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Buying Louboutin high heels – what you should know beforehand

Table of Contents

Buying Louboutin high heels – what you should know beforehand

If there is a topic in which I now also know very well, then it would be the Christian Louboutin high heels buy. Even though I did a lot of things right with my first pair of high heels back then, I would have been happy and much more confident if someone had given me the tips that I can pass on to you now, from my own experiences with Louboutins. Since you usually don’t buy a pair of Christian Louboutin high heels every week, you should think about your purchase calmly and not rush into anything.

Why does it have to be Louboutin high heels?

If there is one high heel that likes to get the most attention, it is Louboutin high heels. The red sole is impossible to miss and looks elegant and sexy at the same time on women’s legs. The red sole makes the heel stand out especially intensely. Of course, there are also high-quality and elegant shoes from other shoe designers. However, Louboutin shoes are usually the shoes that can remember even a man who does not know much about shoes. The shade of the sole is “Pantone 18-1663 TPX”.

Buying Louboutin high heels - what you should know beforehand - Designer Pumps Christian Louboutin - fashion blogger and luxury blog Vanessa Pur - VANESSA PUR - YouTube Channel - Patreon Girl - Instagram - Feminine elegant fashion looks always with high heels

Isn’t it also enough to wear fake Louboutins?

Even though the effect of the red sole is of course similar – the feeling in the wearer is of course completely different when wearing a real Louboutin. I even find the effect of e.g. Buffalos with a red sole very irritating when you see the small silver Buffalo logo on the red sole from far away.

Of course, it remains a matter of attitude whether you prefer to save for real Louboutins or whether you are looking for a cheap alternative, for example, on Amazon. From experience I can tell you that a leather shoe with leather sole can never be compared with a plastic shoe. Especially if you wear your high heels over a longer period of time during the day, you will already appreciate the leather shoe on the first evening.

My first pair of Louboutin High Heels…

…I have already bought long before my blog. I thought the shoes were gorgeous and started saving for luxury high heels back then. Although I already had some high heels in my shoe closet, I had the choice to buy 6-8 more cheap to normal shoes or invest in luxury pumps once for special events.

My plan at that time was first to save and then to try out the Louboutin High Heels shoe in peace and only then to decide. I bought the Louboutin High Heels shoe in Florida at that time. I found the red soles high heels while normal mall shopping at Nordstrom and tried them on. I walked back and forth on the department store carpet for what felt like an eternity to really be really sure. When I left the store, I had a permanent grin on my face for the next few days – I was so happy and pleased with my new pair of Louboutin pumps.

Buying Louboutin high heels - what you should know beforehand - Designer Pumps Christian Louboutin - fashion blogger and luxury blog Vanessa Pur - VANESSA PUR - YouTube Channel - Patreon Girl - Instagram - Feminine elegant fashion looks always with high heels

Where is the best place to buy Louboutin high heels?

I’m looking forward to visiting the Christian Louboutin stores there when I’m in Paris sometime. So far, I’ve been to a few Louboutin stores in different countries and not only looked at and tried on Louboutin high heels shoes there, but have since bought a few special heels as well. Personally, I prefer to buy my Louboutin High Heels in the USA, when I have time on vacation to look for hours for new dream shoes. Currently at the dollar exchange rate I would be there no longer so sure whether it is still worth it, but at a euro / dollar exchange rate of 1.4, the shoes were much cheaper.

The face of the customs officers at the entry should also not be missed. One must declare the Louboutin High Heels namely in most cases at the customs, because the value exceeds the amount of 430 euros. If you are not quite sure whether you have to declare the shoes, choose the red exit and talk to a customs officer directly. They will then use the current dollar/euro exchange rate and look for you whether it still remains duty-free or whether you have to pay duty on the Louboutin high heels.

Currently, I would order my Louboutins online. Net-A-Porter or Luisa-Via-Roma always have beautiful Louboutins in their online store. I have also ordered my shoes several times at Net-A-Porter and even with the wrong size it works without problems with the exchange to another size. (Tip: always order by express – the 13-19 EUR postage then do not make much difference with the Louboutin high heels).

For my readers from Germany, Austria or Switzerland, there is currently quite clearly the tip also once by MyTheresa to look. The delivery time is currently a little longer than in the Louboutin online store (3-5 business days), but many items are available and there are always very exclusive models.

Also in the original online store of Louboutin you can of course order the popular Louboutin high heels in a huge selection. So far, the returns there have kept me from ordering. If you order in an online store in the US, where the shoe selection and size selection is usually larger, then you should take into account the customs fees (see above). Stores like Nordstrom or Saks often calculate the price already with customs fees.

