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Cryolipolysis experience – reduce fat cells with cold

Table of Contents

Cryolipolysis experience – reduce fat cells with cold

It’s been almost four weeks since I decided to do the self-experiment on cryolipolysis. Can you destroy or reduce fat cells through cryolipolysis? Is it really like putting an ice cube on your stomach and afterwards it’s all gone? How can I stand the time with 3°C? A self-experiment on the balcony in winter is certainly not a comparative value. Which regions do I want to try? What is the procedure like on the first visit? What questions will I be asked? I take you with me to Frankfurt – to the studio of KRYOFORM.

KRYOFORM – the first impression in Frankfurt for cryolipolysis

Surely you remember how I wrote about my thoughts in the blogpost “Vanessa personally: weight, losing weight, fat reduction, Size 0”, how I stood in front of the door of KRYOFORM in Fellnerstraße 15 in Frankfurt and thought about what would await me. Which model type would open the door, how many women and men with perfect bodies will be walking around? No problem zones and all presumably completely well-trained. Will there be any references to my diet? Do I have to say goodbye to delicious pasta in the evening in general, will I become a vegan right away and how many hours will I spend in the fitness center every day in the next few weeks. Will I even need a personal trainer or will I just pick my trips based on nearby gyms?

I was curious! One ring – and I looked into a beaming and friendly face. The ice was immediately broken and I had arrived and immediately had countless questions.

First I sat down, had a cool drink of water and the first explanatory talk. Of course a patient sheet with information about risks and side effects, which medications one uses and whether one has perhaps been operated on somewhere in the last few months and there was plenty of time. I personally find nothing worse than being rushed, especially with such topics and treatments. One had directly the feeling, every question is allowed! The treatment will only begin when I have no more questions and am one hundred percent sure.

KRYOFORM – The cold chamber and the preliminary examination for cryolipolysis

Even though I have already seen the cryolipolysis equipment once in advance at the beauty fair, I still imagine a large freezer inside. Cold simply has to do with ice and discomfort for me and yet the treatment room seemed very cozy. A large comfortable couch, a blanket (clear – with the cold I had to expect) and otherwise a nice decoration and as you know it from doctors, a place for a conversation and the first information.

Of course, every woman has problem zones and as also mentioned above, the ice was long broken and I could talk with Doris, who is responsible for me and my treatments, about small fat pads that do not want to disappear even after the hundredth round on the cross trainer.

But it is also very interesting for me to see how it is when you stand “critically” in front of the mirror and think about places where you would like to try cryolipolysis and then think together where it would be better to try it. These are moments that I personally appreciate very much, when I am clearly told what works and how, and with which exercises I can perhaps train other zones even more effectively. You simply notice when you have a conversation partner here who has done bodybuilding himself for years and yet also has understanding when you want to eat “something tasty” or “sweet” once again in the evening…

For me there was then the decision to try the cryolipolysis between outer thighs and butt area, even if one hears again and again, a large butt with a woman would be particularly beautiful… Apparently all people think Kim Kardashian or Coco Austin would be a role model for every woman 🙂

Cryolipolysis experience - reduce fat cells with cold - Fat reduction with cold - Long-term experience Long-term test - How are the experiences, hips, legs, abdomen, buttocks

KRYOFORM – taking measurements for the comparisons and the contact with the cold during cryolipolysis.

While the circumference and fat value of the skin on the areas was determined, the areas are also marked with a sharpie, on which the device will be applied later. In the standing position it is best to see how the skin and tissue can be adjusted and since the points shift later when lying down, this is marked with a small dot.

Now it was time for sixty minutes of “cold chamber”. Admittedly – I was a little nervous and had a bit of a queasy feeling. What will the feeling be like when the applicators of about 25x10cm are applied to the areas. What will the feeling of negative pressure and cold be like? How much will I freeze? Will there be moments when you think, I’m going to stop the experiment?

Before starting, the areas will be coated with a gel that will make it easier to pull the skin into the applicator and create a better vacuum. Up to then everything understandable and also the reference that straight the first moments become somewhat strange, reassuring.

Doris looked at the areas several times, chose the 60 minute treatment duration and a short time later the first device was applied to the problem areas and a few seconds later also the second device. A blanket over it and I lay surprisingly relaxed on my stomach and noticed how the skin felt – piece by piece – pulled further into the device.

Cryolipolysis experience - reduce fat cells with cold - Fat reduction with cold - Long-term experience Long-term test - How are the experiences, hips, legs, abdomen, buttocks

KRYOFORM – 60 minutes cold chamber with cryolipolysis

The feeling during cryolipolysis is hard to describe but comparable to a vacuum cleaner. If you put your hand on the suction tube yourself, you will also have the impression that the skin is being pulled into the tube. The feeling during the treatment at KRYOFORM is similar – only the suction feeling is a bit more extensive and not as intense.

