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Flipboard tutorial – How does Flipboard work?

Table of Contents

Flipboard tutorial – How does Flipboard work?

Explanation and Flipboard tutorial for the app and news. How does Flipboard work? Flipboard what is it? How can I set up Flipboard and use it properly? Understand and use Flipboard. Do I need Flipboard? Is Flipboard only for bloggers? Flipboard to keep track of relevant and interesting news of modern times.

Quick Flipboard tutorial: Flipboard has been around as an app for smartphones and tablets for a few years now. Also on my smartphone was the app, which I then used from time to time. Now I use the app almost daily and is one of my most important apps on the smartphone. I’ll explain Flipboard and why Flipboard has become so interesting and important to me.

UPDATE: 06/04/2019: Due to Flipboard’s current security issue and Flipboard’s faulty handling of the data leak, we have decided to completely deactivate Flipboard and also no longer recommend it to our partners. Background: unauthorized individuals had access to Flipboard and user information (such as username, cryptographically protected password, and email address) between June 02, 2018 and March 23, 2019, and between April 21 and 22, 2019. Flipboard. Flipboard did not notify all users of this security incident until early June 2019. Therefore, there will no longer be a connection and recommendation for Flipboard on any of our pages.

Flipboard tutorial - How does Flipboard work?

Flipboard tutorial – what is Flipboard?

Quite simply explained, Flipboard is an app that is a collection of interesting news from the web, grouped into a magazine. You can follow people and albums on Flipboard or subscribe to feeds from websites and then get your news summarized on your tablet, smartphone or browser.

If you follow a person, you will see all the messages that this person has flipped or liked. If you follow an album on Flipboard, you will only see news if you have flipped to this album. If you follow a feed from a website, you will be informed as soon as there is a new blog post or a new report.

As a user you scroll or flip through the displayed news. You flip through your selected news like a magazine and can skip unimportant news and click on and read interesting articles. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram content can also be displayed here if desired.

Flipboard has recently become available not only for tablets or smartphones, but can also be read in the browser on a PC or laptop. As of now, you no longer need a mobile device to discover and read interesting Flipboard posts.

How does Flipboard work? Flipboard tutorial

How to set up Flipboard according to the Flipboard tutorial and how to use the program? How does Flipboard work? Is there a Flipboard tutorial and tips? One should create an account and once take the time to search for the albums and people that one wants to follow. You can also enter feeds from websites you like to read and follow them. If you don’t like the displayed content later, you can quickly unfollow it. Only if you follow people, they get a message about which albums you follow very only you.

From now on you get the news of the subscribed content displayed. If one likes a content particularly, one can provide it with a heart, thus liken or even flip for itself and its own followers.

As a blogger, you can of course also flip your own blogposts to Flipboard. For more overview you can create your own albums. Not everyone who is interested in travel, for example, also wants to know about technology products. The solution is then an album “travel” and an album “technology”, which others can then subscribe separately if they do not want to get everything from you.

I also started some time ago to transfer all content to my Flipboard albums and the more you sort the albums thematically, the faster other people follow the boards.

In addition to the public albums that you can all see on my site, I’ve also created some albums that only show interesting topics from other blogs or hidden “Secret” boards where I show my favorite blogs, monitor social media activity or save content for a later time. By connecting to Pocket, you can do this by reading the content later in a relaxed way or by viewing the original on the blog.

Flipboard has become a good alternative for me, which saves an incredible amount of time in everyday life and is therefore again ideal for perfect time management. Why should I track all the content of the sites individually, when I can integrate every blog, magazine or Instagram, Facebook or Twitter channel as well. This way I can check the latest news in the morning on the train, in a traffic jam or even quickly once between two appointments. If I like it – I quickly flip it into my boards and can continue to use it.

Likewise, Flipboard offers another interesting site for me – as an alternative or addition to Google Alerts. If I want to know what is written somewhere on the net on blogs about certain topics, I enter the search query for this and receive automatic updates in my private Flipboard. It couldn’t be simpler.

If you have a Samsung smartphone, as I do, you already have Flipboard as an option on the home page and only need to enter the data once to use the personal recommendations. In the beginning I found it personally said also unnecessary, now I am very happy about the function and use Flipboard significantly more often than Facebook or Bloglovin on the day.

Flipboard tutorial - How does Flipboard work?

Albums on Flipboard – Flipboard tutorial on albums

I also created a few albums on my profile (, for those who are specifically interested in a topic, as an example of a Flipboard tutorial.

For my fashion looks and stylings I have the following albums: Lookbooks – elegant outfits, Overknee Boots, Boots & Overknees, Looks in Leather, Latex, Leather & HighHeels.
For my fashion lookbook and travel diaries videos and video blogposts I have the following album: Videos – YouTube
For important blogposts and social media posts I use the album:
For those who would like to read more about me and my attitude I have the album: My Opinion – Thoughts & Personal
Information and explanations about apps, like Instagram or Snapchat and other social media programs, like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Flipboard and even YouTube I have the following album: Social Media & Apps
If you are a blogger yourself or would like to become one or if you often have to deal with bloggers, you will find a lot of useful information and explanations about the daily life as a blogger and also a few critical words in the following album: Bloggerlife
For all shopping queens among my readers there is an album with my recommendations and tips, as well as gift tips or trends with shopping link: Shopping Inspirations
For all fans of the Fashion Week in Berlin, I have an album with all the shows that I have seen and photographed myself. Also backstage, fitting or interviews with designers can be found here: Fashionweek – Fashion Shows & Fashion Designers.
For all of you who like to read more about my impressions of the latest technology and practical gadgets, there is also a separate album: Technology & Gadgets
For those who like to eat out and are looking for a special restaurant or chef, you can find inspiration and information in my album: Restaurants & Foodblog
My hotel reports and experiences in different hotels, as well as on the road on different trips can be found in the album: Hotels & Travel
My beauty reports about hair trends, hair styling, hairdressers, make-up trends and products, facial care, nail polishes and much more, as well as wellness treatments can be found in the album: Beauty, Hair, Make-up & Wellness
For all male readers I have a special section with reports on razors, perfumes and car reports in the album: Men’s Blog & Autoblog
All blogger events and networking events, store openings and workshops, as well as parties can be found in the album: Blogger Events & Workshops
I also collect posts flipped by others that I found very interesting to read myself and share them in the album: Interesting Posts from Others (SEO & Marketing).
I post more pictures than texts, with great HighHeels or Fashionlooks, mainly from social media in the album: Inspirations from others (HighHeels & Fashion)

If you look at the albums, you might understand faster why Flipboard can be useful for you to never miss important posts again. I hope I could clear up the question “How does Flipboard work?” for you. Just give it a try! I look forward to seeing you guys!

Flipboard tutorial - How does Flipboard work?

Conclusion – The future of Flipboard – more Flipboard tutorial

Whether Flipboard will replace the classic media in the long run I can not imagine yet, but it is for me a great further way to monitor my favorite blogs and interesting reports for me and my readers to collect and distribute itself. I like the way Flipboard displays on smartphone, tablet and in the browser because you can directly see what it’s about and decide if you want to read the post.

I hope my explanation and Flipboard tutorial helped you to get an overview. There is a direct Flipboard tutorial so far less, on which you can orient yourself. I’m curious if Flipboard will be similar to Pinterest in the future or if it will be forgotten in the long run.

* This post contains affiliate links to fashion stores or Amazon, so I may earn a small commission when you make any purchase at these stores through links on my site at no additional cost or disadvantages to you. By making purchases through my page, you help to continue to provide new content on this website for free.

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