Vanessa Pur – ultra short mini skirt & bra

Vanessa Pur - YouTuber und Patreon girl - free daily photo of the day - exclusively on

MONDAY MOTIVATION – I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and time to relax. I was very productive during the weekend and created some new videoclips and also new photos for you and this pic is just a very very soft version… 😉

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My Patrons got 8 new postings (including 2 new videoclips) from long legs in pantyhose to LADY in leather – I really love to create these special updates and today we will start with a new video and LINGERIE… My PURfamily is such a wonderful place to share special looks I cannot share on any other place and motivates me every day to do what I like and to wear what I like. I do not have to take care what other people or brands might think about my looks – it’s just me. So if you want to wear a special look – DO IT!

Later today you will also find new LENS videoclips online (similar to Instagram stories – but hotter) and also new updates on my PREMIUM HOT SNAPCHAT account… don’t miss it.

Vanessa Pur Calendar 2020 - regular and PRO/XL version - outfits with stockings, leather, corset, latex, over the knee boots, lingerie, nylon and much more - exclusive and limited edition - worldwide shipping

I received a few emails yesterday about my new calendar and the easiest way is – check out the new YouTube video about my calendar 2020 or check out the blogpost. If you want to get a copy and price, please always include your shipping country. Thank you!

Tomorrow will be a new video on my YouTube channel online – this time a bit of time travel, because I found a few moments, I really want to share with you… don’t miss it. ❤️

Vanessa Pur - YouTuber und Patreon girl - free daily photo of the day - exclusively on