What was a great help for me was that the cryolipolysis pressure slowly increases from level 1 to 10 and Doris always told me in the first minutes, you are already at 5, at 7 or at 10 and automatically I thought – that’s possible, but when does the cold come?

On the monitor you could see the temperatures, how it got colder bit by bit, first 15°C, then 12°C, then 9°C and sometime also 3°C – and I waited for this typical feeling of an ice cube or snowball, which you hold in your hands for a long time and it didn’t happen.

You feel almost nothing at all from the cryolipolysis cold and my great fears were already not during the treatment. You feel a slight vacuum, but you can comfortably surf the Internet, talk to Doris or even close your eyes.

When I looked at the equipment for the first time, 35 minutes had already passed and the remaining 25 minutes were no longer a big problem. The cold did not set in until the end and therefore the term “cold chamber” is also wrong – but it is just fat reduction through cold.

At the end of the treatment period of 60 minutes, the devices are removed and Doris has already pointed out to me that the skin in these areas looks “a little” different. I already knew from the preliminary talk that the body parts would be a little more sensitive for the next few days and that I might have a slight numbness in the area for a few days or that there would be slight bruising, but the first moment was different from what I had imagined.

KRYOFORM – Blue-green-purple – my personal raspberry/blueberry ice cryolipolysis

The areas on which the cryolipolysis applicators were applied looked for a short moment a little different than I had imagined and I was thinking for a long time whether I want to show you the photos or not.

I have long thought for a comparison and you can really describe it from the feeling and the color, like a nice raspberry / blueberry ice cream in the summer. The feeling when you touch the skin areas is also similar. You really have the feeling you almost have an ice cream on. The color a mix of purple and red – very intense – but absolutely not painful.

If you compare it to a sports injury or a bump, there is no comparison at all. The color much more uniform and insensitive to the touch. Doris also told me directly it was nothing bad and completely normal and other people have had the same experience. However, it was fascinating to watch how within a few minutes, while I was still lying on the couch, the blue color spots had reduced and there was only an intense “red”.

When I looked at the areas an hour later, it was only a light red area, just like you know when you are a little worse for wear in the summer and have gotten a light sunburn. There wasn’t much numbness either, still a little cooler than the surrounding area, but not painful either.

Cryolipolysis experience - reduce fat cells with cold - Fat reduction with cold - Long-term experience Long-term test - How are the experiences, hips, legs, abdomen, buttocks

KRYOFORM – CONCLUSION – first treatment cryolipolysis

The feeling of numbness did not appear in me even in the hours afterward, and the area was just as sensitive as all other areas of the body. The light red skin tone had already disappeared by the evening. On the second day, a very slight “bruise” appeared on the corners of the applicators, but this disappeared after 48 hours.

Due to the bad weather, of course, I did not need to take care not to expose the spots to direct sunlight, and I also had much less desire for an extensive hot bath in my bathtub, but just wanted to go to the gym and on the cardio machines.

It’s interesting how one’s thoughts then turn inwardly to sports and nutrition, how one considers, do I want to eat this or do I still prefer to go to the gym.

I followed Doris’ recommendation to do some cardio exercise two to three times a week to help get rid of fat cells.

I will tell you which exercises and what I changed nutritionally in the next part of my new fitness series on my blog and then I will also give you a first review – how I did within the first four weeks, what changed and how my second visit to KRYOFORM for cryolipolysis in Frankfurt was.

But I can already tell you now, I will not stand at the door with a queasy visit the second time cryolipolysis – but look forward to seeing Doris again and see how the results are, how the second treatment goes and will then also ask many questions, whether it is also something for my male readers, whether a treatment KRYOFORM is suitable for every body shape and whether more men or women choose this type of fat reduction with cryolipolysis.

Cryolipolysis experience - reduce fat cells with cold - Fat reduction with cold - Long-term experience Long-term test - How are the experiences, hips, legs, abdomen, buttocks

Cryolipolysis long-term test – experience on hips, legs, abdomen, buttocks

It has been four weeks since my second cryolipolysis treatment at KRYOFORM in Frankfurt and it is unbelievable how the topic “fat reduction through cold” is perceived by people and also curiously questioned. Can you really lose weight and reduce fat cells with cold and cryolipolysis or is it just witchcraft. For me it was a normal experience and yet since the first appointment in December, a lot has changed with me. 

Fitness – health – healthy nutrition – thanks to Kryoform Cryolipolysis

As I already described in my first experience report about cryolipolysis at KRYOFORM, you change more inside than you would actually expect. It was already clear to me before the first treatment that there would be no miracle if I did not work on myself.

When I was asked if I was interested in the “experiment” with Kryoform Cryolipolysis and also if I wanted to start after Christmas – there was an additional motivation. Now more than ever and please also over Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Chocolate, delicious Christmas dinner and countless challenges with snacks, but who knows me, it should be clear – I do all things (if I get involved) always at least one hundred and ten percent and so it was after the first treatment and of course a start before Christmas!

