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Snapchat symbols, smileys and emoji – meaning and explanation

Table of Contents

Snapchat symbols, smileys and emoji – meaning and explanation

Understand symbols, smileys and emoji on Snapchat with meaning and explanation. When you use the app Snapchat, you always see signs, icons and smileys on Snapchat that are next to the different user names. What do you need these icons and emoticons or emojis for? What do the icons and smileys on Snapchat mean? I’ll give you an explanation of the meaning of each icon, which have different meanings. The different symbols on Snapchat can tell you a lot about the person you’re talking to.

What is the meaning of Snapchat symbols, icons and smileys?

I’ve been using the social media or smartphone app Snapchat for a while now to show my followers something more from my everyday life.

Often you can see there what I eat, what I’m doing, or what keeps me busy. Even though I mainly create snaps for “My Story”, i.e. for all followers to see, and only very rarely “chat” directly with others, I also encounter Snapchat icons and smileys again and again.

If I don’t spend my time on Snapchat and take you along on my travels, to my blogger events or to the most beautiful cities in the world, I like to share my looks and travel moments on my Instagram channel as well.

Snapchat symbols, smileys and emoji - meaning and explanation

New zodiac Snapchat icons and emoji smileys behind the name – what does the purple/white sign mean?

Since Aug. 17, 2016, many Snapchat accounts have purple/white symbols and emojis on the home page right next to the name and number of activities, which are difficult to interpret at first. These new Snapchat icons indicate the zodiac sign, based on your stored birthday.

So, for example, you’ll find the following Snapchat symbols and icons stored:

♈️ = Aries = March 21 – April 20
♉️ = Taurus = April 21 – May 21
♊️ = Gemini = May 22 – June 21
♋️ = Cancer = June 22 – July 22
♌️ = Leo = July 23 – August 23
♍️ = Virgo = August 23 – September 22
♎️ = Libra = September 23 – October 22
♏️ = Scorpio = October 23 – November 22
♐️ = Sagittarius = November 23 – December 20
♑️ = Capricorn = December 21 – January 19
♒️ = Aquarius = January 20 – February 18
♓️ = Pisces = February 19 – March 20
What are the friendship Snapchat emojis?

Below you will find an explanation of Snapchat symbols and the meaning of the smileys on Snapchat for you to read.

As you may already know, I have already written you a blogpost on “How does Snapchat work?” and “How to get more followers on Snapchat”, as well as “Questions and answers about adding on Snapchat”. I have also compiled the top Snapchat accounts of well-known and famous people for you to read.

If you like to snap something for all your followers in “My Stories”, then you will surely have noticed at least two icons already. If you click on your own sent snap, you will see an eye with a number. These are the people who have viewed your Snap, i.e. your active followers.

Next to it, you’ll find Snapchat icons with an arrow that shows you if someone took a screenshot of your Snap. Once you click on the logo, you can see who took the screenshot and then block the person (click on the name and block) if you want.

Snapchat symbols, smileys and emoji - meaning and explanation

What do the Snapchat icons mean when chatting?

If you are active on Snapchat and send a lot of direct messages and videos, you will always see Snapchat icons in front of the different names or chats. Of course, these icons have a meaning, which I like to explain to you, so that you also know what the icons mean in the snaps. They are send confirmations, delivery confirmations, inbox notifications, overview of completed snaps, info about taken screenshots and view counts.

Snapchat icons for sent snaps – send confirmation.

Red filled arrow = a Snap video without sound was sent
Purple filled arrow = a Snap video with sound was sent
Blue filled arrow = a Snapchat (without video) was sent

Snapchat icons for opened snaps – delivery confirmation

Red hollow arrow = the Snap video was opened and seen by the friend without sound
Purple hollow arrow = snap video was opened and seen by the friend with sound
Blue hollow arrow = a Snap chat (without video) was read by the friend
Green hollow arrow = the friend has seen the Snap and received money (not for Germany yet)

Snapchat icons for snaps received – new snaps are in the inbox

Red filled box or square = you have received at least one Snap video without sound
Purple filled box or square = you’ve received at least one Snap video with sound
Blue filled box or square speech bubble = you received a Snapchat (without video)

Snapchat icons for viewed snaps – overview for viewed snaps

Red empty box or square = your Snap video without sound has been viewed
Purple empty box or square = your Snap video with sound has been viewed
Blue empty box or square speech bubble = your snap chat text has been viewed
Gray empty box or square speech bubble = your Snapchat text has not been viewed yet and is probably no longer available to the recipient

Snapchat icons for screenshots of Snaps – warning that an image has been taken by the recipient that won’t delete itself

Red hollow arrow with three dots around it, or arrow on arrow = a screenshot was taken of your Snap video without sound
Purple hollow arrow with three dots around it, or arrow on arrow = a screenshot of your snap video with sound was taken
Blue hollow arrow with three dots around it, or arrow on arrow = a screenshot of your Snapchat text was taken

Snapchat icons for repeat snaps – you can see who has viewed the snap more than once

Red circle with arrow = your Snap video without sound was played repeatedly
Purple circle with arrow = your Snap video with sound was played repeatedly

The information is of course very helpful, however, you should stay calm and not directly ask yourself – why is he or she not responding to my Snap? Sometimes the environment and circumstances do not allow you to respond to Snaps immediately. So stay relaxed and rather be happy about the many beautiful moments of others, which you can experience almost live. Your friends are always with you, too, if you want them to be.

