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Snapchat Memories tutorial – How does Snapchat Memories work?

Table of Contents

Snapchat Memories tutorial – How does Snapchat Memories work?

Snapchat memories are now available on the popular smartphone app SNAPCHAT, opening up many new possibilities. Some say it’s the end of Snapchat and others are now opening up completely new possibilities.

I’ll answer your questions: What is Snapchat Memorys? How does Snapchat Memorys work? Snapchat has become one of the most important ways for modern communication and so Snapchat Memorys will bring some new experiences again.

For all of you who are hearing about Snapchat for the first time, I can recommend my tutorial for Snapchat. Perhaps you have not understood the app for the cell phone until today or maybe even not yet discovered? For many smartphone users, the app is one of the most important entertainment apps. You get a daily soap from the people you’re interested in.

Similar to watching a series on TV, you get a little addicted to Snapchat. Some need the stories to fall asleep and some for entertainment during the day so as not to miss anything. On the side, the app also lets you send private messages to each other, which is actually how the app originally became famous. The big advantage so far – after 24 hours, the messages are gone again…

Snapchat Memories tutorial - How does Snapchat Memories work?

What is Snapchat Memories? Why do you need Snapchat Memories?

Until now, Snapchat only allowed you to upload videos and pictures you took live to “My Story”. Saved pictures and videos from the smartphone’s picture gallery could only be sent as a direct message to certain people. From now on, you can save pictures and videos through Snapchat Memories and only upload them to “My Story” later.

Even videos that one has not recorded with the Snapchat app can be uploaded and edited as a Snapchat video. This means that you can add stickers, icons, and text to the video later on. Of course, the limit here is again the usual video length of 10 seconds on Snapchat.

Of course, the point of Snapchat is that you are “live” with a person and thus get to know them better and can partly feel with them. If you get “old” content, you may lose interest as a viewer more quickly. It is just like a review in a movie, which can confuse rather than help. The viewer gets to see the video normally when it was uploaded, but with a timestamp.

Snapchat Memories tutorial - How does Snapchat Memories work?

As a viewer, you can tell by the white frame and timestamp that it’s an older recording that was uploaded using Snapchat Memories. As a broadcaster, you can also show snaps that you might not have been able to upload immediately due to a lack of Wi-Fi. The snaps are then not sorted to the original recording time, but are displayed currently when you upload them, but then with a timestamp.

However, Snapchat Memories is not only useful when there is no Wi-Fi. Sometimes you might also want to keep a little privacy and not immediately show where you are or in which hotel you are staying, for example, or which event you are currently attending.

Also for companies it is now possible to produce content and upload it later. Maybe you’ve had a situation where you wanted to upload the video a little later, and that’s exactly what Snapchat Memories are for. Another possibility are now of course trailers – from the new YouTube video – which is shown in advance once briefly in 10 seconds on Snapchat, before you then publish it.

Snapchat Memories tutorial - How does Snapchat Memories work?

How does Snapchat Memorys work?

To film and record Snapchat Memories, you use the Snapchat app exactly as you know it – but you don’t send the finished clip afterwards. 

You just film normally, as you always would, and then don’t click the blue arrow or the box with the plus to send it. Instead, you click on the small arrow pointing to the basket (or the elongated U) and the snap is saved on your phone for later.

You can also download snaps that have already been sent by clicking on the three dots on the right below and displaying “My Stoys”. Click on the three light gray dots on the right and see all stories. Now you can click on the arrow with the circle to save the whole story. If you only want to save one snap, click on it and then click on the arrow with the line in the lower right corner. Now you have a lot of snaps in your memories directory.

Snapchat Memories tutorial - How does Snapchat Memories work?

How do I upload a video to Snapchat Memories?

On the home page of Snapchat, there is now not only the big record button, but also a smaller button directly below it. From now on, you click this small round button when you want to upload saved snaps or pictures from your smartphone to Snapchat.

You first select the picture or video from the possible snaps and then click on “Send & Edit” and can edit the video or picture as usual and add text or pictures. After that, you can upload everything as usual and either send it only to certain people or add it to “My Story”.

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Conclusion – Snapchat Memories

Handling Snapchat Memories is really easy and is not a serious change. However, I’m not sure how often you’ll really see Snapchat Memories on others. I suspect that Snapchat accounts with “live” content will prevail in the long run. I like that you can now share memories and past events without having to send everyone a private message.

I’m excited to see the next changes to Snapchat. Maybe they will change the length of videos here at some point? Instagram just recently increased the length for videos from 15 to 60 seconds and wants to compete with Snapchat, which won’t work as easily. Facebook live is also a great option to reach followers directly and take them “live.” I’m curious to see what will catch on in the long run.

For those who are interested in even more Snapchat information and background, for example, I have a blog post about the explanation of Snapchat icons and smileys, how to get more followers on Snapchat, how to see your Snapchat followers and what the most famous Snapchatters are.

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