The return of Louboutin high heels is of course not so comfortable here. My clear recommendation – either directly in a retail store or at Net-A-Porter and Luisa-Via-Roma. At the same time, it is always a nice gift, because Net-A-Porter also issues gift certificates, among other things. (Why not help your best friend get your dream pair of Louboutin high heels and give a small allowance?)

Christian Louboutin Iriza Atlantic Glitter Chain Specchio High Heels - Luxury Blog Vanessa Pur - Designer High Heels - Fashionblogger - Red Carpet

How do the sizes turn out for Louboutin high heels?

Unfortunately, choosing a size for Louboutin high heels becomes a bit more difficult when ordering online. I myself always fluctuate between size 37, 37.5 and 38 for Louboutin high heels, depending on the model. Most Louboutin high heels are cut very narrow. Some online stores offer help with the size for this (as well as experience values).

At the moment I have classic black patent Louboutins, which fit me exactly – however, I did not consider two considerations at the time: first, the feet are a little thicker in summer than in winter and thus it is more difficult to get into the shoe without nylons – second, I often wear the shoes to important appointments, to which I then sat in the car for a long time. My feet always swell up a bit during long car rides, so I often wish I had chosen my classic Louboutin high heels a half size larger after all. This is similar for air travel.

With Christian Louboutin high heels, you should clearly consider for what occasion you want to buy the shoes? For a sexy and provocative evening, maybe even a touch hard to walk, but still rather as accessories to the dress – then the size may be suitable, the shoe better sit a little tight (such as the extreme platform pumps with 160mm heel height). Christian Louboutin also called the shoes directly as shoes for bed, but certainly not for a long run. Even as a practiced high heel wearer, these shoes are actually very wobbly and difficult to walk in.

Buying Louboutin high heels - what you should know beforehand - Designer Pumps Christian Louboutin - fashion blogger and luxury blog Vanessa Pur - VANESSA PUR - YouTube Channel - Patreon Girl - Instagram - Feminine elegant fashion looks always with high heels

For classic Louboutin pumps for an event, business meeting or even travel, I tend to go half a size larger, as you can still compensate for this with appropriate gel pads if your feet are just a little smaller. Even if it is tempting, you ordered your shoes online and the package is waiting for you in the evening, try the shoes on several days at different times of the day – only in this way can you get a feeling for whether the Louboutin high heels sit perfectly on you or not.

If your name is not Kim Kardashian, Celine Dion or Paris Hilton and it doesn’t matter with them if the shoe fits or not, (if necessary buy another new pair) rather take some time to find the right size and thus above all have fun with your Louboutin High Heels. It is certainly nice to have a pair of “red soles” in your closet, but dressed the Louboutin pumps look even better. 🙂

Christian Louboutin Harler Veau Velours Ankle Cuff High Heels - Luxury Blog Vanessa Pur - Designer High Heels - Fashionblogger - Red Carpet

Which Christian Louboutin model should you buy?

There are so many great and beautiful models with the red sole, but which one should you buy now if you decided to buy Louboutins? I would always recommend classic black patent pumps. The shoe simply goes with any outfit – whether it’s a dress, skirt, pants or jeans.

Which heel height is best to choose is entirely up to the wearer. I find for long wearing 10cm without platform perfect. You can see enough of the heel at the height and can still walk and stand comfortably on it. 12cm I find with a small platform also still good, otherwise it is already somewhat more strenuous to run on it. The heel thickness has also become very important. My first Louboutin high heel had a normal heel – my current shoe has an extremely thin heel. I so often wish I had my normal heel back, as not only do you have better grip, but you can also handle cobblestones and grooves in the floor better.

Christian Louboutin pumps have recently been available in heights of 45mm, 70mm and 85mm – but in my opinion these shoes are not really “high” heels, but regular pumps with a small heel :-). Don’t expect to walk perfectly safe and well on your high heels with 10cm or 12cm right away, but practice privately and calmly, so that you will stand out positively at the event afterwards. Louboutin pumps with 70mm or 85mm are often chosen by older women for whom the 10cm and 12cm pumps have become too uncomfortable. However, the ratio of heel height to the red sole and the angle then no longer looks so sexy and provocative. But every wearer just the way she wants it. 🙂

Who does not like lacquer, I recommend leather for a classic pump. I also find nude always totally flexible to use and effective with a red sole. Not quite as convinced I am personally of a red Louboutin, because the heel is then not so much noticeable. There are really many models, but from classic pumps you always have the most.

