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Get more followers on Snapchat – tips, tutorial & explanation

Table of Contents

Get more followers on Snapchat – tips, tutorial & explanation

How do I get more followers on Snapchat? That’s one of the first questions people always ask me when they meet me in person. What do I need to do to get more followers on Snapchat? Are there any tips & tricks for this and can you tell me the secret of Snapchat?

There is unfortunately no secret I can reveal for getting more followers on Snapchat, however, I can give you some tips on Snapchat, what you can try to get more and especially permanently more followers on Snapchat. 

Get more followers on Snapchat - tips, tutorial & explanation


Secret for getting more followers on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of those apps where you can’t immediately tell your own follower count. What you can count is the number of people who have viewed your own Snap. For others, however, this number remains invisible if you do not mention or publish it yourself. But maybe this is also a direct advantage, because fake followers don’t bring you anything at all on Snapchat, since no one sees it.

Who is popular and who is the biggest Snapchatter? All in the first place not important! Snapchat is meant to be fun and for short-term entertainment. Why use a messenger when you can also send your friends a short video message directly, which fortunately (mostly) deletes itself after 24 hours.

Get more followers on Snapchat - tips, tutorial & explanation

My current blogposts on Snapchat

Now, does it make sense for 20 people to watch snaps at all? Yes, if they are the right 20 people. Sometimes you can tell from the username if they are your close friends who are interested in you. You don’t have to be a well-known YouTuber or big fashion blogger to produce Snapchat videos.

Would you rather have 400 likes on Instagram, or 400 views on Snapchat? What’s your opinion? Instagram stays visible and discoverable longer – Snapchat is live and more real and targeted to the people who are really interested. You are always surprised how many people make the first views within a few minutes.

But then what is the visible number under the ghost for? What do you collect for points? This just shows how active you are on Snapchat. How do you earn points on Snapchat?

The score increases when you post or send pictures and videos or receive videos and pictures. Gradually, the score here increases, but it doesn’t say much about your followers. The number says more about your user behavior.

Get more followers on Snapchat - tips, tutorial & explanation

How do I get more followers on Snapchat?

Followers are anyone who can view your public Snap because they are subscribed to you. Some followers get a push notification when there’s a new Snap from you. You can see all of your followers by clicking on the ghost at the top center of the app.

Since you can only follow someone on Snapchat if you know their name or have scanned their Snapcode (the image with the ghost and all the dots around it), it can be hard to get new followers. But getting more followers on Snapchat is then more fun when you post videos.

Get more followers on Snapchat - tips, tutorial & explanation

How do I get new and more followers on Snapchat?

Use social media – point out your Snapchat name in the various channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and what you will be seen there today, for example, to get more followers on Snapchat.

Use YouTube – viewers of your YouTube channel are most likely to be most interested in your Snaps. Those who are used to watching videos will also like to see your everyday life as a video. Actively ask your YouTube fans to add you on Snapchat, too. YouTube fans often want to be directly “live” with you and will follow the Snapchat channel much faster. Take the opportunity to communicate directly with your followers there as well.

Offer added value – offer exclusive content only on Snapchat. Explain to your followers when you will show what or where you want to take followers. For example, I always do it when I’m on the road, at the hairdresser or sitting on the train or plane. It just lends itself to showing followers “live” what you are doing.

Meet friends – meet up with friends who also use Snapchat. Introduce each other to each other’s Snapchat fans and explain why they should follow your friend. Also fade in the name directly – this makes it even easier to follow.

Simple username on Snapchat – use a username on Snapchat that’s easy to remember. If you first have to try three times to find the right name and may no longer be sure, you quickly give up. If you can remember the name easily or the name is also related to your Facebook page or Instagram channel, for example, you’ll try much more often.

Join online – there are countless Facebook groups dedicated to Snapchat, where you can then join lists. You can find similar lists online where you can be listed as a frequent sender of snaps.

Become a follower – draw attention to yourself by following other people. Follow the Snapchat accounts you find and thus show your interest first. Sometimes the tack tick helps to be able to get more followers on Snapchat.

Snapchat at events – if you see others using Snapchat at events, follow each other. Not only will you get to see what the event was like for the other person and what he/she was up to 24 hours before the event, but you may have gotten more followers on Snapchat.

Produce good content – the most important thing, though, is to make good snaps of your own that will interest your followers. Think about what you want to share and tell. Everything doesn’t have to be 100% perfect, but 100% real. However, whether you prefer to show yourself in sweatpants or high heels is still your attitude and makes you so special. Sometimes it is the normal things that are particularly interesting, provided they are not boringly presented by you. If you’re unsure, look at Snaps from others and think about what you yourself really like about them and what makes you want to fast-forward.

Send regular snaps – the more regularly and often you use Snapchat, the more often you’ll be at the top of your followers’ lists and the easier it will be to remember you. Many follow more than 100 Snapchatters and so you need to stand out best with good content and frequent snaps. Become the “offline” topic of conversation among friends or girlfriends and you will get more followers on Snapchat.

With Snapchat, never forget that it should be about authentic and real content. No one wants to see the embellished Instagram world on Snapchat. If someone then takes a screenshot of your content even though you don’t want them to, you can easily block them to prevent this from happening next time.

Get more followers on Snapchat - tips, tutorial & explanation

But in general – it’s okay to be honest and say what you think. Just be careful when it comes to other people that it doesn’t go into the area of bullying, because no one wants to see too much negativity on Snapchat either. It’s more about entertainment and fun. Fortunately, everyone can decide for themselves whether it should go in the direction of comedy.

Snapchat gets a bit more complicated when you don’t want to show where you are in real time or that you are not at home. Snapchat naturally passes on information in real time here that you are currently at a great event or in the city and your apartment is currently empty. The bigger your fan base, the more complicated it is to use Snapchat – if you also want to protect your private life.

What hype a big YouTuber can trigger when he reveals which shopping center he’s currently in has been seen in the news several times. The fact that it is sometimes enough if a “wrong” person knows where you are, you should also always consider and sometimes be a little more careful with live information.

Get more followers on Snapchat - tips, tutorial & explanation

Conclusion – How do I get more followers on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, being in a list or being mentioned or featured by another Snapchatter will help you the most. Gradually, you will get more followers on Snapchat. However, it will take some time before you reach the thousand or ten thousand views per Snap. Don’t get discouraged and show only what you want to show. The numbers increase constantly through word-of-mouth advertising and thus you get more followers on Snapchat.

For those who haven’t understood what Snapchat is all about yet, I wrote a blog post explaining Snapchat. Just try it out and start capturing great moments, or even everyday things from your life on Snapchat. If you prefer to watch Snapchat rather than filming yourself, then you don’t need followers and you can remain unconcerned about the issue of more followers on Snapchat.

If you have more questions about Snapchat and getting more followers on Snapchat, I explain more details about Snapchat in my Snapchat questions blog post. If you want to get started right away and still know who to follow first (after me of course 🙂 ) for you I wrote a summary of interesting and important Snapchatters.

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