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Interview with Melina Best hairdresser – Frequently asked questions about extensions

Table of Contents

Interview with Melina Best hairdresser – Frequently asked questions about extensions

Time for some frequently asked questions about extensions with Melina Best, the top hair stylist and expert for hair extensions from Cologne from the exclusive hair salon Melina Best Friseur was available for an exciting interview. Her life has always been about hair and she was able to turn her preference and vocation into a profession and that’s exactly what you notice as a customer in her salon.

When it comes to my long hair, I make no secret of it, but like to explain that it is extensions. Because of this, I always get questions that revolve around hair extensions and extensions. Since I have found my permanent hairdresser in Melina Best Friseur from Cologne for some time, I also get questions about the salon again and again.

Today I would like to briefly address your common questions and then clarify the question: Who is Melina Best?

Frequently asked questions about extensions

When people meet me in real life and compliment me on my long hair, I usually smile once, thank them and then explain that it’s not just my own hair. Often the people are then absolutely amazed, because you just do not see it. I then like to briefly show a connection point so that people can see how it was inserted into the hair. So this follows some frequently asked questions about extensions.

Interview with Melina Best hairdresser - Frequently asked questions about extensions - Melina Best hairdresser Cologne - Frequently asked questions about extensions - Balayage - Hair extensions and hair thickening - What does a hair extension cost - Interview

This is often followed by a few questions: How does it feel? Are the extensions not disturbing? How do you care for the hair? Is it real hair? 

I also often receive questions from women who have already dealt with the subject of extensions in more detail and only have specific questions: How expensive are the extensions? Do you prefer bondings or tapes? How long do the extensions last for you?

I always try to answer many questions individually. However, I really wanted to write down a quick summary of the most common questions about extensions.

Frequently asked questions about extensions for me 


How does it feel? 

To me, it feels normal. You have junctions in your hair, but otherwise you don’t feel any difference. You feel like you have beautiful, full, long hair.

Are the extensions not disturbing? 

Whenever the extensions are freshly applied, it takes a short time to get used to the new connection points. However, the tapes are not as noticeable as the hard bondings.

How do you care for the hair? 

It is quite normal, but you should pay attention to quality care, because the extensions no longer have hair roots through which they can absorb nutrients. You should not put oil or alcohol on the connection points, because the glue or the bonding can loosen.

Also, I personally would not recommend long sauna sessions to have fun with your hair for a long time. Melina Best offers its own series of hair care products in her salon, which have been specially optimized for extensions. These products can also be ordered directly from Melina Best hair salon.

Is it real hair? 

There are, of course, a wide variety of hair extensions. At Melina Best Hairdresser you can only get Indian human hair, which has been specially adapted to our soft European hair.

How long does the insertion take?

The insertion with Melina Best Hairdresser Tapes takes about 20-25 minutes. Before that, the hair is washed and, if desired, colored and treated with Olaplex. Finally, the hair is styled with the new extensions.

Are there different colors? 

Extensions are generally available in all imaginable colors. Please consult your hairdresser to determine the right color for you. I always have a very dark brown.

Are there different lengths? 

Extensions come in different lengths. The most common are 45cm and for extra long hair, like mine, 60cm.

How expensive are the extensions? 

Of course, it all depends on what length and how many tapes are to be incorporated. As a basic value Melina Best hairdresser gives e.g. 548,75 EUR for 125 gram tapes in 45cm length. Please always contact Melina Best Hair Salon for more information, especially how many hairs are needed in your case.

Do you prefer bondings or tapes?

I got used to the wide tapes after having long bondings. Tapes are glued into the hair. Two wide strands at a time stick to a wide strand of their own.

With bondings, a thin strand of your own is coated with extensions, with the ends virtually welded into the hair, which leads to a hard plastic-like feeling on the head, which is harder to get used to at first and also hurts a bit on the scalp the first few nights.

I like the strands of the tape extensions more, because they simply fall much nicer, due to the width. The weight of the extensions is also distributed over a wider area with tapes, which is more gentle on the scalp and your own hair.

I notice with my hair that my own hair has recovered by using tape extensions and is now almost as long as it was with extensions.

How long do the extensions last on you? 

Tape extensions last about 3 months for me, but that always varies a bit even for me, depending on the growth of my own hair and how I have stressed the hair, e.g. many hair washes, lots of sauna, etc….

