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    Lookbooks and pictures of hot outfits of Vanessa Pur

    Pictures from nylons in secretary style to boots in leatehr style

    Elegant lookbooks of Vanessa Pur for women that love to wear high heels, boots, over the knee boots and feminine outfits with dresses, skirts, hotpants in combination with tights, pantyhose and stockings. Styling and outfit inspiration for evening events and going out or having a meeting with friends or business partners.

    How to style the perfect black dress? What to wear with special pattern tights? The perfect dress for a red carpet event? The best dinner outfit or date outfit? How to look confident as a woman? How to look elegant and sexy? Best outfit combinations for feminine women?

    Patreon girl Vanessa Pur - Hot women on Patreon

    I style the way I feel most feminine and most confident in my body. I always prefer to wear dresses and skirts instead of pants. When I wear pants, I prefer to wear leather or pleather pants, vinyl pants or even latex pants, depending on the occasion. There are a few outfit tricks and tips, that I love to share with my followers and readers on my blog and on social media.

    Most of my international fans know me and my style from my YouTube channel or Instagram account. My biggest weakness is my love for designer high heels from Christian Louboutin. The red sole just fits perfect to my favorite colors and gives every outfit the little extra sexiness.

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    But what kind of look and outfits should you wear and combine with high heels? I will give you some examples in my lookbook and ootd pictures. One of my favorite item to wear with my high heels are tights, pantyhose and stockings. I love the look and feel of my Wolford tights on my legs.

    Especially during fall and winter I love to wear boots, booties and over knee boots. Thigh high leather boots combined with a leather dress or leather skirt just looks so powerful. I also like to select leather leggings and leather pants in combination with my high heels and booties.

    Latest pictures of Vanessa Pur

    I also love to wear tight outfits, like a nice wool dress or a body for example with a nice turtleneck. I love everything, that celebrates the curves a female body. I love being a woman and I also love to seduce with some of my looks, especially on my Patreon account.

    Just click on the pictures to get to see more pictures of this look and also further information and product links to my outfits. If you are looking for more product information, please take a look at my shopping information on my blog.

    Patreon girl Vanessa Pur - Hot women on Patreon

    More pictures and lookbooks of Vanessa Pur

    I will show you many different outfits, that I prefer to wear. Sometimes it is the little black dress combined with a black pantyhose or special tights. Sometimes I prefer some over the knee boots or leather boots combined with hot pants shorts and a white blouse. I often combine classic clothes with special items.

    I love different elegant and sexy outfits, but they should never be boring. In my opinion, women look most feminine and impressive, when they look comfortable and confident on high heels. That was one of the reasons, why I started sharing my looks and outfits on social media, on YouTube and on my blog.

    You will also find more of my daily outfits in my Instagram Stories @vanessa.pur and in my Patreon Lenses. Classic styles that last for more than just one season will always be one of my main focus in my look books.

    I hope to share many more updates and look books with you. Thank you for your support and for being a fan of my looks.


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