Krups Evidence series coffee machine – Order coffee with smartphone

Coffee and coffee specialties belong to me and my blog almost like shoes. When I started the blog in 2010, there were regular photos of me in cafes, with a coffee mug in hand on the road. Whether at breakfast a nice cappuccino in the hotel, during a meeting a...

Krups Evidence series coffee machine – Order coffee with smartphone

Krups Evidence series coffee machine – Order coffee with smartphone

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Coffee and coffee specialties belong to me and my blog almost like shoes. When I started the blog in 2010, there were regular photos of me in cafes, with a coffee mug in hand on the road. Whether at breakfast a nice cappuccino in the hotel, during a meeting a strong espresso and in the evening again a nice latte macchiato. Coffee is simply part of my daily life and for my apartment, the Krups Evidence has been part of everyday life for a few weeks now – and I enjoy every moment.

The smart kitchen via app

What was immediately noticeable, the devices are becoming smarter and more modern. It is linked, it is facilitated and you can control all functions remotely.

Vanessa Pur - Krups Evidence Serie - Kaffee mit Smartphone bestellen - der kleine Barista - Erfahrung, Bewertung, Test, Produkttest, Kaffee, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato - Kaffeemaschine Kaffeevollautomat von Krups - Erfahrungen mit Kaffeevollautomaten - Bedienbarkeit mit Smartphone Steuerung. Kaffeemaschine Barista Krups Evidence Serie mit Quattro Force

There are kitchen appliances that tell me when I need to add another ingredient to my dish or send me a notification when the dish is ready. Likewise, I can get an update when new recipes are available – there are countless possibilities and the kitchen and kitchen appliances are becoming smart.

What sounds like a lot of technology at first impression is very pleasant after a short period of familiarization. Anyone who regularly stands in the kitchen themselves, as I also do for my cooking and baking blog, knows the situation at a party with friends. All people are in the kitchen and you yourself try to create all things at once, the timer for dish 1 on the kitchen clock, dish 2 on the smartphone and dish 3 should keep friends in mind. Why not just get a notification on your smartphone and you can entertain yourself and be a direct part of the party?

I realize very quickly with my friends, if you yourself have cooked little so far, so you suddenly start to try dishes, because it looks very good on the smartphone photo. You still cook or bake yourself, but you get a little help – as if a good cook would stand next to you and give tips for the preparation. There I can imagine smart also in the future with me very well and would certainly result in some more kitchen experiments with me.

Coffee maker Krups Evidence series

While it was quite logical for me so far in cooking and baking and I have already tried some things, the topic of “smart coffee machine” was for me rather the opposite. I want to walk into my kitchen half asleep in the morning, hit the switch for the machine and then be in the bathroom. Then just press a button and the coffee drips into my cup. No questions asked – just get my coffee for breakfast. So what am I supposed to use a “smart coffee machine” for, such as the Krups Evidence series? What benefit will a smart automatic coffee maker give me? I wanted to find out…

I remember very well talking to the barista at IFA who raved to me about the simplicity and convenience, how quickly you could customize all the drinks and that I could make my very own coffee – at the touch of a button and the taste of the Evidence series could rival a good barista. It sounded promising, but it was the tech show. I was getting curious.

The new Quattro Force technology that Krups introduced at IFA in Berlin definitely sounded interesting to me as a tech-savvy blogger. They took a cue from the process of a professional barista and integrated those processes into the new Evidence series.

The grinding process is supposed to be 20% faster, the brewing unit is hydraulic and presses the coffee much more intensively and cleans itself thoroughly afterwards. The first cup is said to offer hot coffee and the aluminum and stainless steel brewing unit is said to guarantee a long period of use.

After my last fully automatic machine failed during my time in Munich precisely because of the “longevity” and I switched back to filters, I was curious whether the results would really fit. I was looking forward to my delivery and my first fully automatic coffee machine that wants to “talk” to my smartphone.

