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Canon Legria Mini Camera – YouTuber Mini Camera

Table of Contents

Canon Legria Mini Camera – YouTuber Mini Camera

When I read the first reports about the Canon Legria mini, I initially found the format and the already existing monitor very interesting. However, I was directly at the Canon Legria mini to consider, is it an alternative to the Go Pro 3 or to another action cam. Do I want to take in addition to the cell phone for the city trip yet another camera or is it also so enough….

There was only one solution – the endurance test – and the invitation from the Four Season Hotel Milan was perfect. The fashion metropolis of Milan should offer everything: blue skies, a very historic building with the Milan Cathedral, possibly mountain views, squares with lots of people and a nice mix of voices and spontaneous impressions or special places that you can then simply capture with the camera.

Unboxing Canon Legria Mini Camera – YouTuber Mini Camera

As soon as we unboxed the camera, we immediately noticed the Legria’s handy yet pleasant format – almost square, the corners a bit rounded and the lens with a 170° angle at the front in the tip, housed next to two microphones. A small battery, an already included 8GB smart micro card (including adapter), strap for emergencies 🙂 and in addition a package with software and quick start guide.

What for the manual? Try it first like this – the card packed into the slot, the battery charged and also packed into the camera and with just about 160 grams only slightly heavier than most modern smartphones. That was a good start. A clearly visible on/off switch on the side, which also resolves the protection of the lens and small jingle – and the monitor with touch function already reports.

The usual settings of date, time, etc. and the camera was ready to shoot. A clear red button on the monitor indicated the recording function and off we went. It really couldn’t be simpler, and it’s also very handy and literally “floats”.

Canon Legria Mini Camera - the small YouTuber camera - easy vlogging - YouTuber Mini Camera

Using the Canon Legria Mini camera

While the first shots were still a bit too fast or too shaky, after a few minutes you had a good feel for how to best sample which scene and what you could film.

The rotatable monitor then also allowed the first self-portraits and funny shots – whether it was during the car ride over the burner or a deep zoom into the fruit basket – but you have certainly already seen that in the video clip (above). Very easy to use and set all the functions on top of it.

Another great feature that I find much better on the Canon Legria than other cameras with an extreme wide angle are the time-lapse shots. Here, the camera switches to standby mode in between and thus saves significantly on battery consumption. It only turns on the camera for the one short shot, starts the function and immediately goes into sleep mode. Each scene is stored as a single sequence on your memory card and can be stitched together later (even if the battery is empty in the meantime) to create a movie clip.

For those who like it even more convenient, there is a WLAN function in the camera that allows the CANON camcorder to connect easily to the iPhone (software available for free in the app store) and control the most important functions and recordings. In contrast to other action cameras, here is only a perceived delay of about 1 second, unlike many other cameras with up to 6 seconds. To control a picture or a setting from a distance – a very good solution.

Sound on the Canon Legria Mini camera

However, the big surprise for me with the camera was the microphone, where many even much more expensive SLR cameras have problems with the level, the CANON Legria mini is unbeatable. For the price, the sound recordings succeed without any problems, comments (especially from the front) are recorded clearly and distinctly – the surroundings are pleasantly levelled out. Even in very large rooms (such as the shopping mall in the video) with a lot of voices, a lot is still well understandable.

I had rather expected a “disaster” in this respect and was absolutely positively surprised. The conclusion in the video in the hotel room of the Four Seasons Hotel Milan was also very well understandable and was left unedited in the video clip.

Canon Legria Mini Camera - the small YouTuber camera - easy vlogging - YouTuber Mini Camera

Conclusion – Canon Legria Mini camera for YouTubers and vloggers

Who is the camera suitable for – was also my question – if you want to use the Canon Legria mini as a replacement for your high-quality full-frame DSLR camera, it’s not for you. Likewise, it’s not suitable for action fans who want to mount the camera on their car, on their helmet for the next downhill run, or on their mountain bike, or for people who want to dive with the camera. For all other people it is a practical alternative.

No bigger than a smartphone, with the same weight. Shooting succeeds very easily and very well – outperforming the usual smartphones (iPhone 5, Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4) both from the image quality, handling and also and especially with an incredible sound quality.

For me, the Canon Legria mini was really more of a “toy” or new “technology gadget” at the beginning, but after the days in Milan, the camera has a permanent place in the handbag and is always suitable for spontaneous shots and moments.

The device is also particularly suitable for youtubers or bloggers who want to have something always quickly at hand, while a great sound and a Full HD resolution. CANON has not succeeded in competing with the well-known action cams with the camera, but has created a new segment for people who want to be creative, let other people participate in your life and yet imagine it as simple and effective as possible.

The Canon Legria mini has completely convinced me and has found a permanent place in my handbag.

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