How does it work with strands in extensions?

While with bondings you always alternate between a light and a dark strand in the hair, with tapes you can put a dark strand from above and a light strand directly underneath, so that the hair looks much more evenly streaked.

The result is much more natural and looks absolutely beautiful when you twist your hair up into curls. I just got in the summer months with the combination a relatively bright hair and it looked directly, as lightened by the sun.


More precise questions about your own hair and advice on how many strands you probably need I can not answer, of course, because I myself am not a hairdresser. In this case I always like to refer directly to Melina Best Friseur (+49 221 932 84 950). Melina and her team are always open to questions and always try to help.

Reason enough to introduce you to Melina and the team of Melina Best Friseur a little closer. During my last visit, I used the time in which the extensions were used to pester Melina with questions for you.

Who is Melina Best from Melina Best Hairdresser?

Melina Best is one of the nicest people I know. There are people who are immediately likeable and you just like them. That’s exactly the kind of person Melina is for me and you immediately feel comfortable with her in the hairdresser’s chair and gladly entrust your hair to her. It feels more like a good friend, because she has a completely different understanding of many things and topics through her experiences.

But feel free to make your own picture of Melina with the help of my interview. By the way, Melina looks extremely similar to her sister, who also works in the salon. Both have long dark blonde hair and a super pretty face, as well as great body.

Interview with Melina Best hairdresser - Frequently asked questions about extensions - Melina Best hairdresser Cologne - Frequently asked questions about extensions - Balayage - Hair extensions and hair thickening - What does a hair extension cost - Interview

You almost wonder why the two have not become influencers themselves, but the love for their Melina Best hair salon was the focus from the beginning.


Interview with Melina Best of Melina Best Hair Salon 

How long has your hair salon “Melina Best Hairdresser” actually existed?

In February we exist exactly 4 years. How fast time flies! 🙂

Melina Best Hairdresser on Instagram

You have already attracted attention in the beginning through Instagram and various influencers, how did it come about?

It was pure coincidence – we served men in the salon in the beginning and a man introduced us to the possibilities of Instagram and said “just try it out…”. My husband then exchanged ideas with him about what to look out for and that’s how Instagram came into being for us…. and then it starts and everything takes its course with requests and also the influencers who were then with us or are… So rather by chance… and without strategy. We had with Melina Best hairdresser just luck and good timing.

Hair care for extensions recommendation Melina Best Hairdresser 

Your main focus is extensions and balayage coloring, as you can see in your Instagram Stories @melinabest_friseur almost daily. What’s your secret to success?

We only do the things like we love ourselves and do multiple times a day. The techniques are getting better and better and it’s a whole loving togetherness with us in the team. That’s exactly how we treat the hair and our customers…. Awwww 🙂

Do you have a tip for our readers for the cold season and dry heating air? What care should be used regularly for the hair?

Very important is a shampoo with many care substances, so that what is cleaned, so the scalp gets enough care. In addition, a hair treatment and hair oil with perfect ingredients.

In the meantime, you even have your own extensions brand and your own care line “Melina Best Hairdresser”. What was important to you in the selection and development? How long did it take from the first thought to the final product?

We wanted to have a care product that would cover several categories and, above all, it should be simple. We ourselves don’t like having countless different products in the house and always having to think about what to use. Our products, a pearl shine shampoo and a hair treatment, should be a simple series that suits our customers. It took almost eight months from the first thought to the finished product, because you try out and test a lot of things until you are one hundred percent satisfied.

With tapes, too, you try out different variations until you find the product you are really satisfied with. We produce in Europe and use Indian temple hair, which is, however, adapted to European standards, since we have rather fine hair in comparison and the extensions must of course fit. But we also tried different variations until we found our perfect hair after about eight months…

Many stars and VIPs come in and out of Melina Best Hair Salon every day – is there a woman you would like to style one day?

Oh yes, really once the big stars from America, like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, etc. to style would be something…. but I find just the relationship with our customers so beautiful, we are not about rankings and celebrity status, we love our “normal” customers….

Vocation and passion to Melina Best hairdresser 

When did you know that you would like to do something with hair as a career?

Actually, already during my school days. My mother is also a hairdresser and my sister and I “worked” with my mother’s scissors when we were children and thus gained our first experiences… The passion has remained with both of us until today.

Hair is a big topic in your family. In your private life, are there other focuses and topics?

