Vanessa Pur – red high heels and miniskirt

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Oh I love my red high heels and I searched for a pair like these “SoKate” about 2 years and they are still one of my favorite high heels. During the last days I combined these high heels with a black latex dress and will show the clip exclusively on Patreon in the future.

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Still cannot believe weekend is over again and I expect a week with a lot of appointments, travel plans and for sure new updates here on my blog, daily HOT updates and videos on my Patreon page and a new YouTube video. People always ask me if I will wear corset or stay-ups on my Patreon page and the answer is very simple “YES – I love to wear corsets”.

One of the questions I received via email very often in the last days was about my YouTube channel. Right now I upload one video per week, but will return to two or three videos a week again in September/October. Also you like to know if I continue with a lot of over the knee boots videos and leather looks or return to pantyhose and short mini skirt. I will continue uploading both styles, because I also love to wear both styles every day…

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