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Personal fashion essentials, fashion tips and my basics for the wardrobe and closet as clothing tips. Again and again I get questions about what I think you have to have as a woman as basics for the closet. What are my fashion essentials and basics of clothing and on which key-pieces I build my looks? […]


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Personal fashion essentials, fashion tips and my basics for the wardrobe and closet as clothing tips. Again and again I get questions about what I think you have to have as a woman as basics for the closet. What are my fashion essentials and basics of clothing and on which key-pieces I build my looks? How can I always have a good selection of clothes and combination options in my suitcase, even on longer trips? What is the situation with shoes?

We women generally never have anything to wear when we stand in front of our large closet. However, it’s a phenomenon to myself, as we all thought something about the things we found and bought – didn’t we?

Fashion Essentials - Fashion Tips - My Basics for the Wardrobe - Clothing Tips Vanessa Pur

Some clothes look great, but may wear uncomfortable and awkward in the long run. Some garments as basics for the closet look great in themselves, but are absolutely difficult to combine. Sometimes we no longer like the colors or the cut seems strange to us or the garment is simply no longer as beautiful after washing as before.

However, it is noticeable that we always fall back on our favorite pieces of clothing as basics for the closet. Things that we feel comfortable in. Things that we don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror wondering if they really look ok. Sometimes these clothes might seem a bit boring to us, but they don’t have to be.

Fashion Essentials for the closet

Every woman has places on her body that she would like to conceal or emphasize. The most important thing is simply to find the style that suits you. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being yourself and finding supportive clothes as basics and fashion essentials for your closet.

Today I’ll give you an insight into my closet and explain which clothes I don’t want to do without. However, I will also show you how I deal with trends and special pieces. Especially when traveling, I prefer to choose my classics and fashion essentials to fill my suitcase as sensibly as possible.

Blogger closet – My Fashion Essentials as a fashion blogger

There are some clothes as basics and fashion essentials for the closet, for which I am now almost known and which is now simply expected with me. However, I wear my clothes not because others want to see them, but because I like them myself and they fit my body and my character.

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Louboutin High Heels – Luxury for the feet

It is not a direct piece of clothing, but it is often the basis of my outfit – my good designer high heels with the famous red sole. Even though I now own a few different pieces, I very often wear my very classic black patent pumps with 10cm heel. In the shoes I hold out extremely long and am often asked at longer events, how I make it the whole day in the shoes.

Quite simply, it is the exercise and the muscles, plus the good and soft leather sole and it goes, if you want it. I noticed the step from normal high heels to leather soles quite clearly at that time. Not only that I was absolutely proud at the time, you notice it especially with longer wearing time. There are of course cheaper alternatives but also many other luxury shoe brands.

I combine the shoes to EVERYTHING – from jeans, leather pants, pencil skirt, mini skirt, summer dress, wool dress, hot pants, shorts and if necessary also to sweatpants… only with white clothes I prefer to use my nude colored Louboutins.

Buying Louboutin high heels - what you should know beforehand - Designer Pumps Christian Louboutin - fashion blogger and luxury blog Vanessa Pur

My leather pants – all-rounder

One piece of clothing that always suits me is a pair of leather pants. I currently prefer to wear my faux leather pants from Michael Kors. What bothers me about real leather pants is that they look too worn and worn out too quickly. In addition, they wear out extremely quickly or are so tight that you can not even get in and can not sit comfortably.

My leather pants from Michale Kors still look the same as they did a year ago and are very comfortable, as well as stretchy. Some people are bothered by the fact that you can’t tuck a shirt into a leather leggings, like you can into regular pants – for me, it’s still the more comfortable option without buttons and zippers.

Especially for long travel days and events, where I do not want to pay attention to whether the skirt fits properly, I like to choose my leather leggings. I was surprised at the time to find such a leather leggings at Wolford. However, there are also some cheaper leather pants alternatives that can often be found at the typical trend stores depending on the season. But I really appreciate the higher quality of luxury fashion brands.

I prefer to combine my leather pants and leather leggings as basics for the closet with longer silk tops and blouses, but also with oversized sweaters. If you prefer to hide your butt a bit, you might want to choose a top that covers your butt when wearing leggings.

If I have the feeling that I need an alternative to black leather pants, I prefer black jeans high rise style, which I then combine with classic blouses and shirts. From time to time I also wear blue jeans and destroyed jeans when I want it to look more casual.

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White blouses – not only business fashion essentials

In third place as basics and fashion essentials for the closet come my white blouses. Currently, I prefer to wear my Seidensticker blouses with the black rose, because I like the quality and workmanship. With a white blouse you are well dressed everywhere and they are true quick-change artists. I think I could wear blouses every day.

At this point I would like to complain briefly about the much too tricky buttons for people with long fingernails – we better not even talk about ironing in general. I love insensitive blouses that can survive a trip without leaving any creased marks. Apart from that, I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t like white blouses.

I love the different fabrics from thick to slightly transparent, from stiff to silky soft. I am happy about the possibility to wear a blouse buttoned up to the top, normal buttoned or sexy wide open, depending on the occasion. Sometimes the collar up, sometimes normal – sometimes the sleeves rolled up, sometimes normal – sometimes with skin-colored bra underneath, sometimes with black bra underneath and sometimes with undershirt. Each look immediately says something completely different.

