Four Seasons Vietnam – Resort “The Nam Hai” in Da Nang

Experience at the Four Seasons Vietnam, the Four Seasons Resort “The Nam Hai” in Da Nang. On my flight with Qatar Airways via Doha to Da Nang, I was already looking forward to the Four Seasons Resort “The Nam Hai”. After my experience with the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan...

Four Seasons Vietnam – Resort “The Nam Hai” in Da Nang

Four Seasons Vietnam – Resort “The Nam Hai” in Da Nang

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Experience at the Four Seasons Vietnam, the Four Seasons Resort “The Nam Hai” in Da Nang. On my flight with Qatar Airways via Doha to Da Nang, I was already looking forward to the Four Seasons Resort “The Nam Hai”. After my experience with the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan a few months ago, it was a reunion with “Four Seasons” and the special service and for me one of the best hotel groups in the world.

The Four Seasons Vietnam Resort “The Nam Hai” was my first hotel in Vietnam and at the same time was supposed to be a combination of historic history, beautiful beaches and Vietnamese hospitality.

Four Season Resort “The Nam Hai” Hoi An

The special Four Seasons Vietnam Hotel was built on one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia and this impression was confirmed as soon as you arrived. The approximately 100 private villas on the beach, which were built and furnished according to Feng Shui teachings, embody the joie de vivre of Vietnam and at the same time the peace and relaxation that you want to achieve in these special places.

Four Seasons Hotel Vietnam - The Nam Hai - Hoi An, Da Nang - Luxury Resort Infinity-Pools - Travelblog - Luxusreiseblog - Vietnam Scenic Spots

The private retreats on the grounds with private pools use exquisite furniture and woods, combined with high-quality silk fabrics that symbolize the life and culture of Vietnam and its people.

Whether you choose to spend your time at Four Seasons Vietnam in your private villa and oasis, swimming in the sea, kayaking or walking on the most beautiful beach in Vietnam, you will feel like you have reached paradise from the moment you arrive.

When you enter the hotel for the first time, you look directly out to sea and the various infinity pools give you a feeling of endless space and tranquillity and are already among the most beautiful pool landscapes in the world for me.

Getting there and arrival

The Four Seasons Resort “The Nam Hai” in Hoi An is particularly easy to reach via Doha with Qatar Airways to Da Nang. Qatar Airways flies from Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin with a stopover in Doha. From the airport in Da Nang to the hotel in Hoi An takes about 30 minutes and you can choose the transfer offered by the hotel in a BMW X5.

From the city center and historic city of Hoi An, which is a World Heritage Site, to the hotel is about a 15-minute drive and the hotel also offers a shuttle service several times a day. However, I have to admit that as soon as you enter the resort and the open reception, you forget everything around you and just want to switch off and enjoy yourself.

After my arrival at the Four Seasons Vietnam, I immediately took advantage of a massage, but more about the spa and wellness area in the course of the text.

Accommodation and villas

The Four Seasons Vietnam all-villa resort offers various villas from 80 square meters in size with one bedroom and space for three adults or two adults and one child. These villas are available with a pool view as well as a view of the most beautiful beach (according to Forbes Magazine).

Each of the villas at Four Seasons Vietnam requires sufficient space from the neighboring villa, which are laid out in five U-shapes on the grounds and are connected in the central area by the restaurants and infinity pools. These pools have a length of 500 meters and practically connect the reception directly to the South China Sea.

It is only when you take a closer look at the pools that you get a sense of the scale and the endless expanse and tranquillity that the Four Seasons Resort “The Nam Hai” in Hoi An exudes.

If you don’t want to work in your villa, there is also a work area, a library and meeting rooms near the infinity pools. The Nam Hai café with its special rooftop bar is also located in this area.

Four Seasons Hotel Vietnam - The Nam Hai - Hoi An, Da Nang - Luxury Resort Infinity-Pools - Travelblog - Luxusreiseblog - Vietnam Scenic Spots

Behind it is the second restaurant “La Sen” – a cozy restaurant by the sea with a very good menu and many Vietnamese classics. You can tell everywhere you go at the Four Seasons Vietnam Hotel that guests should feel at home and be able to relax here.

