Vanessa Pur – Leather pants & huge cleavage

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I really love the idea to show you my evening looks here on my “Vanessa Pur – Photo of the day” and today I’m in the mood to wear leather pants again and combine the black pants with a top with huge cleavage.

Right now I’m editing the next videos – one with a latex leggings and the other one with a real short and transparent mini dress and a pantyhose with back seam. Today you also find 14 new short video clips on my Patreon page with a hot outfit. I really love to upload hot ūüĒ• photos and videoclips on my Patreon page without checking every moment, if it is allowed on that platform of if it is too sexy (compared to Instagram etc.). So if you want to see me with more leather, latex or lingerie, check out my Patreon page.

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If you want to see me with leather over the knee boots, you should check and follow my YouTube channel, where I uploaded a new video yesterday evening.

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Wishing you all a wonderful evening and see you tomorrow.