YouTube Chapter – Divide Videos – Time Stamps

YouTube Chapter – Divide Videos – Time Stamps

YouTube Chapter – Divide Videos – Time Stamps

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

YouTube now offers a subdivision of videos into chapters with its YouTube chapters. Especially for longer videos with many different topics, it is now even easier for users to jump to the desired topic and watch the video accordingly. Since a few days the function of YouTube chapters has been rolled out by YouTube and is now recognizable in videos of more and more YouTubers, provided that the YouTube videos have been prepared accordingly.

Divide YouTube videos into chapters – how does it work?

Those who have already worked with time jumps in their videos and have listed them properly in the information box below the video will now also find the corresponding descriptions in the videos.

YouTube then automatically creates chapters with different topics for the video. This way, you can deliberately highlight some parts as a YouTuber and additionally subdivide the video. Sometimes the viewer is only interested in a specific topic, which he can now deliberately jump to. Especially with technology videos or car videos I find the option super handy. Even with Haul videos or fashion looks, you can jump through the youTube chapters, for example, directly to the look and save the explanations.


YouTube Chapter - Divide Videos - Time Stamps

YouTube chapter explained

For some time now, there has been a persistent rumor that videos with corresponding time stamps (YouTube chapters) are ranked better on YouTube. This means that many videos are also displayed better in Google search.

We can’t fully confirm the tip, but some of the videos get significantly better visibility according to YouTube Analytics. Some time jumps even show up directly in Google search.

Set YouTube chapter in videos correctly

Here, of course, it is important for YouTubers to fill the infoboxes below the YouTube video accordingly and also to divide the topics properly. Especially the extra work with many detailed time jumps makes it much easier for followers to find the desired topics later on.

But how can you create chapters on YouTube? For one thing, you can share it in each case in the settings for the video. To do this, you should specify a time jump in your info box to your general text.

The whole thing then looks like this:

0:00 Summer Fashion Look Video
0:45 Unboxing white dress
3:00 Lookbook for the white dress

The important thing here is not the bullet points, but the time entries with colons. All important sections in your video can be named this way and will be found differently with the content of the video. It’s only a small effort, but viewers as well as Google and YouTube itself appreciate the effort.

I always put the times in my notes when I look at my video again for linking and when troubleshooting (yes happens to me too). However, better try not to file every little topic as a YouTube chapter as some users can only fast forward to the next chapter and not get to the scenes they want faster and in some circumstances at the very end of a chapter YouTube will then insert ads. 

YouTube Chapter - Divide Videos - Time Stamps

Achieve higher engagement – higher reach

Likewise, videos with different topics are also linked more often from external sites, as it is easier to jump to the desired video scene.

Those who naturally work with many YouTube chapters and offer appropriate time jumps in the YouTube videos can usually enjoy higher engagement and increasing followers.

Those who have already shot and uploaded many videos for YouTube in the last few years and have not yet worked with time jumps, should catch up with this function for the best videos or even the most recent videos.

For YouTube beginners, of course, you can collect some plus points right at the beginning with it, if videos are neatly and structured divided and YouTube already finds chapters. So you find as a YouTube beginner quickly new YouTube followers and also your own niche.

We will also upload new videos on our YouTube channel again soon – of course then with YouTube chapters. Sometimes the equipment and even the video content is not as important as the caption, tags and chapters on a video.

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

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