Leather skirt – crossed legs in tights

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Black pantyhose, a white blouse and a leather skirt – the perfect definition of “Secretary Style” … showing long legs in high heels… but some of my followers also call it “Lady-Style” or “Mistress-Style” – especially when I wear a leather skirt or a pencil skirt… So a lot of possible combinations and it makes so many things possible…

I really love to switch from good-girl to bad-girl – from soft girl to strict Lady and always wear a different outfit.

Yesterday you had already the chance to see four different hot looks on my Patreon page – including a wonderful look with vinyl over the knee boots ( I really love these boots ), a new collection with 26 photos of stockings and corset, plus a special motivation for all lovers of long legs in pantyhose and a video without a skirt, dress or trousers… so a real mixture of different styles and today I will continue this journey with my Patrons.

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I’m already thinking about a new update today with latex or a strict leather look, showing you one of my very new boots and much more.

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If you have access to my LENS clip like most of my Patrons, you can also see me today in a leather look with a leather corset and pantyhose. That’s always a wonderful look during the day.

I just signed the final copies this week of my calendar 2020 and cannot believe that the XL/Pro version is nearly completely sold out… Thank you so much

Vanessa Pur Calendar 2020 - regular and PRO/XL version - outfits with stockings, leather, corset, latex, over the knee boots, lingerie, nylon and much more - exclusive and limited edition - worldwide shipping

Also yesterday I received a ton of emails asking about the outfit in my latest video on YouTube – yes there will be another video in the next weeks or month with this look and yes a look with stockings/nylons and garter belt and this look will also follow (but exclusively on my Patreon page). Hope you all have a wonderful weekend…