The famous blackberry skin at the end of the cryolipolysis treatment should not be without reason and it was clear to me, I want to see the first results at the second appointment. A look in the mirror in advance, even now and then once taken the measurements and I was slightly optimistic – but what says my therapist.

Although certainly not as nervous as the first visit – curiosity about the results was very high. I definitely felt better, but the results surprised other people as well.

Normally, one assumes that the first cryolipolysis results will appear after about 6-7 weeks after the first treatment appointment, if of course one does something oneself. If you only go in for one treatment and do not do any sports or adjust your diet, preferring to eat fast food twice a day and a glass of wine or two or three glasses of beer every evening, you should not be surprised if the results do not materialize. Then also the cryolipolysis and KRYOFORM as an institute cannot fight against it. You have to start with yourself right after the first appointment.

When the tape measure was put on the thigh a second time, I got nervous right away – why do you have to measure again? Didn’t I pay attention so well during the Christmas season, was the temptation of chocolate too great after all? But no – “I’m so proud of you Vanessa!” was the first statement. “In 85% of the visitors there is almost no change after the first control and 1cm per side is madness and also almost identical values in the reduction of the fat layer!”. “You have really worked great on yourself!

Now the double motivation was of course there and I knew on the one hand why I not only visited the various fitness centers during my travels from the outside, but also actively stayed in them.

If the results were already so good after four weeks I naturally wanted to achieve even more and was ready for the next treatment. A now almost familiar procedure?

Cryolipolysis experience - reduce fat cells with cold - Fat reduction with cold - Long-term experience Long-term test - How are the experiences, hips, legs, abdomen, buttocks

Fat reduction through cold at KRYOFORM – The 2nd cryolipolysis treatment

The fear of the non-palpable cold was no longer present and yet the feeling at the beginning was somewhat different and somehow also logical. When the tissue is pulled back into the applicators, the feeling is a bit unpleasant, just like the first treatment – but certainly no more unpleasant than having your teeth cleaned at the dentist.

The second cryolipolysis treatment is only a little more intense in terms of feeling, because of course not as much “fat tissue” is pulled in, since the fat layer is already thinner and of course you can also feel the muscles a little.

Painful no! Something more intense from the feeling yes! To endure absolutely and also after a few minutes one had got used to the feeling again and could relax on the couch and either produce with my smartphone again new Snaps for you or also work off some little things on the laptop.

Of course, it was exciting again at the end of the treatment? Will it be again the “blackberry ice cream” amused by many for weeks or how does it look this time?

The redness was definitely much less and the “blackberry ice cream” turned into a nice “strawberry ice cream”. The redness this time was also no longer visible after about 30 minutes. The familiar light “bruises” were smaller and completely gone after 72 hours. Except for the first moment, the treatment was without any problems and now I am also prepared for it and see it as a confirmation that the fat cells were reduced.

Cryolipolysis experience - reduce fat cells with cold - Fat reduction with cold - Long-term experience Long-term test - How are the experiences, hips, legs, abdomen, buttocks

Fat reduction by cold – what did I support it with – sport – fitness – nutrition

As already described above, it is of course not only – put on the device, four weeks later 5 kilograms have disappeared from the scales, the circumference has been reduced by 10cm, but of course you also have to do some work on yourself and boost your metabolism. For me, therefore, the following change has occurred in the daily routine:

More frequent smaller meals, at breakfast “renunciation of Nutella” and the sweet mueslis.
Relatively strong reduction of caffeine and thus also associated latte macchiato and cappuccino and much more often and much more tea. Incredibly over 130 kcal per glass (with a consumption of 5-8 glasses a day, I’m quickly at a burger – per day!).
I have entered for my own control times in my Smartwatch, how many glasses of water I drank at the tea and how much coffee and could react in the evening still fast, if I was far under my own target values
Today I am on the road – today I have no time for fitness and cardio – is no longer accepted.
At least 4-5x a week to the gym and if only on the cardio machines between 30 and 60 minutes. If I have a little more time are still made forming exercises or worked with weights. You probably know these pictures from my Instagram stream.
One evening a week I have introduced as a “cheat day” – there is also once chips or chocolate, if I have cravings for it or am on the way to a business dinner and you can not do without everything.

I also try to find a balance between sport and nutrition and to walk short distances quickly or to use the stairwell for three or four floors in hotels.

Interim conclusion – KYROFORM – fitness & fat reduction

I am more than satisfied with both the cryolipolysis results of the first four weeks and also found the second cryolipolysis treatment form good. But what was also very important for me personally, I learned a lot about myself and my body and have been paying much more conscious attention to my diet, my sports program and my rest times and activities for weeks. I feel more balanced inside and also notice that my workload is more concentrated.

I am curious to see what changes will occur in the next few weeks.

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