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Instagram Type – post gifs and texts to Instagram Stories

Table of Contents

Instagram Type – post gifs and texts to Instagram Stories

Instagram Type is a new feature in the Instagram app and in Instagram Stories to share text and information with your followers. Instagram Type is aimed at anyone who likes to upload images or even video with text in their daily Stories. 

Instagram Type – Post Instagram texts to Instagram Stories.

Until now, you could only find two variants with text in Instagram Stories:

handwritten things that are not easy to read (written with the “pen” function on a normal Story).
Simple text in different colors and sizes (written with the “Aa” function on a normal Story).

The text version is important and useful to tag other accounts with an @ and thus mention them.

Meanwhile, the text has the option to switch the written from the “Classic” option to other options. However, those who like to write only texts are always looking for a neutral background and background and this is where the new selection and feature “Instagram Type” fills the gap.

Instagram Type - post gifs and texts to Instagram Stories

How does Instagram Type work? How do you post texts on Instagram Stories?

First, open the Instagram app and then select the Instagram Stories feature by swiping left in the “Home/Home/Feed” view or tapping the camera icon in the top left.

Now you swipe from “NORMAL” to “TEXT” at the bottom of the screen and see the typical Instagram color background and the “Modern” font – now you tap in the field to write and can enter your information. If you don’t like typing on the keyboard on your smartphone, you are also welcome to prescribe texts in notes on your laptop.

However, please keep in mind that the texts are still more like stickers to read and the display of the texts in the stories are only a few seconds long. Thus, not everyone has time to read long info.

It is especially nice to write in the selection “Modern” with line breaks, because you can give certain words more attention. If you tap on a word, you can change the text color for that word or for several words.

When you are done with the text, you can tap next to the text and see how the text looks without the keyboard. You can position the text with two fingers and enlarge or reduce it.

With the color field in the lower left corner you can change the background if you prefer other colors. You can choose from

Instagram gradient purple to orange,
Light blue-to-dark blue.

If you’d rather have a subtle photo or video as your background, tap the small camera icon at the bottom right.

Instagram Type - post gifs and texts to Instagram Stories

Selection for Instagram Tyte Texts

In addition to the font style selection “Modern”, you can currently select other options at Instagram Type depending on your preference. For a more curved font and squiggly handwriting, choose “Neon”. There are different background colors here as well: Dark purple, dark pink, dark blue, dark gray and dark green. In each case, the text remains in the color white so that it is still easy to read.

Instagram Type - post gifs and texts to Instagram Stories

If you prefer a more businesslike look, you will like the “Typewriter” selection. The text appears quite matter-of-fact and unspectacular. With the strokes in the upper right corner you can change the text from left-aligned to right-aligned or centered. With the button A** you can “text-mark” the text or just one word in yellow.

With this text option you can also choose the text color for single words and letters. As possible background colors you can choose between gray, dark gray, yellow gray, beige and dark red.

You can get more headline character with the text option “Bold”. Almost like on a magazine cover you can add color to single words or sentences and choose other font colors. The letters themselves are bold and slightly italicized.

Instagram Type - post gifs and texts to Instagram Stories

As possible background colors one chooses between red, blue, gray and black. The font color adjusts automatically depending on the background.

With all options, you can still decorate the story with smileys, gifs, locations, hashtags and more, as usual, if you have also taken a photo or video for the colored background.

GIFs in Instagram Stories – Moving Stickers and Smileys

As of now, there is a new addition to Instagram Stories to further encourage playfulness. If you’re still looking for that next extra something to add to your Instagram story, you’ll surely be happy about the new options. From now on, you can help yourself to the GIPHY archive’s assortment of GIFs and put a special stamp on your Instagram Stories.

Instagram Type - post gifs and texts to Instagram Stories

How do you put GIFs on Instagram Stories?

First, open the Instagram app and film an Instagram Story as usual. Then you tap the smiley sticker post-it in the top right corner or swipe up from the bottom. You now get the display where you can select the location, weather, time, hashtags, polls and more smileys and stickers.

From now on, you can also find the GIF option to choose from. If you click on the button, you will find the first suggestions of GIFs. If you are looking for special GIFs, you can search for them on GIPHY by entering a keyword.

Then you select the GIF and place it in the desired size at the desired location on the image. However, if you enlarge the image too much, you will quickly see the poor quality of the GIFs.

Instagram Type - post gifs and texts to Instagram Stories

Caution when using GIFs

However, you should not only make sure that the quality does not have a negative effect, but you should be aware that not everyone likes GIFs. To some people GIFs seem funny and entertaining, to others repulsive, hectic and childish. You should generally not overdo it and rather look for really good and appropriate GIFs.

Yes according to the target group and external presentation, you should therefore be very careful with GIFs and not overdo it. Personally, I like to use an animated arrow once in the GIFs, because this can give more attention to special things, such as links.

However, there is another important point that you should consider if you want to use GIFs in your Stories. Some of the GIFs are protected by copyright and may not simply be used. If you don’t want to take any risks here, you should unfortunately rather do without the “funny” stickers and rather fall back on the official Instagram smileys for safety’s sake.

Instagram Type - post gifs and texts to Instagram Stories

Another innovation in Instagram Stories, which is deliberately aimed at a younger audience and will tend to appear more in private messages. I can’t imagine seeing many GIFs in the future on my subscribed channels in Stories. However, I also know that Instagram prefers to show users who also use new features.

There are also special GIFs that come directly from Instagram and if you use them on your Instagram Stories, you’ll notice that some Stories get a lot more views. Just be more aware when you post Stories with GIFs from Instagram.

Instagram Type - post gifs and texts to Instagram Stories - Vanessa Pur nylon pantyhose legs in tights mini skirt and blouse

Conclusion on Instagram Type and Instagram Text

Instagram has once again captured the zeitgeist with the new Instagram Type feature and knows then sometimes you don’t want to post a photo but still have something to share. I like the new ability to now post different text with different statements in effect.

Personally, I am least comfortable with the “Neon” font, but always enjoy using the other fonts. I prefer to select the “Modern” option as I find the font super comfortable to read.

I’m happy that I can finally choose beautiful backgrounds and gradients, too, without having to take a picture of the empty table each time and then choose the default text.

Instagram always manages to keep me interested in Instagram Stories with new little features. I’m already looking forward to the next innovations on Instagram….

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