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View Snapchat followers – Who has added me?

Table of Contents

View Snapchat followers – Who has added me?

Explanation on the topic view Snapchat followers, see who follows you. Since I’m more closely involved with the topic of Snapchat, I always get new Snapchat questions and could already give some answers through explanations. Snapchat as an app for iPhone or Android is not understandable or self-explanatory for many. I would be happy to give you more information on how to use Snapchat or even how to set it if you want to be added and how to see your new Snapchat followers. 

For many, already the selection of a Snapchat name is difficult, because you have to give yourself a name when you sign up. Mostly you take your name or pet name and a number behind it. Those who already have an Instagram name will try to get it on Snapchat as well.

Most of the time, however, this name is already taken. I use my Instagram name on Snapchat. All other Snapchat profiles that may sound similar do not belong to me and are fake profiles.

I hear Snapchat questions especially often: how does Snapchat work? Snapchat, how does it work? Why don’t I understand Snapchat? I have already met some people and bloggers who have also understood Snapchat after the blog post or even video.

Of course, I am very happy about that! I hope I help you likewise understand Snapchat.

My guide is each a Snapchat Android guide, however the guide for iOS is no different. The explained functions work the same on Android, such as Samsung, as they do on iPhone. If you can understand Snapchat, you often can’t get away from it quickly. For many, Snapchat has even become a replacement for Instagram.

What is Snapchat? How does Snapchat work? Guide Explanation

Anyone looking for famous Snapchatters or stars on Snapchat needs the Snapchat names of the stars and YouTubers. Snapchat has also become popular with famous people because they can be very close to their fans there.

Snapchat celebs and Snapchat stars in German are often found through word-of-mouth, as people need the Snapchat names of celebs and stars to be able to add, follow and see them. You can find some of these Snapchat names of celebrities and some fashion and lifestyle bloggers, as well as YouTubers in my Top 10 Snapchatters blog post.

Those who are already somewhat familiar with Snapchat still have a few gaps in their knowledge and Snapchat questions, especially often when it comes to how to see Snapchat followers.

Since I hear some of the Snapchat questions over and over again, here comes another blogpost that might also clarify your Snapchat questions before you can ask someone about it.

Many Snapchat questions I have already explained in my blogpost on Snapchat, but some I would like to explain again in more detail, especially when it comes to settings and who can see what on Snapchat…

View Snapchat followers - Who has added me?

Who has added me on Snapchat? How can I see my Snapchat followers? How can I see who has friended me on Snapchat?

Snapchat followers can be seen if you click on the little ghost at the top, then click on “Has added me” – now all the followers who have subscribed to your account will appear. You can even see on Snapchat followers if the username was searched for, or the ghost was scanned to add.

If you know the person and want to add them as well, all you have to do is click the little plus sign at the end of the line.

If you want to see more information about the Snapchat follower, click on the name and then on the small dial at the end of the line. Here you can also block the new follower if you want to.

However, you can’t see how many followers you have on Snapchat. At least it is very tedious to count from 100 followers. Therefore, you can say you can see Snapchat followers, but not the exact number.

How do I follow on Snapchat? How to follow on Snapchat? How to add people by scan or photo of the ghost?

For one, you can follow someone who is following you back under ghost and “tagged me”.

You can choose under ghost and “Add friends” if you want to enter the username (a small plus sign will appear repeatedly behind the name if the snapchatter was found, which you then have to click on to follow)

You can give a share to your address book – however, I didn’t try this, as I’m one of those cautious people who doesn’t want to share private contacts and phone numbers with an app for privacy reasons.

“About Snapcode” call and load a photo where you have previously photographed a Snapcode. About Snapcode adds someone you’re sitting next to, or you see the Snapchat logo of on a website or blog, by scanning the ghost. You actually just need to see the normal video function and film the other person’s ghost (without recording) and then tap your finger once on your own monitor. Already a purple line appears and the other person has been added by you.

“Add nearby” here all active Snapchatters who have also just selected this function are displayed in your vicinity. You will of course be seen as well, as long as you are using the function.

View Snapchat followers - Who has added me?

Can I follow someone on Snapchat?

You are allowed to add any person you want, but be aware that they will receive information about it. Snapchat is no longer a questionable app, but is used for entertainment and as a normal video chat or text chat app.

Please note that the image rights are held by the sender of the snaps. You cannot simply take a screenshot of a snap and then publish the image.

How can I view a story on Snapchat? How can you see other people’s Snaps?

The icon at the bottom right will take you to other people’s stories. You’ll also see your sent Snaps here, as well as current events and your added people’s Snaps.

