Adelaide sights Top 10 – Travel Tips Australia

Best top 10 Adelaide sights as travel tips for Australia. Many of my loyal blog readers have noticed that I was recently able to experience Qatar Airways’ inaugural flight to Adelaide in Business Class on the new Airbus A350 and so I kept getting lots of questions, such as: What...

Adelaide sights Top 10 – Travel Tips Australia

Adelaide sights Top 10 – Travel Tips Australia

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Best top 10 Adelaide sights as travel tips for Australia. Many of my loyal blog readers have noticed that I was recently able to experience Qatar Airways’ inaugural flight to Adelaide in Business Class on the new Airbus A350 and so I kept getting lots of questions, such as: What is a must see in Adelaide? What are some famous Adelaide attractions? What should you do in Adelaide?

Adelaide is not yet as well known as Sydney as a travel destination, but of course I was able to gather some impressions during my time there and can tell you more about Adelaide, the capital of South Australia.

If you’re interested in the short answer, you should check out the Town Hall, Victoria Square, the Australia Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, the Botanic Gardens, the Zoo, Adelaide Oval, Adelaide Gaol, Adelaide Central Market and Rundle Mall. Further afield is the beach, some wine growing areas and wildlife reserves.

Adelaide Sehenswürdigkeiten Top 10 Reisetipps Australien

Where is Adelaide located?

Adelaide is located in Australia, in South Australia. Adelaide is on the same level as Sydney, but to the left of Sydney on the nearest possible coast, but not yet towards Perth. I admit that before I flew to Adelaide, I didn’t have a clear idea of where to look for Adelaide. Now I know quite well…

What is the weather like in Adelaide?

As everywhere on the southern part of the world (from the equator), the seasons (and therefore the main holiday seasons) are exactly the opposite of the seasons we know. When it is winter here, it is midsummer and summer vacation in Australia. In winter, the average low temperature is 7 degrees, in summer the average high temperature is 28 degrees.

A pleasant, mild climate with around 11 days of rain a month in winter. This is why Adelaide has a nickname “The driest city in the driest state of the driest country of the driest continent of the world” – which means “The driest city, in the driest state, the driest country, the driest continent of the world”. You can find out more about the exact rainy days, sunshine hours and sunset times in Adelaide by clicking on the link.

Time difference in Adelaide

If I always thought that the time difference in Sydney was difficult with +8 hours – I now know that it’s even crazier if you want to be in contact with your family at home. The time difference from Germany to Adelaide is +7.30 hours. Just when you want to get in touch by phone, you automatically start converting.

Nevertheless, a trip to Australia is always worthwhile and you are rewarded with many unforgettable and incomparable impressions. I find it difficult to compare Adelaide with any other city. Adelaide is not a place you would immediately think of when you think of Australia.

Cities and places like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Great Barrier Reef, the Gold Coast, Ayers Rock and the Australian outback quickly come to mind – and some people even think of the jungle camp from TV.

Adelaide Sehenswürdigkeiten Top 10 Reisetipps Australien

Adelaide sights

I have some personal insider tips and general Adelaide sights for you, especially if you fly to Adelaide comfortably by plane, as I did. The easiest connection is from Munich or Frankfurt e.g. with Qatar Airways via Doha directly to Adelaide.

You can already see the beautiful wide beach and the coast on which Adelaide is located as you approach the airport. However, the city center is a little further inland, about 6 km from the coast and is easily accessible from the airport by cab and public transport. Once you cross the wide green belt, you are in Adelaide. However, the regions around Adelaide are also part of the Adelaide metropolitan area.

Adelaide was originally inhabited by Aborigines. The city was officially founded in 1837 and named after Queen Adelaide of England. Adelaide is known as Festival City, as the Glenelg Jazz Festival and the Adelaide Festival of Arts are held here.

Formula 1 has also contributed to Adelaide’s fame, as the Australian Grand Prix was held here on the Adelaide Street Circuit from 1985 to 1995. As the streets of Adelaide are extremely wide thanks to the planning of William Light at the time, a street circuit was the perfect choice here.

