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Melina Best hairdresser in Cologne – hair extensions, Olaplex

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Melina Best hairdresser in Cologne – hair extensions, Olaplex

What is actually the best hair salon in Germany – Melina Best Friseur? Is there a star hairdresser that all IT girls go to? What is the best hairdresser for beautiful long hair? Where can I find the best hairdresser for me? Do I need Olaplex if I want to dye my hair? Is there a really good hairdresser in Cologne, Frankfurt or Düsseldorf, maybe in NRW in general? Do I really need extensions and a hair extension? Do I need light strands in my hair? What kind of care do my hair really need? Can I still get an appointment at Melina Best Hairdresser before Fashion Week in Berlin?

Melina Best Hairdresser – Colour & Extensions Specialist

That’s about what my thoughts and questions looked like, buzzing back and forth in my head while I was looking for a hairdresser I could trust. In the last few weeks, a few co-op offers came my way, but I didn’t really like any of them. Since a calligraphy cut can still want to conjure up so much volume through the special cut. Just the word “cut” makes me raise my eyebrows. I wanted nice long hair, not a special cut. Plus, I still had extensions in my hair that needed to be renewed and not just removed.

When I got the news that it worked out with an appointment at Melina Best Friseur in Cologne, I didn’t even know who to hug first. Because it is almost impossible to get an appointment at Melina Best Friseur on such short notice. Normally you wait up to four months for an appointment. So I made my way to Cologne very early in the morning to get new extensions quite spontaneously. In advance I sent my ideas to the team of Melina Best hairdresser – it should remain long, but again much darker.

Since I preferred to be in Cologne too early, I looked for a coffee at the cathedral and spontaneously found out that I can use Facebook Live from now on. Of course I had to try this out immediately and was thrilled. By the way, you can set to get a notification when I’m live on Facebook again. During the upcoming Fashion Week this was definitely the case and will come back regularly in the future…

You can’t believe how excited I was to meet Melina and her Melina Best hair salon team. The Cologne hair salon is located directly on Barbarossa Square in a perfect location. Only four stops by train if you come from the main station and you are already greeted friendly by Melina and her team. You immediately feel right at home in the elegant salon.

Melina Best hairdresser in Cologne - hair extension, extensions, Olaplex - hair and extensions in Cologne - hair thickening and hair extension - Great Lengths - Melina Best hairdressers - Cologne - procedure costs duration - BeautyBlog - insertion, coloring, cutting
Before – without extensions

Hairdresser in Cologne – Expert for Balayage & Olaplex

If you look at the Instagram account of Melina Best Friseur, you will not only see great hair results, but also many nice IT girls and celebrities, such as. Farina Opoku from Nova Lana Love, Caro Daur, Luana Silva, Leonie Hanne from Ohhcouture, Vanezia Blum, Iva Nikolina Juric, Paola Maria, Shirin David, Enissa Amani, Tanja Tischewitsch, Ann-Kathrin Brömmel, Lorena Rae, Sabia Boulahrouz, Anna Peszko, Dilara from di1ara, Nina Laureen and many more.

These names alone make many curious and that also immediately explains the insane success of Melina Best hairdresser in Cologne. If you ask – where can you get the best extensions (especially in North Rhine-Westphalia or in the Frankfurt, Mainz and Wiesbaden area) – the answer is almost always “At Melina Best in Cologne” – I am happy to drive two or three hours for the best result.

Melina Best Hairdresser Cologne
Hair extensions, hair thickening, colorations, extensions, cut & care
Pantaleonswall 65, 50676 Cologne,
Barbarossaplatz stop
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-7:30 p.m.
Saturday 10 am – 6 pm
Phone: +49 221-93284950

But feel free to take a look for yourself on the great Instagram account @melinabest_friseur . What is immediately noticeable in the example pictures – there are almost only long hair and many blondes with beautiful balayage. Different colorations and exclusive as well as beautiful hair extensions and hair extensions. Being born in Düsseldorf myself, I am always excited to see what surprises the city of Cologne has in store for me. So far I have experienced many beautiful moments in Cologne.