When you have your own salon, you can’t just switch off as soon as there are no more customers. After work, you also like to talk with your partner and family about everything to do with hair and what optimization possibilities there are. It is already extremely part of our lives. We love and live hair.

On vacation with Melina Best

Do you also gather inspiration when you travel or do you really manage to switch off for once then?

When I travel, I don’t look at hair anymore or think about the salon, etc. – I know that my team here has everything under control and then I can really turn off my phone and then I really have peace and relaxation….

When you think back on your years as a hairdresser and also your apprenticeship, is there a moment you wouldn’t want to relive, like getting your hair the wrong color?

Hm, there are rather the moments where you think to yourself, you would have better declined at the beginning, if you have a difficult customer. I see it then as a challenge, but there are just these customers that you can not satisfy … Oh, and I once had one … But I’d rather tell that in person when I visit….

Interview with Melina Best hairdresser - Frequently asked questions about extensions - Melina Best hairdresser Cologne - Frequently asked questions about extensions - Balayage - Hair extensions and hair thickening - What does a hair extension cost - Interview

What was your personal “styling fail” or “hair fail”. Did you once exist with other looks?

Oh yes, of course you try a lot when you are at the source and then all of a sudden you want to quickly dye from blonde to black and then back again after a short time. I had extremely broken and short hair for a while – that wasn’t sooooo long ago either. At that time there was no Olaplex yet…. 🙂

Otherwise in terms of extensions, I once ordered wrong balayage extensions. Instead of “dark on top and then light on the bottom” I ordered the extensions in “light on top and dark on the bottom”. Of course, I couldn’t use them at all, since the demand for them is very low after all. Our trainee was then allowed to learn to use the strands on our doll.

Bad Hair Day as a hairdresser at Melina Best Hairdresser?

You always have such beautiful hair. Do you ever have a “bad hair day”?

Oh yes, quite often. Then there is a braid. 🙂

And on vacation prefer styled or natural?

Oh, we prefer to style up in the evening and have our hair really nice.

Finally, do you have a tip for anyone who is thinking about opening a hair salon and going into business for themselves?

Believe in your dream! It’s just nice to get into your own salon…. At the time, we were also thinking for a long time. But I then made the decision to try it after master school. It’s an extreme cost in the beginning to completely set up a salon, but for us it was worth it. The feeling is just great and that we can now think about expansions or other locations, we would never have calculated at the beginning. We wanted to open a normal salon and we are super grateful for the success we have had since we opened Melina Best Hair Salon.

You should be really proud, dear Melina. You have a great Melina Best hair salon team and it’s just fun to come to your Melina Best hair salon as a customer too. Thank you for your time and all the info today and I’m already looking forward to my next visit.


By the end of the interview, my new extensions were incorporated into my hair and styled. It looked just beautiful again, so you just leave the Melina Best hair salon happy and satisfied again. Melina and her Melina Best hair salon team just keep confirming how much they love and understand hair and their clients.

What I personally appreciate with Melina and the dear Melina Best hair salon staff for years, is the open and honest way and also to say directly that works with your hair and the transformation we can not implement in one visit.

Interview with Melina Best hairdresser - Frequently asked questions about extensions - Melina Best hairdresser Cologne - Frequently asked questions about extensions - Balayage - Hair extensions and hair thickening - What does a hair extension cost - Interview

Conclusion – Melina Best Hairdresser & Team – Frequently asked questions about extensions

I can understand many customers who travel to Cologne for an appointment with Melina Best Friseur and her team and are happy about beautiful hair and a perfect look afterwards. You can already guess beforehand how beautiful it will look and I have really been absolutely completely satisfied every time so far.

There are hair salons where you get a good result, but you can not feel comfortable. However, Melina Best and her team manage to conjure up a dream result every time with every customer (see Instagram stories) and at the same time remain absolutely down to earth and lovable despite the incredible success.

I’m already looking forward to the next appointments with Melina Best Friseur and her team in Cologne and maybe we’ll meet by chance in the salon at Barbarossaplatz.

If you have any further questions for Melina or about extensions, feel free to contact me and I will try to ask them during my next visit…

Interview with Melina Best hairdresser - Frequently asked questions about extensions - Melina Best hairdresser Cologne - Frequently asked questions about extensions - Balayage - Hair extensions and hair thickening - What does a hair extension cost - Interview

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