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Best microphone for YouTube and vloggers? Rode Videomic Pro+ in review

Table of Contents

Best microphone for YouTube and vloggers? Rode Videomic Pro+ in review

Which microphone to use for YouTube and how to prevent noise in the video. When watching videos on YouTube today, it is usually the sound that is crucial. While you can still overlook an autofocus error, a strong noise or a microphone that is too far away is often already the end, for a good YouTube video and the viewer clicks away. Is there really a “perfect” microphone for YouTube? Is the new RODE Videomic Pro+ the solution to all problems? 

The Rode Videomic Pro+ in review – Best microphone for YouTube and vloggers? Is the upgrade worth it?

We have long searched for our YouTube videos to find a solution that permanently offers a clean sound, both in clear indoor situations, as well as outdoor with wind and and decided to a solution with lavalier microphone. It is easy to attach, the sound is very clear and clean depending on the design and can be easily coupled with external recording devices, such as the Zoom H4n, Zoom H6 or even the digital camera.

Best microphone for YouTube and vloggers? Rode Videomic Pro+ in review - Rode Videomic Pro+ - best microphone for YouTubers and videographers.

While just beginners often use the internal microphone of the camera for YouTube and the sound sounds very tinny and you then expand with a cheap external microphone, such as the Rode Videomic Go or the Rode VMMicro, you are often looking for the best microphone, the perfect sound for more demanding productions and regular YouTube videos.

Every YouTuber has their own experience and while we were happy with the lavalier combo most of the time for videos, there is one small problem.

The more you are on the road, the more you want to produce a video even spontaneously, the more elaborate it is. You first have to rewire the person you are talking to, you are not very flexible depending on the model, and there is always the risk of noise interference. A control in each case during the recording via headphones is absolutely recommendable.

Thus, a clip-on microphone would be very suitable, but usually the quality is not corresponding or the result is disappointing.

Best microphone for YouTube and vloggers? Rode Videomic Pro+ in review - Rode Videomic Pro+ - best microphone for YouTubers and videographers.

How good is the new Rode Videomic Pro+ – should you use it for YouTube videos?

The predecessor model – the Rode Videomic Pro is still present today with very many YouTubers and offers a good sound quality and yet had some drawbacks.

The noise was recorded more clearly compared to an external solution with lavalier microphone, often a slight noise occurs throughout the video, which many YouTubers have not managed to remove from the videos.

The biggest drawback for many YouTubers was certainly the batteries required. The Rode Videomic Pro used 9V battery blocks and how often did it happen that you forgot to turn the microphone off after shooting or turn it on extra before the video. Even though the batteries lasted a long time and were a bit difficult to insert at the front end, it was especially annoying when you realized in post-production that the sound was completely missing.

Basically, one disadvantage of a directional microphone compared to a cordless microphone or a lavalier microphone is, of course, that the performer should stand directly facing the microphone and cannot move as flexibly. But it is exactly this point that gives the advantage for many vlogs – as a viewer, you are there more directly, get the environment much more clearly and experience the day with your favorite YouTuber and favorite vlogger much more clearly.

The Rode Videomic Pro+ is designed to address exactly these weaknesses and simplify the daily work routine for vloggers and YouTubers. We took a look at the microphone and questioned whether the upgrade to the new Rode Videomic Pro+ is worth it or whether you should continue to buy the cheaper microphones for YouTube video.

Best microphone for YouTube and vloggers? Rode Videomic Pro+ in review - Rode Videomic Pro+ - best microphone for YouTubers and videographers.

What are the advantages of the new Rode Videomic Pro+ for YouTubers and vloggers?

At first glance, it is immediately noticeable, the new RODE Videomic Pro is not just the latest version or a small upgrade, but a new development and improvement in many areas.

There is hardly a brand in the video sector that is used as often by YouTubers as RØDE, followed probably by the absolute robust hard drives from LaCie (as SSD or Raid version) .

The big advantage with RØDE is the large selection of models, but of course this can also be a disadvantage. For most YouTubers and vloggers looking for a good and professional all-round microphone, the Rode Videomic Pro version has been the first choice for years. Those who want it even more professional, choose the VideoMic X (which, however, is also significantly higher in price).

Like its predecessor, the RØDE Videomic Pro+ has a 3.5mm connector for the digital SLR or system camera and can of course also be linked to the external audio recorder via this.

Best microphone for YouTube and vloggers? Rode Videomic Pro+ in review - Rode Videomic Pro+ - best microphone for YouTubers and videographers.

In our review, we use the RODE Videomic Pro+ on a Canon 1Dx Mark II and a Canon 5D Mark IV. What is immediately noticeable during the first operation, some things have changed with the new microphone of the Australian manufacturer.

Previously, the power was supplied via the 9V battery, so you now have the option to use the enclosed battery, which can also be charged via the supplied USB cable. According to RODE, the battery should last for 100 hours during “normal use”. When the last 20% of the battery is reached, this is indicated via an LED on the back, which up to flashing warnings for the last 30 minutes, provides great assistance.

