms and post good content regularly.

Where can I get help with my blog when it comes to programming? Creating a blog done right

This is where it sometimes helps to just google and look at helps on YouTube. Especially with WordPress, there are really a lot of help and explanations that are understandable even for beginners in creating a blog.

Learning-by-doing is still important for many bloggers today. I wouldn’t have thought HTML, JavaScript and CSS were understandable to me before either, but you learn it over time and it’s also just more and more fun.

How do I get readers to my blog as a beginner?

To draw attention to yourself you can comment on other blogs that you like to read and thus draw attention to yourself in the long run. But please comment on the content and not just to advertise your blog. This often discourages rather than makes curious. Depending on the topic, there are also forums where you can post your reports.

You do not become famous and well-known overnight. With the first blogpost published, thousands of visitors do not come immediately on the first day, but the blog grows slowly and steadily. Many blogs that are successful and large today, have also had only a few readers in the first few years and have risen through the consistency and perseverance and become more and more famous.

Do I have to show my face as a blogger? Do you have to look good as a blogger?

Of course, you don’t have to show a picture of yourself from the beginning – at least depending on the blog topic. As a fashion blogger, you should be fine with being photographed. As a recipe blog, it’s rather beside the point which face is blogging. However, it is helpful in the long run to collect followers if you show your face and thus become something of a brand with the blog. A neutral blog is not followed as quickly as a person with whom you can identify. The more personal, the more successful. Tip: It is best to introduce yourself to your readers in one of the first blogposts.

I know people who have inhibitions to write a blog and create blog because they find themselves not so photogenic and prefer to hide. You don’t have to be a model to become a blogger and create a blog, but it helps to be a “type” and stand for something. No matter if business, eco, sexy or sporty – no matter if young or old, long hair or short hair. You even gain a lot of self-confidence when you are a blogger and often even become a role model for others. Just accept yourself as you are and show only what you want to show yourself. Stay authentic.

Ghost followers on Instagram - What are ghost followers? How to remove?

What do I have to expect when I write a blog – are there also side effects?

If you start a blog and take it seriously, you will notice that many posts are not written within a few minutes, but take time and this goes from your free time. Constantly you have your smartphone in your hand and take more pictures than usual, because you also need nice pictures for the blogpost for the mood and as information.

Your life becomes more public and also your neighbors will wonder, if you write a fashion blog, why you are standing on the street in front of the house every two days and have your picture taken. Maybe you are looking for special places for photos, but in the beginning it can be very simple and plain a house wall or street as a backdrop for fashion photos.

Do I have to have good grades in German to become a blogger? Do I have to be a good writer?

Your school grade has nothing to do with your blog and blog creation. You should be able to write legible texts that are a pleasure to read, but you don’t have to be a genius in German classes. Your writing style will develop from blogpost to blogpost and after two years you will probably beat your hands over your head when you read your first blogposts. Practice makes perfect and development is part of everything in life. No one is born a blogger and no blogger is perfect!

What should I expect as a blogger? What do I need to know before I become a blogger? Create a blog

Please only use your own images on your blog and do not post content that someone else has produced.
Please make sure to use proper no-follow or follow linking if you want to link to another site.
Once you earn merchandise or money from your blog, you will need to claim the values for tax purposes.
Not everyone is in your good graces – there are headwinds and enviers too.
With cooperation offers you should not sell yourself under value and take from the beginning at least EUR 50.00 for your effort in return for a blogpost.
If your blog is doing well, you may be recognized and approached by the public.
It may be that you as a blogger are invited to blogger events and can meet other bloggers there. Sometimes real friendships develop here and it is even more fun to blog. However, you also meet bloggers who can be envious and are not looking for friendship.
If you want to be well placed in Google search with your blogposts, you should be interested in SEO. Here are helpful plugins for the wordpress blog that can bring your posts far to the front.
Headers are important, but not so important that from the beginning everything depends on the logo and header above. Write calmly first only as text your blog name in there.

What does a blogger earn?

Blogger tips for beginners: but can you make a living from blogging? Is it fun and are there any serious drawbacks at all with all the benefits you imagine?

You can find a detailed blogger earnings blogpost where you can calculate what a blogger earns. Very roughly speaking, it depends on your blog, how long it has been around and how many readers you have on your blog per month. However, these are only guidelines and sometimes it depends on you whether you like to work with a client or not, which will show in your price agreement.

Blogger tips for beginners: If your blog is running longer and the first requests from brands come or you want to introduce yourself to PR agencies, you need a good media kit. This media kit will contain information about you and your blog with facts and figures, as well as examples of your work. The first months you should really focus on what you want to report about. No one wants to read a pure advertising blog.

The biggest disadvantage of being a blogger? It takes time and you don’t just have friends, even if it all looks so happy all the time. You will always bump too and you can never please everyone else. There are always moments when you have to think for yourself why you are actually blogging. So set small goals for yourself and it’s best to make a small plan of what you want to post on certain days of the week, for example.

Blogger Tips for Beginners - How to become a blogger?

Conclusion – Blogger Tips for Beginners

I hope my introduction to creating a blog and introduction to blogging has helped you a little and brought you further in your consideration. Who is just still totally unsure whether he wants to create a blog and does not want to start immediately, should just pretend once that he has a blog and just write once five blogposts and the “About me” text. Just for yourselves. If you like, you can show these texts to your loved ones and get feedback – because usually family or close friends are also one of the first readers on the blog.

By the way, you don’t write these texts for nothing, because if you really want to start creating your blog, you need some blog posts quickly, so that the blog is not completely empty. You can adjust the design only when you can see some blogposts on the blog. A useful dry run that will show you if you have the desire to put it online afterwards, or rather just let it lie dormant.

Blogging is fun and changes your life if you let it, as you experience much more than you did before. As a blogger, I’ve gotten to know so many places and people that I probably never would have experienced without a blog. Even though my blogger life is now 24/7, I wouldn’t want to miss my blog. Sometimes it’s so amazing how much you’ve created from “nothing” and what you’ve been able to experience.

As long as the benefits outweigh the risks and it’s just fun and brings a lot of new options and contacts, it’s really nice to be a blogger. Whether you do it as a hobby or eventually make a living out of it, you leave a footprint in the vast online world.

You will surely experience a lot of fun not only through my blogger tips for beginners. You will notice that you are altogether much more attentive on the road and also makes much more photos than before. 

I wish you a lot of fun with the implementation of your very own project and my blogger tips for beginners.

Stay authentic and humble. Always be polite. Think positive and have fun!

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….​

Vanessa Pur - Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
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