Buying Louboutin high heels - what you should know beforehand - Designer Pumps Christian Louboutin - fashion blogger and luxury blog Vanessa Pur - VANESSA PUR - YouTube Channel - Patreon Girl - Instagram - Feminine elegant fashion looks always with high heels

The more conspicuous the shoe, the more inconspicuous the rest of the outfit must be. Whether you prefer the pumps in round or with lace is up to your taste. With a tip, the shoe has of course more surface, where you can bump and the shoe can break. However, it is often really hard to find classic high heels from Louboutin in the desired size – special models are usually more often to choose from.

So on my personal shopping list for the next months are again two pairs of Louboutin pumps (on the one hand as a replacement for my Filo pumps, on the other hand as a supplement). A nude pump with 100mm heel and thin heel (like the Simple Pump Patent 100 nude) and for everyday wear a black pump Decollete 868 100 with a slightly wider heel.

A selection of the most popular Christian Louboutin pumps, perfect for beginners and real eye-catchers at fair prices (for Christian Louboutin pumps) I have compiled you once from 1-9.

1. christian louboutin patent leather high heels – argotik (12cm heel)
2. christian louboutin patent leather high heels – pigalle plato (12cm heel)
3. christian louboutin mesh patent leather high heels – salopatina (10cm heel)
4. christian louboutin satin high heels – Decollete (10cm heel)
5. christian louboutin leather high heels – Pigalle Follies (10cm heel)
6. christian louboutin embellished leather high heels – Follies Cabo (12cm heel)
7. christian louboutin patent leather high heels – Decollete 554 (7cm heel)
8. christian louboutin satin lace high heels – Pigalace (10cm heel)
9. christian louboutin leather high heels – Iriza (10cm heel)

Christian Louboutin Lipstick - Rouge Louboutin Silky Satin 001 - Christian Louboutin Lipstick - Beautyblog - Beautyprodukte - Lipstick Rouge - RedSoles - Louboutin-Pumps

Will the red sole last long?

If you wear the shoe only indoors on carpet – yes. Otherwise, the red leather sole is quickly roughened by the asphalt. They are leather shoes and not rubber boots. If you need a new sole later on, you can get a new sole made at a cobbler (many offer red soles by now). In Paris, for example, you can also have a red rubber sole made under your shoe (but an original Louboutin shoe with a rubber sole?). If you like to be active yourself, I can recommend the “Save your Sole” set.

What I can’t recommend is to combine a leather sole with rainy weather. On the one hand, the red sole softens quite quickly and goes on even faster, on the other hand, the leather smell and the damp feeling on the feet is not really pleasant. If you are not sure, at events or occasions, rather plan a second pair of shoes without leather sole and then decide spontaneously according to weather.

Buying Louboutin high heels - what you should know beforehand - Designer Pumps Christian Louboutin - fashion blogger and luxury blog Vanessa Pur

Christian Louboutin High Heels on SALE – and CONCLUSION

A small tip on discounts I still have for you. Even if there are Louboutin shoes extremely rare in the sale, so I can recommend you e.g. Black Friday in the U.S. for a discount purchase. On this day there are often very nice discounts in many stores that also offer Louboutins. From time to time you get a discount of 10-15% at SAKS Fifth Avenue or Nordstrom or for every purchase over 250 USD you get a new voucher of 50 USD. If you are in the USA anyway at the time and also want to buy shoes, definitely pay attention once!

I hope my tips and experiences could help you a little bit. I love wearing my Louboutins and I’m still as proud as the first day. I still like to save up for a high quality pair of shoes – how good that I am not so “handbag-crazy”. As a fan of high heels, I even own a Louboutin Barbie (I never took it out of the box though) and the Christian Louboutin book in XXL 🙂 Brand new there is now also the beauty line of Louboutin. The red nail polish is really the red-tone of the sole and keeps extremely long. The Louboutin nail polish bottle itself is also a great eye-catcher. I will certainly also sometime the matching Louboutin lipstick to try once – but then also in the sole-red.

I wish you a lot of fun when you own your first pair of Christian Louboutins and I hope it means as much to you then as it does to me…. XOXO Vanessa

* This post contains affiliate links to fashion stores or Amazon, so I may earn a small commission when you make any purchase at these stores through links on my site at no additional cost or disadvantages to you. By making purchases through my page, you help to continue to provide new content on this website for free.

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