Starting with TikTok – my Vanessa Pur TikTok channels

Why TikTok? Why did I, Vanessa Pur, decide to upload my looks to TikTok and become active? A look behind the scenes of the apps and tips on how to successfully start a channel on TikTok yourself. Why use TikTok? I am delighted to finally be able to answer the...

Starting with TikTok – my Vanessa Pur TikTok channels

Starting with TikTok – my Vanessa Pur TikTok channels

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Why TikTok? Why did I, Vanessa Pur, decide to upload my looks to TikTok and become active? A look behind the scenes of the apps and tips on how to successfully start a channel on TikTok yourself.

Why use TikTok?

I am delighted to finally be able to answer the many requests and share some great news with you! I also have a channel on TikTok! Many people already know my looks from this website – – or my YouTube channel, where I have presented fashion looks for many years, but now there is also a TikTok channel. I would like to tell you how the decision matured, why I didn’t use TikTok sooner and what you can see on the TikTok channel Vanessa Pur.

TikTok Vanessa Pur – the beginnings

As with Instagram, where I started very early with the first photo on my channel Vanessa.Pur on 2012/01/07, I also posted my first video on TikTok very early on – on 2019/10/21 – but I didn’t really warm to the platform back then. It was new, it was different and yet I had used Snapchat or Instagram and YouTube more.

The first impressions of TikTok back then were that it was primarily about pranks, crazy dance challenges and everything that didn’t fit on Instagram. I was very happy with Instagram as a “photo app” at the time and already had over 200,000 followers there and little motivation to use another platform.

In addition, there was always the problem that some of my fashion styles were difficult to reconcile with the community standards, so I offer exclusive content on Patreon and can of course show a lot more.

Now I would like to expand my presence to the dynamic and growing platform TikTok. Why are you wondering? Let me tell you why this platform is so special and what advantages it offers over other social media.

What can you expect on the Vanessa Pur TikTok channels?

Anyone who remembers my early days on Instagram or YouTube will certainly remember that I shared a lot of things – and was online practically 24/7. It certainly won’t be that extreme anymore, but I just want to take you more into my everyday life and my productions and many looks are simply suitable for short video clips. Photos are beautiful, but a video often simply shows more.


Summer leather dress with shiny tights and So Kate Louboutin high heels… Ready for a nice summer evening… 👠 #highheels #walking #leatherdress #minidress #legs #ootd #lookbook

♬ Dance You Outta My Head – Cat Janice

Sure it won’t be every breakfast or every visit to a restaurant in the evening, but if it looks good, tastes good and you have a good time you’ll certainly find it on my behind-the-scenes channel.

Thanks to your reactions and likes on the channels, I know what you would like to see more of and what styles you would like to see. So there are certainly some clips that were practically chosen by you…

I currently have the following content plans for TikTok:

  1. Fashion Inspirations and Seasonal Styles: On my main channel – Vanessa.Pur – you will regularly find various fashion looks on TikTok, which you already know from my website or from my YouTube channel. You can still find the very extreme and ultra-hot looks in another place, as I don’t want to jeopardize my TikTok channel. My fashion looks will be a mixture of street styles and evening dresses, styles with stockings and tights and of course moments with leather, latex and high heels or boots. Whether spring or fall, summer or winter, there are classic styles for every season that can be combined in a modern way. Which must-have pieces belong in your closet, which designer outfits are particularly beautiful at the moment and how you can upgrade your look with alternatives.
  2. Previews and teasers: Matching my website you will find some previews and teasers on the channel – VanessaPurCom – in the future.
  3. Behind-the-scenes: I often have moments that don’t fit on the main channel, such as “glimpses behind the scenes”, “private moments” or just “thoughts” – these are all collected under – ItsVanessaPur. Get a first look at the new calendar, see how the new photos and videos are produced and see which new outfits have arrived. I’m looking forward to showing you these things again in advance…
  4. Cooking & Baking: Some time ago I started the baking blog – – where I explain simple recipes from Germany and the USA that are also suitable for beginners. In the future you will find many baking videos with simple explanations, like the current example on – MyGermanBakery – also on TikTok.