Melina personally took time for me and I can tell you that she is really a great woman. Not only super pretty and sweet, but also human and absolutely down to earth. Where many seem aloof with the success and recognition, I was allowed to get to know an absolutely warm-hearted person from the very beginning, so that you immediately have the feeling that you meet a very good friend.

You can see immediately that long hair itself is very important to her, because she wears really beautiful long blonde hair. She just wants her to be a role model and not forget herself with all the beautiful hair she conjures up. I must say that I have met some hairdressers who do not think of themselves so often – unfortunately. Everyone at Melina Best’s salon looks really great – while being absolutely lovely just like Melina.

Frequently asked questions about hair extensions - tips for long hair

Melina Best hairdresser – hair extension and hair extensions

Before things could get exciting though, my old extensions had to be removed first. Strand by strand, my hair extensions were removed and the knots and light tangles untangled. This procedure is always a bit more time consuming and I was amazed at how much of my own hair was left after all. Of course, no longer in the length as one would like, but in the fullness it still went.

One always fears that one loses a little more hair through extensions, but no reason to worry. It was also reassuring that my extensions or hair still looked well-groomed after six months of wear and were not completely devastated and knotted. It just goes to show again and again, whoever chooses extensions should also spend the extra time on care.

The feeling after loosening the extensions once again to go through the hair without getting stuck was unusual and nice, but also not as if I would now rather do without new extensions. First, however, it was about the right color choice of hair color and extensions. Really practical when you can put on the dark brown tones thanks to the extensions directly on the face and test.

For me, it was clear that I had had enough of copper and experimentation in my hair and my hair should become much darker and nobler again. Even though I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my sun bleached hair lately, I didn’t feel comfortable with the look anymore. After a few color tests, we decided to go with brown and black. It was also going to be a solid color this time, so no balayage strands needed to be lightened. Noble, dark and healthy it should be, exactly according to the principle at Melina Best hairdresser.

First the approaches were colored and after a short exposure time also the lengths. At “Melina Best Hairdresser” Olaplex is added to each color. Here it does not matter whether it is a bleaching or a dark color. The hair structure is opened during each treatment and then simultaneously closed and refined again with Olaplex. After the subsequent hair wash, the hair was blow-dried completely dry to be able to use the hair extensions.

The hair now already looked much shinier and felt really strong and healthy. Soft, but with some resilience and exactly the shade I had wanted. I was curious to see how it would look only again with the matching extensions from Great Length by Melina Best hairdresser. By the way, my first extensions (at that time still in Munich) were also from Great Length and I liked them already then especially because they felt so natural.

Before Melina from Melina Best Friseur started to use the extensions, she asked me how I like to wear my hair. Sometimes center parting and sometimes slightly off to the right – sometimes I like it in a braid. From experience, I know that extensions that are placed directly above the ear are often not so well covered by my own hair, and I gave Melina this advice before she began to work strand after strand into the hair.

Frequently asked questions about hair extensions - tips for long hair

I was able to help Melina by indicating each strand to her and I’m always quite happy to help out a little and I’m not someone who likes to spend hours engrossed in newspapers. It’s much better to use the time to keep pestering Melina with my curious questions.

By the way, as you can also see in the photo above, she is still very young and already owns her own salon, Melina Best Friseur. She loves long hair and has therefore specialized in colorations and hair extensions in particular.

Of course, Melina does not work alone in her salon, but with a close and dear team. However, she thinks nothing at all of stale team photos. She even finds it exciting when you don’t really know who Melina is and what she looks like. She doesn’t want to emphasize herself at all, but rather “Melina Best Hairdresser” and that’s not just her, but the whole lovingly furnished salon including the team. By the way, her love for hair is in her genes, because her mother and sister also work as hairdressers.

