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Proper hair care for hair extensions – Shampoo & Conditioner

Table of Contents

Proper hair care for hair extensions – Shampoo & Conditioner

Best and proper hair care for hair extensions and false hair with shampoo  and conditioner. Beautiful looking hair care for styled and well-groomed hair bring the perfect complement in many styling and outfits. You just feel satisfied and happy when your hair looks good and shines healthy. There are countless products on the market to make hair look well-groomed, but how do I find the right product that really cares and is really good for hair, scalp and as in my case my extensions. What is special about MB Melina Best hairdresser shampoo and hair conditioner?

Before I got my first hair extensions and hair thickening, I didn’t put an excessive amount of thought into my hair care routine and hair care products. However, with the addition of my first extensions, I wanted the best possible care to keep my new hair strands looking beautiful and well-groomed for as long as possible.

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Proper hair care for hair extensions

When wearing hair extensions, you can’t just use any shampoo and conditioner. If you choose the wrong products, the joints may dissolve faster and you may lose your precious hair sooner. But what exactly is important in the right hair care for extensions and the right hair care products?

For the perfect hair care you need a cleansing and nourishing shampoo, as well as a hair conditioner that can be used with every hair wash. In addition, you should also use a good hair oil, which serves as heat protection, seals the tips and keeps the hair nice and shiny.

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The higher the quality of the hair care products, the more expensive they often are. However, the products for the care of the extensions cost only a small part, considering how much you invest for the new hair. When planning from the desire for extensions, you should invest not only in the hair itself, but also in hair care.

Why should you not choose drugstore products when it comes to hair care? The biggest disadvantage is that drugstore products are often pumped full of emollients and silicones. Although the hair feels good after the treatment, it becomes permanently heavy and damaged.

With regard to extensions, it can be said that the durability decreases and tapes often slip out faster and more often. Also, it can happen that the color of the extensions discolored if you use the wrong products. Something that you want to avoid at all costs, of course, if you have decided to have hair extensions.

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The hairdressing salon of Melina Best hairdresser has developed exactly for this reason a care series, which is ideally suited for extensions. The own hair, the scalp and the extensions get the perfect mixture of cleaning and care. The two products for this are the MB Melina Best Hairdresser Shampoo and the MB Melina Best Hairdresser Hair Treatment in combination. The hair care products contain argan oil, while completely avoiding silicones and parabens.

MB Melina Best Hairdresser Shampoo – 200ml

MB shampoo with argan oil and pearl shine is particularly nourishing and makes hair supple and shiny. A perfect blend of cleansing and care, which also feels very good and pleasant from the foam when applied to damp hair, while smelling fresh. To use, spread the shampoo on damp hair and massage it into the scalp and hair. With a little water, the shampoo is lathered and then rinsed thoroughly. As needed, repeat this process until the hair feels clean.

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MB Melina Best Hairdresser Hair Treatment – 200ml

MB Hair Treatment with Argan Oil and Pearl Shine is silicone-free and paraben-free, making it ideal for human hair extensions and natural hair. The cure is moisturizing, regenerates damaged hair and makes it shiny. The hair treatment is suitable for use after each hair wash, where 1-2 walnut-sized portions are completely distributed into damp hair. The hair treatment should be left in the hair for 5-10 minutes before carefully rinsing it out. If you have less time, you can also take a shorter exposure time, but then the shine effect will be somewhat weaker. The hair looks super soft and supple after application.

For hair protection after washing, Melina recommends a high-quality hair oil, such as the two Elixir Ultime variants of Kerastase. The hair looks absolutely healthy, shiny and well-groomed after styling. You can always put the oil on your hair between washes if you want to give your hair extra care, softness and shine. The oil also smells very pleasant and makes the hair tangibly beautiful.

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I myself am absolutely satisfied with the hair care, because the hair feels clean, fresh and well-groomed after washing, and in addition healthy shiny look and can be styled very well. I sometimes get requests from users who want to know if I also have problems with extremely greasy hair since I wear extensions, but I can only deny that. I think that here also the right care and the general lifestyle, as well as diet plays a big role.

I can only recommend you to try the products and of course the hair products are also suitable if you have no extensions in the hair. For me at the moment my absolute favorites in the hair routine and a big praise to the team of Melina Best, which had quite a few test phases until it came to the perfect product of today. The effort was worth it and I am curious whether the care series will be expanded at some point.

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