Krups Evidence Serie - Kaffee mit Smartphone bestellen - der kleine Barista - Erfahrung, Bewertung, Test, Produkttest, Kaffee, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato - Kaffeemaschine Kaffeevollautomat von Krups - Erfahrungen mit Kaffeevollautomaten - Bedienbarkeit mit Smartphone Steuerung. Kaffeemaschine Barista Krups Evidence Serie mit Quattro Force

Order coffee with your smartphone – the little barista

After my recent trip, I was then happy when the package with my brand new fully automatic coffee machine arrived and was ready for a detailed product test and a report on my experience. “Fully automatic coffee machine with smartphone” – does it simplify the process?

As soon as you unpack it from the secure outer packaging, you notice the machine is compact and stylish. A look that underlines the discreet understatement and is thus perfectly suited as an eye-catcher in every kitchen. What is immediately noticeable when placing on the countertop pleasant – the cup tray and drip tray floats slightly in the air and can thus be removed much easier (In some other manufacturers, this is part of the footprint and is difficult to remove). The Krups Evidence machine stands sturdily and has a long enough cord for power.

The control panel has a 2-line display, on the left side the easy-to-use power button, next to it already the sign for Bluetooth. So my machine is really smart and should be easy to use. Do I need the manual? But for the detailed review, I take a look and the “initial startup” is really easily explained. The last packaging strips are removed from the Krups Evidence 893C without leaving any residue and my coffee machine already welcomes me.

The first settings such as language, drinks in milliliters or Oz selected and I’m ready to go and want to link my fully automatic coffee machine with the smartphone. According to the instructions, it should be very easy – download the app from Krups from the app store, start it and you almost have your perfect coffee.

If you are not yet a customer of Krups, you first create a customer account via email in two steps and can then connect the fully automatic coffee machine – really very simple – with the smartphone. Practical! At the latest, anyone who has had experiences with devices of this type years ago and had to jump through countless menus to set the amount of water, the amount of milk or even to find out when the machine needs to be cleaned will immediately love the app.

There I can read in plain text:

  • Cups of hot water until the next descaling
  • Days until filter change
  • Coffee buttons until the coffee line needs to be cleaned
  • and practical – how full is the coffee grounds container
  • Also very handy if you ever need support – serial number of the machine, model and date of production are immediately visible

The menus in the Krups Espresso app are very clearly arranged, from “My settings” and “My coffee machine” to the customer account and news with delicious coffee recipes. The suggestions “Praline Coffee” or “Crème Brûlée with Coffee” already sound very tempting and will certainly be tried out by me shortly.

What is particularly clearly designed is the “Start drink” menu. In the upper area, my tested favorites, plus the selection of main drinks from Ristretto, Espresso, Long Coffee, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Milk Foam, Doppio and Americano to different temperatures for hot water for tea.

At the end of the overview my previous drinks, which I can once again have produced directly so and make everyday life much easier. I have to admit, you just try out incredibly much through the simple app. Should the cappuccino get a little more milk or the milk be more foamed, should the coffee be just a little stronger or a little milder for the evening?

The possibilities are almost unlimited and can be understood completely without instructions. It’s really already as if I were talking to the barista in the café and communicating my wishes. If you want it in spontaneously a little stronger, you press the button “Dark” or “Extra Shot” to it and have just for the morning hours a coffee that can also wake me up.

A pleasant feature of the Krups Evidence series is the option to produce two cups at the same time. I know the situation when you have a visit and go for each cup individually to the coffee machine – now simply two cups underneath, select the function “2 cups” and the cozy afternoon can begin.

Even though I smiled at the beginning about a “smart” fully automatic coffee machine with smartphone connection, after only a short test period I no longer want to give up this function. How was it in the past, when you had to program each filling quantity once (which I can still do on the device) but with the smartphone and a slider it is of course much easier and most importantly – I can adjust it at any time before the drink.

No cumbersome menus – just select drink – if desired, adjust very easily according to my own condition (or even the preferences of the guests) and then enjoy. Great and simple solution from Krups – both for technology enthusiasts and coffee lovers. A nice concept with an interesting technology.

Technical impression, coffee taste, care, maintenance

With the new Krups Evidence series coffee machine, Krups offers fully automatic coffee machines that offer a very good taste of coffee thanks to the new Barista Quattro Force technology and can take on many good cafes.