There is also a fitness center and spa area near the Four Seasons Vietnam reception and business center.

A completely different way to enjoy dinner in such a romantic setting is the 24-hour in-room dining offered by the Four Seasons Resort “The Nam Hai”. Who wouldn’t want to look out over the sea from their own pool and enjoy a special evening and a delicious dinner in complete privacy?

In addition to the one-bedroom villas at Four Seasons Vietnam, there are also family villas (approx. 110 square meters), as well as two to five-bedroom villas with pool view and often with direct beach view. The largest Four Seasons Vietnam villas available have a size of 660 square meters and offer space for up to 15 adults (alternatively 10 adults and 5 children) with private beach access. Especially for wedding parties or larger family events, it is particularly pleasant to be virtually undisturbed in paradise.

Whether one-bedroom villa or five-bedroom villas, each individual villa is a homage to traditional Vietnamese garden houses (“Nha Vuon”) with large wooden elements, decorative walls and a raised bed with fine nets that act like a lampshade and make the bed the focal point of the room.

Life in the villas then takes place on various slightly staggered levels. Comfortable seating areas within the villas or in your own garden or pool invite you to relax and unwind.

As you would expect from Four Seasons, as a guest you always have the feeling that many things happen automatically and so the loungers are freshly covered with towels in the morning and removed and stowed away in the evening, there is fresh fruit everywhere and the pools and beaches always look perfectly clean. Similarly, the minibar at the Four Seasons Vietnam seems to fill up automatically and the non-alcoholic drinks are even free of charge. The term “a paradise on earth” has been directly linked for me since my stay at the Four Seasons Hotel “The Nam Hoi”.

However, what is immediately noticeable as a guest at the Four Seasons Hotel Vietnam is that you feel directly connected to nature. You can hear the gentle sound of the sea, the wind in the palm trees and the various birds.

The reason for this may also be three special people who were instrumental in creating today’s Four Seasons Hotel The Nam Hoi. The 85-year-old Indonesian hotelier Adrian Zecha, who has received several awards for his life’s work (including Raffles, Regent Hotels and is largely responsible for the success of Marriott in Asia, as well as his own brand “Aman”), the interior designer Jaya Ibrahim (Indonesia) and Reda Amalou (France) as architect have created this paradise in Vietnam.

Since the takeover by Four Seasons Hotel in 2017, an oasis of peace and relaxation has been created here, which aimed to harmonize with nature and has succeeded perfectly.

There are few luxury hotels in the world that I have seen in my more than 1,500 hotel nights over the last ten years that have managed to leave me speechless time and time again, just looking at nature and the landscape for a moment.

Pool, spa & wellness

In addition to the private pools at 60 of the Four Seasons Vietnam Villas at the Four Seasons Resort “The Nam Hai”, there are also the three aforementioned infinity pools in the central area of the hotel. While the upper pool is heated and intended for guests with children, the two pools below – some of which are Olympic in size – are only reserved for guests aged 16 and over who want to enjoy relaxing hours in fantastic temperatures and with a view of the countless palm trees.

While the pools look beautiful from the outside, these water oases only really come into their own when you are floating in the water, enjoying the gentle breeze and the sound of the sea in the background. You forget everything around you and simply enjoy the moment.

The hotel’s spa and wellness area is just as relaxing. For many years, Vietnam has been known for the best massages and the most beautiful and above all most relaxing spas in the world. At the Four Seasons Hotel “The Nam Hai”, the massage rooms are housed in eight different bungalows, which are surrounded by water but also offer a view of the South China Sea.

The range of treatments on offer at the Four Seasons Vietnam embodies traditional treatments that are in harmony with nature on the one hand and allow stressed-out people to take a break on the other. From massages to facials, aromatherapy to spa baths, spa and wellness treatments at every Four Seasons hotel and resort are among the best in the world. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts set their own standards in the area of spa and wellness treatments, which are confirmed again and again with every visit to one of the hotels.

As a guest at Four Seasons, I always find it particularly pleasant that you are handed over as a guest. Upon arrival, the staff at the Four Seasons Vietnam already know your wishes and regardless of who you tell, the next member of staff is already informed and so my therapist already knew which areas hurt and what kind of massage I like during the treatment.