I prefer to wear blouses that are white and combine them with black colors. I’m still not excited about mixing different shades of white in my look, even though it has become wearable.

I prefer to wear my white blouses as fashion essentials and closet basics with leather skirts and skirts. With jeans, leather pants and business pants I always like to wear blouse bodysuits as well, since they can’t slip out of the pants. A blouse also looks super stylish with hot pants and shorts. Generally, I always have more plain white shirts for under the blouse, than blouses with me.

Depending on the blouse, you can also wear it as a jacket sometimes and take it off after the meeting on warm days and then be out and about in an undershirt. Sometimes I wonder why almost only business women wear blouses? Is it about the ironing?

Top 10 Instagram tips - more followers and more likes - Vanessa Pur in business style with tan tights, high heels and blouse

Little black as a woman – fashion essentials for the closet

In the evening and for dinner it can usually be a little more elegant with me, so I often fall back on my classic little black dress. My evening dresses are preferably black and quite classic, but also body confident. The more classic the dress, the more eye-catching my tights or jewelry may be.

In the summer I also like to wear white dresses and if it should not be a black dress, then it will be red. My red dresses are usually very conspicuous by the color alone, but if you want to stand out at events, then gladly in a beautiful red dress.

My tip for the perfect appearance in an evening dress – whether short or long?
According to the Pretty Woman principle: don’t fidget, smile and look mysterious.

Hamburg Airport Days - Open house event at Airport Hamburg - Open Day - Airbus Beluga

Skirt, mini skirt, pencil skirt – fashion essentials for the closet

Skirts are not only in the summer among my favorites and my fashion essentials for the closet. Depending on my mood, sometimes I like to wear mini skirts, sometimes I prefer pencil skirts. Depending on the weather and mood, this can then be made of fabric or leather. However, my skirts prefer to stay black in color.

Black skirts make the butt look smaller than light colors would. In addition, you can sit down with a black skirt more carefree everywhere without thinking about stains and dirt. The combination options are also easier to solve with black clothes. White always suits it, but also bright colors – if I want to wear a black top, I prefer to choose a leather skirt for combination, because you often do not get the same shade of black.

My leather skirts as basics for the closet may also be gladly made of faux leather, as these stay in shape and look very good. I found my current favorite leather skirt at Balmain, but you can also find leather skirts to start with at the local trend stores.

Luxus Fashionblogger auf der Fashionweek in Berlin, Paris und Mailand - femininer und eleganter Fashionlook auf dem Luxury Fashionblog - Modeblogger mit Strumpfhose, Rock und Designer-High-Heels in Berlin - MBFW Berlin Winter

Tights as a blogger – fashion essentials

If we’re already talking about skirts, then tights as fashion essentials for the closet can not be missing. The more simple and shorter the skirt, the sixier the tights may become. However, I have my two favorites since a few months, which I choose again and again and always have with me on trips.

I like the quality of Wolford hosiery and therefore prefer to wear the Neon40 in black, because it is not too extremely shiny, but also not really matte. As a sheer alternative, my current favorite is the Perfectly 30 in gobi, which gives my legs the perfect makeup.

In winter I like opaque or warming tights, in summer I sometimes wear no tights – here it just depends on the occasion. I also like to wear some stockings with garter-belt or stay-ups, but it has to match the occasion and my outfit.

Tea ceremony with dancing tea - ADLON Swinging Sunday - ADLON Kempinski Tea Ceremony Swinging Sunday Berlin - High Tea Ceremony and Time Travel to the Good Old Days

Underwear, bikini and sports – basics for the closet

When traveling and in general, different sets of underwear in black, white and nude belong in the luggage. In addition, a bikini, because I always want to be equipped, if a hotel has a swimming pool. Likewise, a sports outfit is always in the luggage. At the moment I prefer to wear tight black pants, a sexy sports bra and sneakers. So, if I once can not fall back on my high heels selection, I always have flat shoes in my luggage.

Depending on the trip or event, I also occasionally choose different pieces of clothing that I would like to wear, which deviate from my classics and basics for the closet. Here it is often special tops or dresses. Trend items I combine again and again with my classics. However, I also like to do without some trends if they simply can not be combined with my style.

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Conclusion – My fashion essentials for the Wardrobe – Fashion Tips in Blogger Everyday Life

With these basics and fashion essentials for the closet I can get by with a nevertheless small selection over a longer time. You don’t need a big closet, just the right basics that you can combine and vary in different ways. But to get back to the beginning, I also sometimes just feel like I have nothing to wear.

Just keep calm and pick out the least evil and focus on the essentials again. After all, it basically doesn’t matter what you’re wearing as long as you can wear a smile. I clearly have my favorites in my clothes for years, as you can also see in my looks. Just the quality and brand are changing to higher classes during the last years…

The most important thing remains though: no matter what you wear, you have to feel comfortable in it. Only in this way can you look confident and have a positive aura. Otherwise, it only remains to have fun styling!

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….​

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….​

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