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Canon IP110 Mobile-Printer – Cordless everyday incl. battery – Evaluation

Table of Contents

Canon IP110 Mobile-Printer – Cordless everyday incl. battery – Evaluation

Often we were asked in recent weeks and months, even during lectures, how to print out all the documents, contracts and tutorials, how to create a script for the YouTube videos, what you then have in the photo bag. One is then quite astonished when one quickly takes the tips printed out from the briefcase during the workshop and hands them to the participants. The initial amazement turns into fascination and we have been accompanied for quite some time by a small mobile printer – the Canon iP110 with rechargeable battery.

Canon IP110 Mobile-Printer – Cordless in everyday use incl. battery – Evaluation

Of course it is no problem, if one is in the own dwelling, the own office to print out the documents and presentations for the lecture still fast. The print job is quickly sent out from the laptop and can be packed away. However, if you have to make last-minute changes to the presentation, quickly print out a questionnaire for the participants, it is always problematic in some hotels.

Canon IP110 Mobile-Printer - Cordless everyday incl. battery - Evaluation technology blog photo printer

We have often experienced it ourselves, there is a business center, but either this center is closed just in the evening hours, the printers lack paper or toner or the employee at the reception is not allowed to use a USB stick.

The solution – to match the laptop and the photo equipment, a small printer was needed that could also be taken along once in a while. Since several Canon printers are already in use, the choice fell on the iP110 cordless printer with rechargeable battery, which is currently available for prices under 300 EUR. Important was above all, small and compact and a way to print even once quickly with a battery. If possible, the charger and power connector should be able to remain in the case.

In addition to the small size, it should above all be possible to quickly print something from all kinds of devices once, regardless of whether tablet, smartphone or laptop of the various participants.

Canon IP110 Mobile-Printer – in the field test

With a total weight of less than 2000 grams with battery, the Canon iP110 printer offers a good alternative for travel and can be compared well with a large stack of paper with the dimensions of circa 30x18x6cm, but with many advantages.

Those who want to do without a WiFi connection and battery can fall back on the smaller model – the Canon iP100. However, from my own experience and for greater flexibility, I recommend the iP110 with Canon’s Access Point mode – or Wi-Fi Direct.

Canon IP110 Mobile-Printer - Cordless everyday incl. battery - Evaluation technology blog photo printer

This is where the big advantage lies in the mobile use of the printer. While you have a fixed network in your own office or home, it changes quickly when you’re traveling or giving a lecture. Either you have an additional USB printer cable in your luggage or you directly access Wi-Fi Direct and send the document directly to the printer.

Like many new printers, the Canon iP110 printer also has the option of printing via the cloud. More details on this are available on Canon’s website and in the manual. However, we prefer to send our documents directly to the printer and also send files from the smartphone or tablet directly accordingly.

Canon IP110 Mobile-Printer - Cordless everyday incl. battery - Evaluation technology blog photo printer

For the first installation, we recommend setting it up via a USB cable, as it is much faster and easier with this. Especially if you are in a hotel or a meeting area, it is a bit more difficult to set up the printer via the network configuration. With the USB cable, this is done in a few minutes and the test print is done automatically.

We use the Canon iP110 exclusively on various iMacs and MacBooks Pro and it is always recognized in the new destination without any problems. If you want to configure the printer via Android, it is recommended to take a look at the manual to press the corresponding key combination – the normal configuration with Windows or MacOS succeeds without problems even without instructions :-).

Once the printer is completely unfolded, the paper tray can hold up to 50 sheets of A4 paper and has two separate ink cartridges (black/color). Compared to many competitors, the cartridges are surprisingly cheap. For example, the black cartridge (no. 35) currently costs about 10 EUR, and the color cartridge (no. 36) currently costs about 13 EUR.

Canon IP110 Mobile-Printer - Cordless everyday incl. battery - Evaluation technology blog photo printer

Of course, the print speed can’t be compared to high-end laser printers in offices, but it’s absolutely good for the size and purpose. For example, an airline ticket is printed in less than 15 seconds. A four-page report in less than 50 seconds. In addition, the printer drivers offer the option of printing in color or in a draft format.

What the Canon iP110 printer absolutely surprised us with was the photo quality in printouts. Even if you regularly have the large photos and artwork produced by large printers, you always have to make a printout as a photo at the last minute. The Canon iP110 matches the large Canon devices that are used for many high-end productions and convinces with an exceptionally good image quality at a very acceptable speed and in addition a high detail and color fidelity.

Canon IP110 Mobile-Printer - Cordless everyday incl. battery - Evaluation technology blog photo printer

Conclusion – Canon IP110 mobile printer

The Canon iP110 cordless mobile printer for on the go convinced us all along the line and is part of our fixed travel equipment. So often we needed a printout at the last minute, a quick list of participants or a last photo.

With a weight of just two kilograms and a cartridge capacity of around 250 pages of text, it is a good arrangement for mobility. Even though you can always find a power outlet in most business rooms or hotel rooms, the battery version has been the much better choice for us. You are simply more flexible and can place the printer directly on the table during the presentation.

If you’re a sales rep, business traveler or entrepreneur looking for a way to print on the go, you can’t go wrong with the Canon iP110. Currently, the printer is available for a street price with battery for about 270 EUR, without battery already for about 230 EUR.

-> Note: Buying the battery afterwards will be much more expensive. A price of 99 EUR is often demanded here. Recommendation – buy the set directly.

Of course, at the beginning you often think about whether you need a mobile printer for everyday use, but at the latest before the first lecture, where changes have to be made quickly, the business center in the hotel is already closed or the employee is not allowed to make printouts, you will be happy and no longer have to search for a print store at night. For us, this is a clear recommendation and an absolute relief for our work.

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