Just click on the line you want to see the snap of and all the snaps will run by themselves.
If you want to fast forward, just click with one finger on the running snap and you jump directly to the next snap of the sender.

What do I have to do when I’m tagged on Snapchat? Can people see me on Snapchat? See Snapchat followers

If someone has tagged you, the little ghost at the top will appear with a yellow background. and you can see who has tagged you under “tagged me” and see your Snapchat followers.
If you don’t have your account set to private, your follower will be able to see every Snap you take from now on.

What do I have to choose in the settings on Snapchat to be seen and followed? See Snapchat followers

Click on the little ghost at the top and then select the settings dial at the top right. Check your name and username.

Further down at privacy you should set the following: Snaps from … receive – select “My friends”, unless you want to be able to receive snaps from strangers you don’t know / share stories with … share – select “Everyone”, unless you only want your friends (mutual followers) to be able to see your snaps.

View Snapchat followers - Who has added me?

How do I see who has seen my snaps? See Snapchat followers

Click on the bottom right to see all stories. At the top are your stories.

To the right of your story, click the three dots to see each of your Snaps. Here you can also see the number of your viewers, see your Snapchat followers and if someone took a screenshot of your snaps.

If you click on a line, you will see your snap and on the left below the number of eyes you can click and then see all the names of the viewers and Snapchat followers.

How do I block someone from taking screenshots of my snaps?

If you have found who has seen your snaps as described above, you will find the green arrow icon for the screenshot next to it.
Click on the icon and then click on the name. Now you can either chat with the person and ask them or click on the dashes in the upper left corner and block the person directly.

Why do so few follow me? See Snapchat followers

Please check in the settings if you are maybe not visible to everyone and e.g. only your friends can see your snaps.

How do I get more followers and fans on Snapchat?

If you upload something regularly, you’ll be seen more quickly because you’ll always be at the top and will be recommended more quickly by others, for example.

Promote your Snapchat channel on your other social media channels, like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to get your followers to Snapchat.
Ask your friends who also use SNAPCHAT and directly scan the CODE on the picture. It’s quick and a lot of fun.

View Snapchat followers - Who has added me?

How do I send my video faster?

When uploading a snap, you can either click on the arrow at the bottom right and then choose to send the snap only to certain people, or post it under “My Stories”.

It’s quicker to click the rectangle with the plus sign in the middle at the bottom, as you’ll then post to “My Stories” immediately.

Can I only see snaps from people who follow me on Snapchat?

Depending on the privacy setting of the Snapchatters. If he has set in his settings that his “story” can only be seen by friends, then you will only see his Snaps if you follow each other.

View Snapchat followers - Who has added me?

How can you make your account private on Snapchat?

Simply set the following in the settings (click ghost at the top, then turn the dial at the top right) under privacy: Snaps from … Receive – select “My Friends” so you can only receive snaps from your friends (follow each other) / share stories with … share – select “My friends” or “Custom” so that only your friends or people specially selected by you can still see your snaps.

Use a username that has nothing to do with you as a person if you want to remain completely unrecognized and also do not want to send snaps yourself at all, but only want to view snaps.

View Snapchat followers - Who has added me?

How does the new Snapchat work? What’s new with Snapchat? Who can answer my Snapchat questions?

To view snaps from others, you no longer have to hold your finger down on the monitor.

Under the little ghost you can now also see the collected trophies in the trophy case. This is where achievements are scored, such as Snapchat scores achieved for sending Snapchats.

More options to add friends who also use Snapchat. On the one hand via wifi and on the other hand via a Snapcode saved as a picture (individual spirit).

When sending pictures and videos, you can now also use large stickers by then clicking on the Post-It note at the top right and selecting the icon. You can then also move and enlarge the icon.

If you use your iPhone, you will often see the new selfie filters. You have to activate the different filters in the settings (but this also activates the location to be able to load the city filters and weather displays). With the new filters, you can make yourself ugly and old or give red cheeks and have a rainbow come out of your mouth. I’m not sure who enjoys this feature, but especially shortly after the update, you saw a lot of Snapchatters spitting rainbows.

I hope I could clarify some of your questions again and explain how to see Snapchat followers. Especially with privacy settings, everyone should think about what they want to achieve with their Snapchat account. Whether you just like to be a spectator or would like to become a Snapchat star yourself. You can find more Snapchatters in my Snapchat list.

In this day and age, anything goes, but the most important thing is that you don’t pretend and just have fun. Your Snapchat followers will definitely see quickly when you’re really having fun filming and Snapchat followers will also see quickly when you’re not doing well. Don’t be put off and let your Snapchat followers see what’s fun and right for you.

Happy Snapping!

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