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W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove – Singapore Hotel Sentosa Island

Table of Contents

W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove – Singapore Hotel Sentosa Island

Today you will find a longer report about my stay at the newly opened W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove – a Starwood SPG hotel. When I set out on this particular trip, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The hotel is located on Sentosa Island, a small island off the coast of Singapore and only a 15-20 minute drive from Singapore’s famous Orchard Road.

W Hotels are often very crazy and always full of parties – so you don’t know what exactly to expect in these hotels. The W Hotels in London and Beverly Hills are my favorites, Barcelona is also beautiful, I didn’t like the ones in Miami and Los Angeles for example… so what to expect from the W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove?

The W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove in Sentosa Island. Easily accessible from downtown, this luxury hotel has a large pool & spa, bar, hotel

The W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove by Starwood is not a typical hotel, it is also a resort, right on the bay with the largest hotel pool in Singapore – there are many newly opened restaurants and eateries in the neighborhood, Universal Studios Singapore with the largest aquarium is also just minutes away. So looks like a very special few days…

Reception / Check-in at the W Hotel Singapore

The W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove reception is on the second level – you can choose two 360° elevators and find yourself on a video installation, or walk the red carpet to check-in with a great LED installation on one side.

The team was very well prepared and what I especially like, they introduce themselves directly, because the W Hotel Singapore works without name tags – so you quickly get into conversation and get all the necessary information.

After the regular check-in, I was led to my room or rather to my “Marvelous Suite”, which is located at the corners of the building and offers a view of the pool, the yacht club and Sentosa Island.

A really friendly staff that remembers you throughout your stay and is always open to ideas and suggestions on what to do (even outside the hotel) is always there for you – no matter where or when.

Rooms / Suites at the W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove

I’d like to show you two types of rooms at the W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove this time – the “Standard Room” with or without a balcony (I recommend the rooms with a balcony and you can relax right on your private balcony or terrace in warm weather). Alternatively my Marvelous Suite with 81sqm (860sqf) and show you more pictures later in this post.

The “Standard Room” gives you a reception area with access to the bathroom and the option to sit in the bathtub and look out of the room.

The W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove theme of small butterflies, birds and ornaments can be found everywhere (the typical impressions of Singapore), including on the room, the back of the bed, the lamps and the sitting area and can also be lit in different colors according to your mood. A very relaxing place with enough space to spend a few days.

The “Marvelous Suites” are located across the corner on the floors and offer a separate living room with work area, large TV and seating with direct balcony terrace and guest bathroom.

A huge bedroom with impressive bathroom and great bathtub overlooking the yacht club and ocean is the second part of this suite. What I like is the amount of space in this suite and the various seating options on the balcony and the outdoor sleeper sofa (where I wrote one of the blogposts as early as 1am) overlooking the pool.

The shower in the suite at the W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove is beautiful and the bed, also with the famous W comfort and all the lights, a perfect place to relax.

So if you prefer the turn-down service in the evening, you will find your room or suite in a whole new style – purple lights everywhere, a real party atmosphere and I am sure you will enjoy it.

There are also several other rooms (all almost the same size) and other suites (about 75 sqm) and the famous Extreme Wow Suite with 195 sqm, ready for any party you want!

Fitness room / Spa at W Hotel Singapore

The gym, with electric plates and the latest cardio equipment, is located on the lower floor and is open 24 hours a day. The more important place for me, the spa, is across the street – open from 10-10am.

I opted for a neck and body massage, which was really wonderful and also at a very fair price (compared to other hotels). What I liked about this spa is the atypical shape – you go deeper and deeper inside the spa and the treatment areas are outside the noisy areas of a hotel without being disturbed.

Very friendly staff who take care of you throughout and also offer the new fabulous Balinese massage and various services for couples in a special treatment room.

Pool – Luxury at W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Island

The pool at the W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove is really huge (even compared to other hotel pools in the world) and the largest pool in Singapore – not too deep with various lounging options and sports activities within the pool (such as cycling).

There is also a pool bar with seating in the pool – so you can refresh twice at the bar. What I particularly liked were the swinging lounge chairs (also possible for two people) and the various illuminated seating around the pool – perfect for evenings with friends to sit together or still go swimming at night… 🙂

Food, drink, dining at W Hotel Singapore

The typical “open” concept of W Hotels is also here, where the entrance area of the hotel becomes a living room – between the “Woo Bar” and the reception, a perfect place to meet with friends, have wonderful conversations and enjoy great cocktails at the bar.

In the evening there is always live music from famous DJs from all over the world and the party can start right away.

The “WOO Bar” is located on the side of the lobby floor and overlooks the garden and pool of the W Hotel Singapore with various seating options around the bar depending on personal needs.

