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Video Music for YouTube Videos – Copyright Free Music

Table of Contents

Video Music for YouTube Videos – Copyright Free Music

What kind of Copyright Free Music video music can you use for YouTube videos? What are the alternatives to YouTube music library? Where can I download music for videos for free? Where can I get music for my YouTube channel without problems with GEMA. Which current songs can I use for YouTube? Tips for good copyright free music for YouTube videos for background music and cool songs for vlogs, unboxing, hauls, talk, gaming, drones and fun videos.

As a YouTuber, you quickly face a big problem, especially as a beginner, when you realize that your video is missing music. You start searching for “Gemafreier Musik” and copyright-free music. Then you start to search the YouTube library for video music and most of the time you don’t find the sound you had in mind for your video. If you look at the big YouTubers, the background music and video music often sounds modern and trendy. The video music is always varied and with the right beat. So where does the video music for YouTube videos come from?

You don’t want to violate music copyrights or sign up for expensive subscriptions to use a suitable instrumental background music or a cool song in your video. In the beginning, I also tried all the options of YouTube’s library of royalty-free, legal and free music and quickly realized that I am limited in the long run when it comes to video music choices.

Video Music for YouTube Videos - Copyright Free Music - Official download at Epidemic Sound for music and cool sounds

Epidemic Sound – Video Music for YouTube Videos

I tried Epidemic Sound’s video music service a good two years ago and have stayed there ever since because I feel very comfortable with it. The big YouTube communities also use Epidemic Sound’s music database, which made me curious back then. Finding cool music for YouTube videos is not easy otherwise.

Once you are logged in and have deposited your YouTube or social media channels, you can download and use all the available songs to give your video the best soundtrack. In total, Epidemic Sound has over 30,000 songs and over 60,000 sound effects that you can use as video music. There is a large selection of modern and good songs with vocals, so vocals from pop to soul to RnB.

In addition, there are many songs directly an instrumental version or you use directly perfectly tuned instrumental tracks that can be used perfectly as light background music as video music for YouTube videos. It is best to create playlists directly and browse the playlists already saved by other Creators, which are thematically suitable.

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Legal copyright-free music for YouTube videos

The many different sound effects and noises are also extremely helpful if you want to add sound to your video afterwards or are looking for whoosh sounds for perfect transitions. You’ll find something special for every moment and you’ll also find some songs that you know from great YouTubers. Epidemic Sound offers new albums with modern video music songs almost every week and pre-made video music playlists depending on the season.

As long as you have an active account, you can use the songs and upload videos to YouTube, for example. If you cancel the account, you do not have to delete the old videos, but you are not allowed to upload new videos with the songs. However, you will also immediately get an info or copyright infringement if you continue to use the music without active access. For all those whose videos are often copied and re-uploaded, you can also limit the fun with it a bit.

Over the last years, especially the personal contact to Epidemicsound has turned out to be very helpful. Regardless of what you wanted to do with the song, what problem you encountered or what security you wanted when using it on social media for example, the emails are always answered within 24 hours (mostly in less than 4 hours in my own experience).

Video Music for YouTube Videos - Copyright Free Music - Official download at Epidemic Sound for music and cool sounds

Free trial access to video music at Epidemic Sound

The regular monthly fee at Epidemic Sound is currently EUR 13.00 – but right now is the best time to test the offer. At the moment Epidemic Sound offers a free trial access, where you can convince yourself of the music selection for 30 days.

However, the use of the songs at Epidemic Sound is not only valid as music for YouTube videos, but also for videos that you post on Facebook, Twitch and Instagram. Therefore, Epidemic Sound is also perfect if you want to show your videos in Stories, or publish a video with music as a post or as IGTV. The songs from Epidemic Sounds may also be used in podcasts.

For anyone who posts a lot of videos on social media or YouTube, Epidemic Sound is perfect in my opinion. But just convince yourself and try it out with a free trial.

Have fun with the new possibilities in music for YouTube videos!

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