Snapchat symbols, smileys and emoji - meaning and explanation

What do the smileys on Snapchat behind friends or users mean?

The smileys on Snapchat that you see on the people you follow and like to chat with have special meanings. Friends are often even sorted by smileys on Snapchat. In very simplified terms, you can see with whom you exchange the most chats and messages and whether this is mutual. Does a person follow you back or not?

💛 Golden or yellow heart: You two are the very best of friends – you’ve sent this Snapchatter the most Snaps and he, conversely, has sent his most Snaps to you.
❤️ Red heart: You two have been best friends on Snapchat for more than two weeks. It’s a higher level than the golden heart.
💕 Pink hearts: You two have already been best friends on Snapchat for more than two months. It’s a higher level than the red heart.
😬 Grinning Smiley (with teeth): You both have a mutual friend, which is your best friend.
😊 Smiling smiley (with red cheeks): This Snapchatter is one of your best friends. You have sent many snaps to this Snapchatter – however, he is not your very best friend.
😎 Smiley with sunglasses: You have a mutual good friend. One of your best friends is also a friend of this Snapchatter. Your friends send him many snaps.
😏 Smiley with raised eyebrow (looking questioning): You are each other’s best friend (you get to see most of his Snaps), but he is not your best friend (you send him fewer Snaps than you send to another person).
🔥 Fire or flame: Snapstreak. Appears when you have exchanged many snaps with each other in a short time. Next to the flame appears a number that increases when you have sent each other at least one snap a day (within 24 hours).
👶 Baby or smiley with curl on the head: You are very new friends. Get to know each other slowly.
⭐️ Yellow star or asterisk: Your friend’s Snap has been repeatedly viewed by you or someone else (if multiple recipients were specified) within 24 hours.

If you generally see numbers next to Snapchat icons and smileys or emoticons or emojis, that’s the number of days you’ve sent each other a Snap within 24 hours.

With your friends, there’s a “Needs Love” section where you’ll find people you haven’t had much contact with lately. Behind the names you will also see an empty heart instead of a box. Consider refreshing the contact.

Snapchat symbols, smileys and emoji - meaning and explanation

Your best friends are automatically calculated by Snapchat through an algorithm. When you send a Snap, you can see who belongs to your best friends. No one but you can see who your best friends are as long as you keep your phone to yourself and don’t show it to others.

If you don’t feel the emojis Snapchat chooses are appropriate, or you’d just rather have a different logo or smileys on Snapchat, you can manually change the logo. In the profile under the gear “Manage” and then click on “Additional Services” and select “Friend Emojis”.

Then just click on the emoji you want to change and select a new emoji. Only for you the special emoji is then visible. You can select the default settings again at the very bottom of the page if you want to go back to the old emojis.

Other Snapchat symbols, smileys or emoticons or emojis can often be found on Snapchat right next to the user name. There you will find, for example, high heels or a diamond (as is currently the case with me under “vanessa.pur” or hearts. These symbols are entered by the user as names and have no further meaning, except that the user probably loves e.g. high heels or luxury. 🙂

Snapchat symbols, smileys and emoji - meaning and explanation

Conclusion – What do the symbols and smileys mean on Snapchat – explanation & meaning.

Snapchat recognizes with whom we like to have contact and shows us whether the interest is mutual. The symbols and smileys, or emojis, show us what Snapchat value our friend has for us. However, this only refers to Snaps sent directly to friends, not to Snaps sent publicly to all followers. However, the Snaps and ratings do not say anything about your real friendship :-).

I don’t find the smileys on Snapchat quite as important, since I personally don’t use Snapchat for intensive chatting with friends. I find the icons for received messages more important, so I can adjust whether it’s a video or a text message before opening it. While I also open text messages quickly on the side, I only watch videos when I can also listen in peace.

I hope my explanation of the smileys on Snapchat helped you with your question. I’m happy if you leave me a subscription on Snapchat and wish you continued fun with the busy snapping!

* This post contains affiliate links to fashion stores or Amazon, so I may earn a small commission when you make any purchase at these stores through links on my site at no additional cost or disadvantages to you. By making purchases through my page, you help to continue to provide new content on this website for free.

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