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Ellis Faas Makeup – Experience and rating – Beauty Test

Table of Contents

Ellis Faas Makeup – Experience and rating – Beauty Test

Ellis Faas Makeup is one of the most influential makeup brands in the world. Besides MAC Cosmetics, Bobby Brown, Lancome, Chanel, Dior and many others, such as Art Deco or Maybelline, makeup by Ellis Faas should be a household name. The successful makeup artist started her own cosmetics line in 2009. In Germany, you can find this so far in only a few selected stores.

Who is Ellis Faas?

Makeup Artist Ellis Faas was born and raised in the Netherlands. Early on she had a flair for fashion and makeup and initially became a photographer. In Paris, she expanded her knowledge to become a makeup artist and then moved to London. She was living in Amsterdam again when Mario Testino booked her and then took her to Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles. Fashion Editor Emmanuelle Alt introduced her to Karl Lagerfeld, with whom her career really began.

Ellis Faas Makeup – Only tested on Supermodels

Ellis Faas Makeup does not test on animals. Since Ellis Faas Makeup products are also not made for animals, they cannot be tested on animals either, but only on supermodels. Of course, you have to see this with a smirk, but it shows their attitude. Even the supplied Ellis Faas makeup products for creation have not been tested on animals, according to them.

Ellis Faas Makeup - Experience and rating - Beauty Test

Human Colors – Ellis Red

Ellis Faas uses Human Colors, colors as they appear on the human body itself. For example, Ellis Red is the color of blood. Since every human has the same blood in him, this shade also matches every skin color. It virtually guarantees the perfect shade if you like red lips and shows the principle of Ellis Faas Makeup.

The design of the beauty products from Ellis Faas is also a highlight. Especially by the packaging and matching storage, the makeup looks more like a special invention. I got the products as a gift and also had to look first two times, what it is about at all.

When you are out and about with the makeup set with the matching Ellis Holder (H101), you feel like you are ahead of the curve. I was excited to see the Ellis Faas products as the enclosed photos looked really promising.

Ellis Faas Makeup - Experience and rating - Beauty Test

Ellis Skin – Foundation Skin Veil & Concealer & Powder – Ellis Faas Makeup

S103 – Foundation Skin Veil – the application is done with a thin fine brush, which allows for precise application. However, it can quickly happen that you leave out a spot when applying. The product feels comfortable and opaque. In the long run, however, the makeup shines slightly and should then be re-powdered. The longer you wear the makeup, the more it tightens and starts to press slightly, which automatically makes you touch your face more with your fingers and thus naturally “destroys” the makeup faster.

S203 – Concealer – the concealer is distributed directly with the brush. I still patted the mass in with my finger after spreading. The product is opaque, but settles a little in the creases under the eye, as the texture remains creamy.

L402 – Compact Powder – handy in the lid of my tin for product storage. A soft matte finish perfect to match the foundation.

Ellis Faas Makeup - Experience and rating - Beauty Test

Ellis Eyes – Creamy Eyes & Lights & Mascara & Eyeliner – Ellis Faas Makeup

E103 – Creamy Eyes – the black eye shadow is distributed directly with the brush. However, you should wipe the product from the brush dispenser on the back of your hand for dosing, as with almost all Ellis Faas products. With the brush you roughly times out the area of the eye and then smudges with a dry brush or a finger (best you do not have long fingernails) the runners. However, the product quickly settles into the creases of the eyelid without additional black powder.

E109 – Creamy Eyes – the light, almost white shade is very slightly shiny, but acts almost like a light concealer. I used it only very discreetly, for example to lighten the inside of the eye a bit.

E305 – Lights – the green-brownish shimmering eye shadow has an extremely high shine content. As a broad eyeliner, I like to apply it to a black eyelid every now and then. If you distribute the color on the whole eyelid, then it looks a bit messy, because the red-brown tone as a base to the green shimmer looks a bit morbid. If you want to give afterwards after a black powder over it, the eye shadow flakes off completely. For everyday life rather not to use, but rather for extreme fashion photos.

E401 – Mascara – the black mascara extends the lashes cleanly and neatly, as you would expect from a mascara.

E501 – Eyeliner – the black eyeliner is very fluid and draws a precise, fine eyelid line. The eyeliner is one of my favorites from Ellis Faas.

Ellis Faas Makeup - Experience and rating - Beauty Test

Ellis Lips – Creamy Lips & Hot Lips – Ellis Faas Makeup

L101 – Creamy Lips – Ellis Red – the blood red, dark red lipstick is applied with a firm sponge applicator. The color matches any skin tone and looks particularly intense. The feeling on the lips is slightly slimy and sticky if you want an intense glossy shade and thus take more product. If you dab the product off, you have a more natural look. Only the small lip wrinkles are then still emphasized. Despite lipliner, the lipstick runs a bit in the long run.

L103 – Creamy Lips – the strawberry red lipstick is intense, but rather a light orange-red. From the product experience, the lipstick is similar to L101.

Ellis Faas Makeup - Experience and rating - Beauty Test

Conclusion – experience and rating of Ellis Faas Makeup

The Ellis Faas Makeup looks exclusive and special just by the packaging alone. The colors are all very intense, opaque and glossy. For photo shoots I find the makeup perfect and to shine and stand out on special evenings. For women who want to use the products in everyday life, I would not apply all the products, because very color intensive and well perfect for photo and video shoots.

You can tell that Ellis Faas is a makeup artist and puts a lot of emphasis on photogenic products inside and out. On a normal woman, however, the makeup has not been sufficiently tested, therefore “Tested only on Supermodels” :-).

I will certainly wear the makeup of Ellis Faas at many fashion shoots to set special highlights and look forward to seeing how the blood red lips will look in photos.

Where can I get the products from Ellis Faas?

So far you can get the products e.g. in the online store or e.g. in Berlin at Marcell von Berlin or at Shan’s True Beauty on the Kudamm.

Ellis Faas Makeup - Experience and rating - Beauty Test

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