Vanessa Pur – Secretary Style and vinyl mini skirt

Vanessa Pur - YouTuber und Patreon girl - free daily photo of the day - exclusively on

One of my looks when I like to get a lot of attention. A shining and glossy vinyl mini skirt, a pattern pantyhose to let my long legs even look longer and a white blouse for the perfect “Secretary Style“. I really like this combination right now, wearing a leather mini skirt, a latex mini skirt or even a vinyl skirt with a white blouse or a shirt with a huge cleavage.

Yesterday evening I showed you already the first photo with a red leather dress and a bit more “Powerful or strict lady” and you can expect many more photos with this style or with this leather dress in the near future. How about a combination with strict black over the knee boots?

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Tomorrow I will start again with my next HOT SNAPCHAT account for August and showing you more closeups and a lot of details. Check my Patreon page for access…

If you like to see more moments with my thigh high vinyl over the knee boots – watch my LENS stories today… and you might have seen my YouTube video already? Enjoy this Sunday and thanking for being part of my PUR family… 😘

Vanessa Pur - YouTuber und Patreon girl - free daily photo of the day - exclusively on


  1. Very nice as always Vanessa. I appreciate all the beautiful outfits you wear and more than that I know that their look is enhanced by your beauty Vanessa. I admittedly respect and admire you Vanessa and all your work. Bye for now with lol Vanessa. 🌹

  2. Hello Vanessa!!The definitive animal wild pantyhose look!!Love them and your legs!!The leather mini skirt is a big plus,as well as the heels!!Have a very wonderful day as you have made mine everyday I see the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD!!lOVE YOU FOREVER,Roger!!!Your American admirer!!

  3. That outfit is really you! Beautiful, lovely, feminine, real, interesting, stunning and sexy😳😍

  4. Vanessa anything you have on you will get a lot of attention because you are so beautiful and you have that great smile. Thank you for the picture


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