Leather LADY & leather dress and leather thigh high boots

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A bit of leather for you … and just the soft version… – I also have this look a bit more strict, including soft opera long leather gloves and different choker… – In that situation you know what I want… 😈 and it makes a lot of fun creating also videos with these looks… So I hope you enjoy this weekend look on a rainy day… but weather gets better and I want to go out during the weekend… so hopefully a bit more sunshine (and I might wear my latex skirt…)

After all these wonderful videos on my Patreon page during the last days – I have prepared four additional updates – including:

So again a special collection for all lovers of hosed bum, glossy styles with latex and vinyl, strict leather looks or also looks with boots and short skirts…

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I really love to share special looks with my Patrons during the weekend and today you also find a special LENS Update with my vinyl corset look… – just have a look and enjoy 14 short video clips

Yesterday I uploaded the following looks for you…

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