Tip: If the power LED on the back lights up blue, the battery is inserted, if you have inserted standard AA batteries, the power lamp is green. Thus one remembers also after the use again to the appropriate change of the batteries.

If you don’t have the possibility to recharge the microphone or if you don’t have a battery pack for your smartphone in your photo backpack, you can replace the battery with two normal batteries (type AA). Very practical solution, especially since by flash units, wireless sensors, etc. in most photo backpacks countless batteries are included.

For me, the biggest advantage is definitely the automatic power on/off function, which is triggered when the camera is turned on/off. Once the Rode Videomic Pro+ is connected to the DSLR camera or system camera, it turns on automatically. Finally, there are no more problems with recording video without sound. For this feature alone, the upgrade would be recommended, but the Videomic Pro+ has other interesting extras.

Best microphone for YouTube and vloggers? Rode Videomic Pro+ in review - Rode Videomic Pro+ - best microphone for YouTubers and videographers.

Another interesting feature is the new “Safety Mode or Safety Channel”, which is especially useful for YouTubers and vloggers who have to make decisions in frequently changing or difficult situations and cannot permanently adjust the sound.

Instead of the stereo signal, two separate mono signals are recorded, but with the serious difference that one track is recorded with 10db less volume. This way you can easily decide in post-production which sound is more suitable and exclude destroyed sound recordings from the beginning.

From our own experience we know that regularly at big events, at fairs or concerts there are situations where the volume is difficult to adjust, so pressing the safety channel is a very good option to have a good sound recording at the end of the evening.

In contrast to the regular microphone, the new RODE Videomic Pro+ also has two high-pass filters with 75hz and 150hz, which can already remove noise directly during recording. How often does it happen in cooking videos that you can hear the refrigerator or the exhaust hood slightly in the background, in hotel rooms the air conditioning or a slight hum in the airplane. Now you can directly select the appropriate frequency and remove these noises during the recording and not sit later in Adobe Premiere, IMovie or FinalCutX in the post-processing.

Very advantageous is that the settings are also displayed directly via LEDs on the back, just like the selected db+/- setting. What was still done via sliders in the earlier model from RODE, now succeeds simply via the buttons on the back and the corresponding setting is displayed.

One notices in all situations that the RODE Videomic Pro+ has not only been further developed, but also seriously improved in usability.

In addition, compared to the previous model, it is clearly noticeable that the settings for the camera (regardless of whether Canon 750D, Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 1DxMark II or Canon 80D) can be made without any problems within a few seconds and already achieve incredible results during the first use. Even if the high-pass filters have not even been activated yet in daytime use in the kitchen with a refrigerator, the sound is already very clear and can be compared with a good lavalier microphone.

Best microphone for YouTube and vloggers? Rode Videomic Pro+ in review - Rode Videomic Pro+ - best microphone for YouTubers and videographers.

But are there only advantages or are there also disadvantages to using the Videomic Pro+?

Beside all the advantages there are however also two or three smaller disadvantages, which do not cloud the total impression largely, but in the long run in the next model of the RODE Videomic Pro++ then perhaps changed.

Access to the battery is still located on the front, just like in the previous model, and is somewhat difficult to reach and access due to the foam jacket. You also still have the feeling that you would directly jam something. The situation is slightly less bad due to the fact that you do not have to change the battery frequently anymore and the port for the USB charging port is located on the side.

The second drawback is the size of the new RODE Videomic Pro+, which has become a bit bigger compared to its predecessor and has become very thick, especially in the rear area. Basically, it is to be gotten over, even if the microphone itself on the Canon 1Dx Mark II protrudes a bit to the back.

Worse, however, is the jack plug that is still additionally attached to the back, which is simply touched when using the camera’s optical viewfinder and is annoying. Here, the connector should have been placed on the side, as then the use of the included connection cable would also be more suitable. Now, even on the 1Dx, it’s too long, but on the other hand, it’s also too short to wrap once around the accessory shoe like it used to. A minor minus point that will hopefully be changed in the next model.

Best microphone for YouTube and vloggers? Rode Videomic Pro+ in review - Rode Videomic Pro+ - best microphone for YouTubers and videographers.

Best microphone for YouTube and vloggers? The Rode Videomic Pro+ in review – CONCLUSION

RODE succeeds with the new model from the Videomic series, the RODE Videomic Pro+ not only a good further development, but also a clear improvement in various areas and makes the new model the absolute “must-have” for demanding videos on YouTube, which you want to film with flexibility.

The usability of the Rode Videomic Pro+ has once again increased significantly compared to its predecessor, the option with rechargeable battery and battery option is very successful, in addition, the sound has once again improved by several areas and is even easier to configure for beginners.

Anyone who wants to get started professionally with videos on YouTube or wants to take the sound of videos to a new level will definitely have to take a look at the Rode Videomic Pro+.

If requested, we will also publish a video post about it in the future, as well as the settings for using a Rode Videomic Pro / Pro+ on Canon EOS cameras.

For us, after current experience, the RODE Videomic Pro+ is a very clear buy recommendation.

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