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Hair removal with IPL – Philips Lumea SC2008/11 – Experience IPL

Table of Contents

Hair removal with IPL – Philips Lumea SC2008/11 – Experience IPL

Experience with hair removal with IPL, the Philips Lumea SC2008/11 in test. Hair removal is one of the topics that become especially topical in the summer. Personally, I’m generally a little cautious before I try every beauty trend. The topic of hair removal thanks to IPL I have long been skeptical from afar. Now it was in front of me, the Intense Pulsed Light IPL handheld device from Philips. It was time to put myself to the test. What did I have to lose except hopefully a few hairs?

Why I was so skeptical lies in the past. A few years ago I was quite brave and used an epilator and regretted it for months afterwards. Although I had chosen a device with a special cooling function, it did not change the fact that body hair including the root was removed in a painful way.

Hair removal with IPL - Philips Lumea SC2008/11 - Experience IPL

Not only the noise was horrible, but also the pain and even worse: the hair irritation afterwards. My legs itched almost continuously for several months. Hair did not come back so quickly, but some scratches – the device was not allowed to stay with me and for me it was clear that I would shave for life.

But even when shaving, the skin reacts irritated from time to time. While I inwardly considered whether waxing would not be an alternative. Maybe the hair root is torn out more gently than with epilation? Maybe I just had a bad epilation day and should try it again?

Hair removal with IPL - Philips Lumea SC2008/11 - Experience IPL

IPL Laser Philips Lumea SC2008/11

Now the Lumea from Philips comes on the market and suddenly there is an alternative that makes sense to me. Hair removal thanks to IPL technology – with Intense Pulsed Light – so very roughly speaking a laser against body hair. I have had good experiences with lasers even without Starwars – moles used the laser without any problems, only with a slight burnt smell and I also entrusted my eyes to a laser. So I should be brave enough to want to try the device.

So there it was… the Lumea from Philips feels good in the hand. Quickly read the quick start guide – sounded simple – maybe I missed something? Once again read everything and already the device hung on the power to charge and I shaved my legs, because you should have freshly shaved legs for the application. A short time later I was sitting ready.

The dehairing device was set to level 4 and the fan whirred slightly. Which spot do I use? Where could it hurt the least? Where could a possible burn not be seen? Quite difficult questions, until I decided on a spot slightly to the side. But had I really chosen the right attachment? Finally, there were two more attachments for facial hair and the bikini area. Close your eyes and shoot!

Hair removal with IPL - Philips Lumea SC2008/11 - Experience IPL

Hair removal with IPL

A flash of red twitched on and so did I. Somehow I imagined the flash to be softer – had I overlooked eye protection goggles? No. Did it hurt? Not really. Well, there was a very slight tug. So I fired five more shots at my leg and waited a night to see if I would have any problems. Some places stung a little more and others a little less. Whether they were small wounds or moles I can’t say for sure yet, but it wasn’t really painful. You adjust to the pricking a little bit.

Since I had no problems and no itching, the other areas on the legs were also allowed to follow by IPL the next day. No sun 48 hours before and after. 14 days break until the next treatment. After about 5 IPL treatments you should see noticeable results. I am curious and will report to you after about 8 weeks, how the IPL Lumea from Philips behaves in continuous use.

Hair removal with IPL - Philips Lumea SC2008/11 - Experience IPL

Long-term Experience – Hair removal with IPL Philips Lumea

For some beauty products, such as laser hair removal, you need time to really assess the result and the function. The first impression of a beauty product is also important, but when it comes to the effect, you should be able to test the product over a certain time. So it was with me with the hair removal thanks to Philips Lumea IPL.

While at the beginning I was still very cautious in the handling and application of hair removal with laser, the device is now almost automatic in the hand. I have also gotten used to the slight stinging pain in some places and now I also know when it hurts more and when it doesn’t. It hurts more when the hair has not been completely shaved – in which case it also smells slightly burnt.

Likewise, the skin is sensitive when you have moles. Since the dark spots absorb the light, you should be careful when using it here or it is best to leave the spot out completely. If you have a wound or a scratched area or pimples, you should also refrain from using it on the area.

I find the battery life to be very good. For the entire body I take about 30 minutes and the IPL laser manages very well without weakening. During the application itself, I try not to look into the red flash. You can keep the button pressed and after each flash just move the spot a bit without looking until the next flash fires automatically. However, you should then know your moles by heart :-).

Hair removal with IPL - Philips Lumea SC2008/11 - Experience IPL

Effect of the IPL Philips Lumea SC2008/11 – hair removal

After my first impressions of the Philips Lumea, I have now tested the device over six weeks and can clearly see the first results. The hair growth was already significantly reduced after two to three applications. One should use the device every two weeks. Immediately after use, the skin areas are already much smoother than after shaving. After the first two weeks, the first areas of skin where hair no longer grows are visible. This motivates directly to the next application.

After four weeks, more bald spots become visible and after six weeks, you only very rarely have to shave additionally. I suspect that after another two applications, shaving will become almost superfluous. The skin texture has additionally improved, as you can no longer see the hair roots shimmering through the skin. There are fewer ingrown hairs and the hair no longer itches. The stubbly feeling during regrowth starts much later than usual and the hair has become much softer.

The hair is heated and thus damaged or destroyed from the structure. The hair root no longer receives nutrients and falls out. It takes time until normal growth takes place here again. The hair does not fall out immediately, but only after 1-2 weeks. So far, I have not noticed any hair falling out and said goodbye – you just do not notice it.

Hair removal with IPL - Philips Lumea SC2008/11 - Experience IPL

Conclusion on hair removal thanks to IPL

For me, this type of hair removal is the most pleasant and comfortable version. It inhibits the regrowth of hair and leaves a pleasant feeling with easy application. For general hair removal, the device is optimal. I have tried each of the three attachments on the Philips Lumea SC2008/11 and find them useful.

I am glad that I was brave enough to test the hair removal by IPL, as it has brought a significant relief in my daily routine. There is also a special version for men, however, my device can also be used by men. I would unreservedly recommend the Philips IPL Lumea for people with the appropriate skin and hair color.

Update from the future: In the meantime, almost no hair grows on my legs, so I only have to laser once every 4-8 weeks. I have tried other IPL devices after this IPL and have since found that I prefer wired IPLs to battery-powered ones, as the waiting time between beams is too long for me in the long run.

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