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Greece sunset and evening atmosphere in marina

Table of Contents

Greece sunset and evening atmosphere in marina

Starry sky as a vacation experience at the Greece sunset and evening atmosphere in the marina. There are evenings when you are still walking through the city or in the case through the hotel and the hotel garden and actually only plan the way back to the hotel room or the beautiful suite and come out of the restaurant and see the sky in front of you. An almost unreal setting, as you might find in a painting, but on several evenings at SANI Resort in Greece, not a rarity.

Normally I do not make a separate posting about a few pictures with sunset or a special sky, but in this case I just wanted to show the pictures to you and not just include them in the hotel report, because I liked them myself just too well. Exactly these special moments make an evening perfect, if you then also just have time to get involved. The impressive cloud pictures and the best Greece sunset, which I can remember in a vacation.

Greece sunset and evening atmosphere in the marina

On the first evening it had rained briefly but heavily before the restaurant visit, the dark clouds were still to be seen later over the small Marina and nevertheless already again the light of the setting sun. On the one hand almost a trace threatening, but on the other hand absolutely fascinating and special. A moment to pause and absorb the mood.

My plans were thus spontaneously changed and from the way back only to the room and a stay still on their own terrace became a walk once again through the resort and the various small hotels in Greece sunset. Just take the time and slowly stroll through the marina and briefly sit on various benches, chairs and stones.

Greece sunset with starry sky

A special feature at SANI resorts is that you get two sides of the bay and can take completely different pictures. The pictures with the deck chair, for example, were taken on the side of the seven kilometer long sandy beach that leads up to the bird sanctuary. The pictures with the boats in the private marina and the pictures with the cliff, between two hotels of the Sani Resort.

The resort is simply extremely versatile and visually always very appealing. In addition, the pleasant vacation atmosphere and the feeling of inner peace through the various hotels and sections of the resort.

Wherever you are in the Sani Resort, a great photo backdrop of the Greek sunset is guaranteed and was therefore also allowed to hold with me, for more fashion photos. A beautiful another evening, in addition a short dress and an infinity pool – a sunset and … but these fashion photos I show you in a fashion posting then separately. Until then – love greetings from Greece.

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