At the Four Seasons Vietnam Resort “The Nam Hai”, guests also have another opportunity to relax, which I made use of regularly. The hotel offers various activities for guests, such as a morning bike ride through the surrounding rice fields or a Tai Chi session to strengthen your health with Ayurveda influences. There is also the option of a morning beach power walk of around 3 kilometers with unique views of the local landscape and the traditional and incoming fishing boats.

There is also the option of daily yoga, inspired by the 1st chakra (Muladhara – strengthening the spine), to bring the body back into harmony and achieve stability in everyday life. At the same time, the aim is to re-establish and reconnect with “Mother Earth”.

Whether beach walking or cycling through the rice fields, the range of activities and relaxation on offer at the Four Seasons Vietnam Hotel is exceptionally good and is carried out by highly motivated and extremely friendly staff. Right from the start, you can feel that they are happy to pass on their knowledge to the guests at the Four Seasons Vietnam and that they themselves will take many little things back to Europe for their own everyday lives.

Restaurants, cafes and bar

There are two restaurants at the Four Seasons Vietnam Hotel “The Nam Hai” in Hoi An, Vietnam, both of which are independently very good and offer a high-quality selection of food and drinks.

Café Nam Hai is located at the top pool of the resort and offers fine dining cuisine with local influences. However, unlike many fine dining restaurants, Café Nam Hai places a strong emphasis on creating edible cuisine and a relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated with Asian influences and continues the relaxed mood of the entire resort.

The tables offer plenty of space, whether for a romantic dinner with your partner, but also enough room for larger groups without disturbing other guests.

The open kitchen in Café Nam Hai is particularly well integrated, where you can watch the chefs prepare the various dishes. Several times a week there are special events in the kitchen, such as “Lobster Night” or “Fresh from the spit”. Dishes such as “Wagyu Beef Tomahawk – grilled on a Himalayan Red Rock Salt Stone” or “Lamb Rogan Josh” not only sound very good, they also taste fantastic.

At the same time, breakfast is set up around Café Nam Hai every morning with a perfect selection of Asian and international dishes, as well as an almost unlimited selection of fresh fruit. Especially when I’m in Asia, I always look forward to starting the day with Asian dishes, such as a good Asian soup.

The second restaurant, La Sen, is located at the end of the infinity pool near the beach and has a rather tasty ambience and offers snacks during the day and Vietnamese cuisine with international influences and background music in the evening. If you want to end the day in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the view of the sea, La Sen is the perfect location.

Conclusion – The Four Season Resort The Nam Hai

Some time ago, we voted the Four Seasons Hotel Milan as our “Hotel of the Year” and we can only agree again with the Four Seasons Resort “The Nam Hai” in Hoi An. For us, the resort in Vietnam is “THE HOTEL FOR THE YEAR 2018” and the best accommodation for RELAXATION AND RELAXATION.

With the Four Seasons Resort “The Nam Hai”, Four Seasons Vietnam has managed to create tangible luxury that makes guests feel welcome at all times without being intrusive.

From the first contact after arriving at the Four Seasons Vietnam Resort with my Qatar Airways flight QR994 from Doha to Da Nang to my departure one evening a few days later with QR995 to Doha, I have rarely felt so perfectly looked after.

The hotel manages to show PERFECT SERVICE and PERFECT HOSPITALITY at all times and redefines the term “HOLIDAY IN PARADISE”.

The only difficulty you might have as a Four Seasons Vietnam guest is that it’s just too perfect and you don’t want to leave the resort for excursions to the surrounding areas, such as the Marble Mountains or Lady Buddha. But when you come back to the resort after the excursions to the sights, can lie by your own pool and reflect on the moments in Da Nang and Hoi An, it is especially nice.

With its beautiful beaches, beautiful pool landscapes, two special restaurants and luxury villas perfectly integrated into the local architecture, the Four Seasons Hotel “The Nam Hoi” sets a new standard in luxury hotels and resorts.

Anyone looking for perfect accommodation and wonderful relaxation will find the ideal place to stay at this Four Seasons resort. The new Qatar Airways business class flights direct to Da Nang are a great way to arrive relaxed.

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

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