I stayed in a hotel throughout my time in Adelaide. As a boutique hotel, I can recommend the Mayfair Hotel, which surprised me with its breakfast for a boutique hotel. As a luxury hotel, I was able to get to know the InterContinental Adelaide with its glamorous charm during my appointments with Qatar Airways.

Thanks to the invitation from Qatar Airways and South Australia Tourism, I was able to experience the Adelaide sights in a perfectly organized way and am happy to share my tips for Adelaide with you. There are a lot of things to see in Adelaide. I started my tour from the Mayfair Hotel and first went to the…

Adelaide Sehenswürdigkeiten Top 10 Reisetipps Australien

Adelaide Central Market (44-60 Gouger Street)

You walk along King William Street past the modern Victoria Square to the 140-year-old Adelaide Central Market, one of the top Adelaide sights. Here you are in a large market hall where you can find many different specialties from freshly prepared food to fruit, vegetables and seafood.

Here you can buy fresh produce, which you can also eat immediately if you wish. Return via the second side of Victoria Square to the…

Adelaide Town Hall (128 King William Street)

The Town Hall is currently celebrating its 150th anniversary. A beautiful and historic building that is often used for special events, concerts and weddings. In 1964, the Beatles performed on the balcony in front of an audience of 300,000. For those who would like to look back even further into the past of Adelaide’s sights, the next museum is perfect…

Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute (253 Grenfell Street)

Here you can go on a journey of discovery in the footsteps of Australia’s indigenous people. You can learn more about the life of the Aborigines before the British took over the area and “resettled” the Aborigines. The British were followed by Italian, Greek, Vietnamese and Latin American immigrants. Time for a little more nature…

Adelaide Botanic Garden (North Terrace)

The Botanic Garden has been open to the public as an Adelaide attraction since 1857. You can admire many different plant species here. I particularly liked the rose garden and the large greenhouse. Right next door is the…

Adelaide Sehenswürdigkeiten Top 10 Reisetipps Australien

Adelaide Zoo (Frome Road)

Here you can meet 250 different animal species, some of which are native to Australia but also come from other continents. The zoo is home to 2500 animals and has been open since 1883. A short walk takes you to the next of Adelaide’s sights, the Adelaide Oval (War Memorial).

Adelaide Oval (War Memorial Drive)

Adelaide Oval has been the main stadium in Adelaide since it opened in 1871. It now has a capacity of 53,583 and is mainly used for cricket. From time to time, the stadium also hosts Australian football matches or even concerts. The walk continues past the golf course to the…

Adelaide Gaol (18 Gaol Road)

An old and historic prison. The prison, which was the first permanent prison in South Australia, was used from 1841-1988. Today it is a museum for curious visitors. After the Adelaide Gaol, you walk past the modern Convention Center to the InterContinental Adelaide and the Festival Centre.

Overall, North Terrace Street is well worth seeing with many old buildings, monuments, statues and art galleries. Just one parallel street away is Rundle Street with the…

Rundle Mall (Rundle Street)

Built in 1976, this covered shopping paradise attracts shoppers with over 600 different stores and four major department store chains. Pretty cafes and bars invite you to linger. Events are also held here regularly if the selection of boutiques doesn’t seem appealing enough.

With these Adelaide sights, you’ve got a perfect impression of Adelaide and have been walking for over two hours and covered a distance of 10km. A short break in one of the cafes in Rundle Street or in the hotel almost next door is certainly tempting now. If you’re in the mood for more, you can continue wandering through the streets and admire the striking street art murals.

Alternatively, there are countless churches to visit in Adelaide. Adelaide is also known as the “City of Churches” and not without reason. Depending on your personal interests, you can spend your time in Adelaide however you like.

What particularly struck me were the many stylish people on the streets. People here take great care of themselves and definitely don’t live “behind the moon”.