In addition, there will certainly be the popular sections from the past, such as

  • Fashion hacks & mixtures: I love to combine high fashion with classy styles made of leather or latex, special tights with eye-catching high heels – but how can you make it look elegant and classy?
  • Outfit inspirations: Short videos showing complete outfits – styled and combined from head to toe. These videos give you quick and easy ideas for your own looks.
  • Q&A – Your questions: The “Frequently asked questions” and “Q&A” sections used to appear almost once a month. I made videos on YouTube where I answered the most frequently asked questions from you on Instagram or YouTube in a separate video. I would like to go back a bit and you can then send me questions again, which I will answer in a short TikTok video on one of my three channels.

Why use TikTok?

TikTok has changed dramatically in recent years and has offered many more options for presenting content dynamically since 2019. While, similar to Snapchat a few years ago, Instagram now increasingly has the feeling that the platform is disappearing and losing reach, TikTok is on the rise.

It has often been shown that platforms that constantly change and copy other content do not necessarily improve, and this also seems to be the case with Instagram.

Thanks to its strong development, extremely high reach and global versatility, TikTok has simply become one of the most popular platforms worldwide. The advantages for creators and fans are obvious:

  1. Versatility and creative freedom: TikTok has countless editing options directly in the app, which makes it possible to quickly share content, add cool effects or professionally design transitions. A large selection of text effects, filters and music make it very quick and intuitive to use
  2. Visibility, high reach, target group: In contrast to Instagram with countless ads in the stream and often little suitable content, TikTok’s algorithm is world-famous and designed to present popular and special videos to a large audience very quickly. This makes it much easier for beginners to go viral with cool ideas and build up followers. Quite a few people on TikTok have managed to quickly get videos with a reach of up to 50 million views, even with fewer than 10,000 followers, because the video is special. Added to this is the constantly growing target group. TikTok used to appeal mainly to users between the ages of 12 and 20, but now its followers are spread across all age groups and many big brands, personalities and celebrities use TikTok instead of (or in addition to) Instagram
  3. Interactivity, likes, comments, duets: In addition to the usual forms such as comments, likes and sharing, TikTok offers simple ways to quickly increase reach and become active with other TikTok users through duets.

What are the differences between TikTok and Instagram

While Instagram was the absolute “number 1” social media platform for many years and TikTok tended to be ridiculed when it came to collaborations, this has changed dramatically in recent years and transformed the social media landscape. This is mainly due to three factors:

  1. The algorithm: The content suggested to people on TikTok is much more precise than on Instagram. Of course, this also leads to significantly higher growth for the creators, as I quickly follow a person I don’t know yet if this content appeals to me. While Instagram sometimes gives you the feeling that content is displayed randomly, even if it doesn’t fit 100% and complements the ads in the stream, TikTok has a much higher precision in the stream, which tempts you to stay on the platform or app longer.
  2. Users: TikTok’s current user group is still significantly younger than Instagram’s, but is continuing to adapt. The content is therefore often more modern, more actively designed and much more frequently shared, liked or commented on. On Instagram, the user group is significantly older and more diversified, and reactions have decreased significantly on all profiles in recent years. Influential creators who received 10,000 likes for their content a few years ago now often only receive 2,500 likes.
  3. App format: This shows once again that a clear focus is always more successful than copying formats from other apps. When Instagram was still just a photo app, there was a clear audience and a focus and success. When the first short “stories” were integrated after they were successful on Snapchat, the target group changed, just as with Reels, which emerged after the success of TikTok. TikTok has a clear focus on videos with an original length of 60 seconds, but these can now be longer if they have the appropriate reach. Instagram often collects new inspiration from other apps and then integrates it into the app. The actual mission of Instagram a few years ago is long gone.

I am very happy if I can make you happy with the new content and the expansion of my Vanessa Pur lookbooks and behind-the-scenes moments and we can start the adventure together.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channels Vanessa.Pur, ItsVanessaPur and VanessaPurCom and activate the notifications so that you don’t miss any of my new videos.

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

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