Vanessa Pur – red high heels and miniskirt

Vanessa Pur - YouTuber und Patreon girl - free daily photo of the day - exclusively on

Oh I love my red high heels and I searched for a pair like these “SoKate” about 2 years and they are still one of my favorite high heels. During the last days I combined these high heels with a black latex dress and will show the clip exclusively on Patreon in the future.

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Still cannot believe weekend is over again and I expect a week with a lot of appointments, travel plans and for sure new updates here on my blog, daily HOT updates and videos on my Patreon page and a new YouTube video. People always ask me if I will wear corset or stay-ups on my Patreon page and the answer is very simple “YES – I love to wear corsets”.

One of the questions I received via email very often in the last days was about my YouTube channel. Right now I upload one video per week, but will return to two or three videos a week again in September/October. Also you like to know if I continue with a lot of over the knee boots videos and leather looks or return to pantyhose and short mini skirt. I will continue uploading both styles, because I also love to wear both styles every day…

Vanessa Pur - YouTuber und Patreon girl - free daily photo of the day - exclusively on


  1. Very nice look Vanessa. The beautiful Red heels complete the look.
    Love the sit down position to view your smile more at eye level than when you are standing. Also it appears to be a more relaxing position for you to look straight ahead tnan at the phone. So for this photo it is a pleasant change.Look forward to seeing you always Vanessa. As the saying goes have i told you lately that you are my favorite? Bye for now with lol Vanessa.

  2. What a great Monday, your style, those red heels on you, makes my heart skip a beat. 😘 Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Du bist eine wirklich eine sehr attraktive und sexy Frau mit total tollen Outfits 😍❤❤❤🌹

  4. That is a nice outfit 😊 Those red high heels really make your beautiful long legs ever longer 😍

  5. Hello Vanessa?How are you sweetheart?Love your pic and them red heels!Are they 5in.heels?A choker and low cut dress would have been the sexiest!!However, you can never do any wrong!!Love you forever,Roger!!Please respond if you wish,would love to hear from you anytime!!!XOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!


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