Adelaide Sehenswürdigkeiten Top 10 Reisetipps Australien

South Australia surroundings and beach

The area surrounding Adelaide is also worth seeing. If you are mobile or have a little more time, you can visit some places that you will never forget. For me, my excursions were very special highlights that I would like to briefly introduce to you.

Cleland Wildlife Park 

Cleland Wildlife Park is located in the mountains of Adelaide. Here you have the opportunity to take a tour on the Yurridla Trail. You can learn more about the Aborigines and get very close to animals such as kangaroos, wallabies, water birds, dingoes, emus and koalas. You even have the opportunity to hold a koala in your arms – an unforgettable experience. If you don’t want a guided tour, you can wander freely through the park.


It was clear to me that when I was in Australia, I definitely wanted to visit the beach as well as the Adelaide sights. My tour included a catamaran trip to watch dolphins in the wild at Glenelg. Similar to Tenerife, the weather didn’t cooperate and unfortunately it wasn’t possible to go out to sea. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time on the beach.

If you have more luck with the weather, remember your camera, a hat, sunscreen and a towel in case you want to jump into the sea. In this case, it’s best to wear your swimsuit underneath, but don’t underestimate the wind and dress warmly despite the sun. Glenelg is also home to the popular Beachhouse, a slide paradise for the whole family when the weather is not so good.

Penfolds Magill Estate 

A wine estate close to the city since 1844 and restaurant with a focus on fresh and local ingredients. The wine cellars are historic and worth seeing, but the view of the vineyards is also very impressive. It’s easy to linger here a moment longer and enjoy the tranquillity of this suburb in the Adelaide Hills. In the restaurant, the sharing platters are particularly popular, as you can try everything once.

There are of course many more attractions in and around Adelaide. To be completely honest, you’ll have to come back again if you ask me…

Adelaide Sehenswürdigkeiten Top 10 Reisetipps Australien

Restaurants & Dining in Adelaide

I have tried many different restaurants in Adelaide and would like to briefly list where I have eaten…

Penfolds Magill Estate

There is a fascinating restaurant at the aforementioned vineyard, which is ideal if you are looking for a little distance from the city and maybe even traveling with several people, as there are great plates to share.

2KW Bar & Restaurant (2 King William Street)

A new bar and restaurant 30 meters up on a historic building in a completely modern style. From the roof terrace and restaurant you have a magnificent view over the whole of Adelaide.

Madame Hanoi 

A French-Vietnamese espresso bar and bistro from the famous chef Nic Watt. There are many special wines and beers here, but of course also excellent Vietnamese dishes. The sharing platters are also very popular here.

Riverside Restaurant (InterContinental Adelaide)

I tried everything from a gala dinner to a buffet dinner here and was impressed by the food, the atmosphere and the service. You can dine here in a classy and glamorous way.

Market halls (Central Market or The Market Shed on Holland)

You can always eat fresh food here. Whether between meals or as a main course, a dish in one of the market halls is always tempting and original.

Town Square

Simply drift through the streets of Adelaide and let your own instincts and curiosity guide you. There are even more exciting delicacies to discover during the Food Festival days.

On board Qatar Airways

I was lucky enough to fly to Australia in Qatar Airways Business Class and can therefore highly recommend the food on board. You don’t have to eat something quickly at the airport, but can look forward to your flight including food.

Excursions to Kangaroo Island

If you have a little more time, you should consider paying a visit to the beautiful Kangaroo Island. I took the opportunity and flew from Kingscote Airport to Kangaroo Island for a night to observe wild kangaroos. I’ll tell you more about this great island soon.

I hope I was able to spark your interest in Adelaide and the Adelaide sights a little more and you have an idea of what to expect in Adelaide. I’m looking forward to visiting this city again sometime and I’m still very happy about the great opportunity to have seen as much of the city as possible thanks to South Australia Tourism. #adelaidetogether

I’m curious to see if I’ll meet real Aborigines again one day and if I’ll be seen in the Australian outback. Have a good flight and don’t worry about the long flight time! Have fun in Adelaide!

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

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