What I didn’t know before arriving was that the bar is open not only in the evening but also during the day and offers a wonderful “tea ceremony” with specially selected teas and sweets and what I have never seen before served on a “birdcage” with macaroons, different cakes and also special things like salmon rolls and more….

I have never participated in a tea ceremony in Singapore, but I really enjoyed these moments, wonderful conversations, great information about this traditional way and a very delicious tea. For the evening you can choose different drinks, cocktails and more and enjoy great music.

The “Kitchen Table” is an interesting concept, different cooking islands in a restaurant, ready for the morning breakfast (where you can find typical dishes of a country or region on each island) – so a real place to discover and spend more than 30 minutes in the morning.

What is very interesting about this place is that there is not only the typical “buffet” – but also chefs and waiters who come around and show you and explain special dishes… so you are ready to try new dishes you have never seen before. In the evening, a regular menu is served at moderate prices, which is also very suitable for families.

The “Skirt” is a steak restaurant run by an Australian Chef de Cuisine, with a very moderate price level (for a steakhouse) and a beautiful ambience – with details you will discover during your meal.

Special pepper and salt grinders, beautiful knives and forks, leather plates and a very interesting design for the different areas of the restaurant. You can already find my personal account of my time at the “Skirt” Steakhouse in a separate post here.

Concierge / Wheels – W Hotel Singapore Sentosa

When I first saw this “WHATEVER/WHENEVER” service at the W Hotels, it sounded really interesting, but it’s true – one touch of a button on the phone and they always know the answer or can arrange the product or tickets for you on short notice.

It really makes hotel life easy… and the typical “Wheels” car service is already familiar to fans of W Hotels or Starwood/SPG. The bellcaptain and concierge can also arrange a cab for you, or you may prefer the chauffeur service that will take you directly to where you want to go for a slightly higher fee, and in a much more comfortable style. (E.g. Audi A8, Porsche Cayenne, etc.). I used this service when I left for the airport and everything is prepared without asking a question… Perfect (and also very convenient 🙂 Thank you very much again…. )

Team / Staff of W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove

I have stayed in many different places in the world and in hotels from 1st star to 5th star, but the best hotel is nothing without really good and dedicated staff – if staff are not comfortable, as a guest you feel it immediately.

My favorite hotel in the last three years has been the Grand Hyatt Hotel Hong Kong because of the team and the way they treat their guests. I can’t believe how perfectly they worked… but the team at the W Hotel Singapore is the same, a bit more “positively crazy” but very friendly and will help you with any question or direct you to the person who knows the answer and introduce you to each other.

Very friendly and approachable staff and I was surprised they didn’t forget my name throughout the stay. You enter the hotel as a guest with a reservation and leave as a friend. A wonderful feeling and the best compliment you can give a hotel – “staying with friends…”

The W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove in Sentosa Island. Easily accessible from downtown, this luxury hotel has a large pool & spa, bar, hotel

Conclusion – My personal opinion of the W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove

This Starwood-SPG hotel – W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove – is indeed one of the best Starwood hotels among the 1100 hotels of the group that I have ever stayed in (and I have had about 800 stays in Starwood hotels).

A great location and a perfect place, everything so close (it only takes 20 minutes to downtown Singapore, 10-15 minutes to Marina Bay Sands Casino and Garden by the Bay). A perfect place with great rooms (even the standard room!), a fantastic swimming pool and great restaurants.

The service at W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove is very pleasant and the prices are fair, especially the food is moderate, also the spa (compared to many spas in the US). This hotel offers extremely much and I can recommend to spend two to three days in this property and use it as a base for Singapore during the trip.

One can easily use public transportation (free shuttle bus on the island) or book a cab (Sentosa Cove to Orchard Road about 10-12 US$ / 8-10 EUR).

If you prefer to explore the center of Singapore directly with a Starwood / SPG hotel, you could well stay one night at the St. Regis Hotel Singapore and spend the rest of your vacation on Sentosa Cove and then also visit Universal Studios Singapore.

The W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove also offers a free shuttle into the city of Singapore – a really nice offer and opportunity.

What I personally liked the most is hotel staff who listen to the guest. For example, they listened to the fact that I like to drink coffee, soft drinks and water throughout the day. When I came back to my room, I found more coffee packs, more cups, more water right there – just to make sure I was comfortable.

These are the “little” things that make a stay really special or, in turn, just ordinary. The “software” of this hotel – the team – is just PERFECT and if you are thinking about traveling to Asia or even Singapore, you just have to come to W Hotel.

I will count the days until I come back to Singapore and stay at the W Hotel Sentosa Cove again – thank you for a wonderful time!

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