Melina Best hairdresser in Cologne - hair extension, extensions, Olaplex - hair and extensions in Cologne - hair thickening and hair extension - Great Lengths - Melina Best hairdressers - Cologne - procedure costs duration - BeautyBlog - insertion, coloring, cutting

Actually, her salon with six customer places is already bursting at the seams, but she doesn’t really want to think about an expansion yet. If you consider what Melina Best hairdresser has a reputation for and who all already trusts Melina Best, then you might think that there are years of work behind here – especially if you know that you have to wait about four months for a free appointment. But the own salon of “Melina Best hairdresser” exists only for one year! I think a better start and better reputation you probably can not wish for as a self-employed. Absolutely deserved!

In the meantime, my approx. 85 strands were incorporated and it looked really great. Now only the lengths were adjusted a little while standing – however, almost nothing was shortened. I was now already super excited about the length and fullness, the hair extension – but there were wonderful curls at the end, which made the overall look just perfect. Melina picked out a few more care products that are optimal for my long hair to give them the care they need. I’ll show you in a separate blog post which products Melina recommended to me.

Melina Best hairdresser in Cologne - hair extension, extensions, Olaplex - hair and extensions in Cologne - hair thickening and hair extension - Great Lengths - Melina Best hairdressers - Cologne - procedure costs duration - BeautyBlog - insertion, coloring, cutting

Super happy I left the salon and was absolutely grateful that I was with Melina Best and can confirm that the salon is not only one of the best hairdressers in Germany, but Melina Best is a wonderful person that you just have to like. Super likeable, sweet, down-to-earth, honest and just perfect for my long hair.

For Melina it should also be the only hair extension that day. Not only because she only does one hair extension a day, but because she actually already had vacation. She inserted extra for me once again before her departure a special appointment. I think that alone says everything about Melina and how dedicated she is to her salon. At least now I know why her salon got off to such a great start and why Melina Best Friseur in Cologne just took off like that. Thanks already for the great action even before the Fashionweek.

Melina Best hairdresser in Cologne - hair extension, extensions, Olaplex - hair and extensions in Cologne - hair thickening and hair extension - Great Lengths - Melina Best hairdressers - Cologne - procedure costs duration - BeautyBlog - insertion, coloring, cutting
After – with extensions

Conclusion – Melina Best Hairdresser in Cologne – Best Hairdresser in Germany

I enjoyed my new hair and used the remaining time still in the city center of Cologne, before I left the city again. I had to get used to the dark hair again myself only a short time. Sometimes you have to change something to then realize that it was as good as you had it after all. About a year ago I just wanted to do something different with my hair than always wearing it dark and now I’m happy to be dark again.

The first night with new extensions is usually not all that pleasant. You feel every fresh connection and have to get used to the new pressure on your scalp first. The next morning, however, it’s much better and so far I’ve always fallen asleep well despite the pressure. By the way, I make myself a loose braid to sleep, so that the hair can knot as little as possible and still lie well the next day. Probably not surprising to you that even with a tighter braid, you have no problems covering the extensions with your own hair? Really perfectly incorporated into the hair by Melina.

By the way, for a treatment like I got, you pay about 700-800 EUR. Melina Best hairdresser also has direct packages, where you then pay for color, balayage, Olaplex, cut and styling around 250 EUR – but then without hair extensions. If you yourself have exact questions about prices or appointments, just call her salon, as there is someone there who will only deal with your questions and can tell you if a gap has spontaneously become free in the next week or when the next appointment is.

If you want to get some inspiration beforehand on how your hair will look, be sure to follow Melina Best Hairstylist’s Instagram channel…. lots of great photos and stylings.

I think I will see Melina again in about 4-5 months at the latest to have the extensions renewed. I am super happy with my hair extensions and my day in Cologne even after two weeks. To anyone who is thinking about going to Melina as well, I can only advise to just try it out and calculate with not getting an appointment for a few months. But it is absolutely worth the wait!

I’m already looking forward to seeing Melina again and will show you some more impressions on YouTube soon. For me, it went with the now freshly styled and dark hair directly to the Fashion Week in Berlin with my personal feel-good hair. Many could already see my new hair at Fashion Week or witness the changes on Snapchat… where I will of course take you again in the future….  Thank you Melina and see you soon…. 🙂

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