Whether via the smartphone app or the buttons on the device, the drink is very easy to prepare, very pleasant is the rinse function on request before startup and after 60 seconds you already get a freshly ground coffee or cappuccino. The grinder is easy to set and has the most important grinds, which also influence the crema.

What is immediately noticeable with the first(!) cup – the coffee is hot and smells fresh, like in a good café. Compared to many fully automatic coffee machines, Krups succeeds in promising hot drinks right from the start with the Krups Evidence series. With some other manufacturers, the first drink is usually a bit colder, but the next drinks are all the hotter for it.

If you look at the crema, it forms a nice layer on the coffee, closed and with a pleasant color and consistency. If you select the “Dark” function, more beans are ground, and if you press the “Extra Shot” button, another espresso is added, just like a good barista. My favorite is from the times in the USA the traditional “Triple Grande Latte” and I will certainly deposit this in the Krups Evidence machine.

Those who also regularly follow my travel reports and hotel reviews will know my preference for a good cappuccino in the morning – lovingly prepared by a barista, with an extra espresso. Perfect! This is exactly the impression the Krups Evidence machine gives when it comes to milk foam.

The thickness of the milk foam is flexibly adjustable and my Krups Evidence 893C passes the famous straw test with flying colors. The milk foam is firm and also stays in the cup. As a milk tank, the included small stainless steel container comes as a possibility, alternatively, the sufficiently long hose can also be inserted into a milk pack.

After the drink, you are immediately asked whether the milk nozzles should be rinsed or whether the cleaning program should run through and thus rinse the milk lines. Really easy to handle and perfectly solved even for coffee machine novices.

Operating the coffee machine is as simple as can be – all instructions are clearly explained on the two-line display. Likewise, information on cleaning and care is clearly explained. In addition, there is the discreet collection container for coffee residues, which can hold 10-15 servings, depending on the size. The collection tray for the water is well solved with two orange buttons. When the tray is nearly full, you can see the two dots just below the spout.

The spout also accommodates larger cups and latte macchiato glasses, the spout is height adjustable up to 15cm and easy to clean. The milk options can be used at one go up to 300ml, making it great for a nice cocoa after a cold winter day.

Even after two weeks of continuous use, the machine still looks very classy and can be quickly wiped down once with a damp tea towel (without leaving any marks). The 2.1 liter water tank has already been refilled many times and has a cleaning cartridge for the water. The water hardness can be set directly on the device, and corresponding test strips for testing your own tap water are of course included with the device.

Conclusion – Krups Evidence series coffee maker

My initial skepticism about a “smart” fully automatic coffee machine with smartphone control has given way to absolute enthusiasm. It has long since become more than just a gimmick for everyday use for me, but a real relief and individual customization of my coffee wishes.

I also wouldn’t have thought that the functions would go down so well with friends and that they now like to try their own coffee drinks with me and customize them. The favorites function is increasingly combined with other coffee ideas and strengths and gives a good overview. At a party with friends, the smartphone then quickly wanders once through the group and everyone chooses their personal drink or combines their own preferences.

A small tip of convenience from me – if you trigger the rinse function by hand and rinse again before going to bed, you can order the coffee for breakfast already from bed. Just put a cup under it already in the evening and start it remotely with your smartphone (super convenient! 😉 ).

Overall, Krups succeeds with the Evidence series and especially with the Krups Evidence 893C to create a personal barista for your own kitchen. Depending on the coffee beans used, a touch of coffeehouse atmosphere is created and the scent of freshly ground coffee makes itself felt again everywhere I go.

I find it incredibly nice, especially in the winter months, when you come back after a walk and everything already smells like coffee and fresh beans.

If you’re thinking about getting a fully automatic coffee machine in the wintertime, I can recommend the Krups Evidence 893C and the entire Krups Evidence series – in my experience – without reservation, and with smartphone control, I’m sure many male readers will also take special pleasure in it.

Even if my kitchen is now becoming smarter and smarter, my smartphone not only Instagram and YouTube, but now also operates my coffee machine, so a fascination has arisen with me and maybe I will soon also let me cook for myself via the smartphone, for example, with the “i Prep & Cook Gourmet food processor“.

I wish you great experiences with your Krups Evidence fully automatic coffee machine…

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

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