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Top 10 Instagram tips – more followers and more likes

Top 10 Instagram tips – more followers and more likes

Top 10 Instagram tips – more followers and more likes

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….​

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Time for a summary of the current top 10 Instagram tips. Anyone who enjoys using the Instagram app will surely have wondered about the varying levels of likes and followers among some Instagrammers. There must be Instagram tips and tricks, what the other users do differently than you? How do I get more followers on Instagram? How do I get more likes on Instagram? How do I get more comments on Instagram? Do you really have to buy followers and likes on Instagram to be happy?

Popular top 10 Instagram tips for the photos and videos app.

Instagram is the most important app on mobile for many smartphone users right now. If it’s not the most important app ever, at least it’s the most popular app and the app where you can spend extremely much time. Some use Instagram to keep a diary or to share with their friends. Some use Instagram as an artistic platform to take high-quality photos and recordings.

With the chat feature on Instagram Direct, people can quickly send messages to each other through the app and recently started sending small personal videos. However, Instagram is generally more of a photo app that people use to share Instagram tips publicly sometimes.

If you avoid the public, you switch your account to “private” and are only seen by your unlocked friends, if at all. Recently, there is an algorithm on Instagram similar to Facebook and no longer a temporally logical sequence of images.

It’s so nice and easy on Instagram to edit pictures and put filters on them that you generally don’t need additional apps to edit pictures anymore. Still, many use additional edits on their images just to stand out from the crowd. Some, on the other hand, prefer the real thing and upload the images as their smartphone takes the picture.

It always depends on how you want to use Instagram. Do you only want to upload pictures for your real friends from your real and real life? Or do you want to become an influencer and show a little make-believe world that captivates more people and has less to do with yourself? Do you want to run Instagram as a hobby or do you want to get paid for your posts and get free products sent to you?

Top 10 Instagram tips - more followers and more likes - Vanessa Pur in business style with tan tights, high heels and blouse

More followers on Instagram, more reach, more sales – Best Instagram tips.

Through social media, it is possible in this day and age that you can make a living if you have enough followers and fans. One becomes an influencer through Instagram tips and thus has influence on a certain amount of people. 

How do you become an influencer and what is the message you want to transmit as an Instagrammer? It always depends entirely on one’s own orientation, do you want to put yourself in the foreground as a person, like well-known influencers do as Instagram tips – such as Caro Daur, Farina Opoku (@novalanalove) or Steffi Giesinger and Lena Meyer Landrut?

Internationally, of course, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are considered the absolute role models for many fans, and brands pay high six-figure sums just to have the new sweater or the new dress held up to the camera with media attention.

For companies, of course, it is not always possible to work with these influencers and the brands grow together with the Instagrammers and long-term and good collaborations can arise.

Often I am asked about my Instagram tips and whether you should start with Instagram today. If the market is already oversaturated, you ask it quickly, but I would also start again today if I did not have an account. Of course, it will be difficult to achieve the success of Pamela Reif or Leonie Hanne from ohh couture, but that’s exactly what it doesn’t have to be.

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Get followers faster, get more likes with top 10 Instagram tips

Brands today are also interested in collaborating in advertising with authentic people who may fit exactly into the niche that the brand is looking for. Followers are often interested not only in the follower anymore, but also in the way the image is composed and the recognition value.

With some well-known and successful Instagrammers, but also many interior Instagrammers, it is enough to just see the picture without reading the name. It is clear from the picture style and then even today any person can succeed in getting many new followers and many likes on the pictures.

My subsequent Instagram tips for more followers and more interactions on the Instagram channels I have presented to you below once – but basically it is already true – who does not stand out himself, will not stand out to other people.

If I do not have the opportunity to stand out through the big media, TV shows, successful YouTube channels, I need other ways and you can see it currently very often, who is active on Instagram, also gets many new followers and many new comments.

Especially the smaller accounts up to 20,000 followers have a very active community and are therefore also very interesting for many brands. Those who are allowed to collaborate with brands also get new followers again and so the reach through Instagram tips in the Instagram channel increases more and more.

The “golden” rule and most important point of the top 10 Instagram tips for more followers, more likes and more comments is simple – be nice and thankful for your followers, every single comment and like.

When you receive a comment from a person, it’s just nice to thank them for it too or answer the question. At the same time, I myself am also much more likely to follow people who comment with me and make an effort. Those who engage with me, I also engage with much more often and feel connected.

When I see active communication under pictures, I’m also much more likely to write a comment and those comments are seen by other people again. It’s not about the famous smiley under the picture or a “Beautiful” – it’s about the right comment that I would also send to a good friend via WhatsApp.

The community doesn’t grow on its own, it happens bit by bit with a lot of patience (and a lot of work) – and once you’ve reached 10,000 followers, Instagram’s reach slows down a bit. Then it’s especially not to let it get you down and keep going just the same – eventually the reward will follow.

Look for people who have the same interests, comment and build your own network – then it should also work with the new followers, new likes and many comments in the long run and maybe my top 10 Instagram tips for more likes and followers on Instagram will help you in the following… (and I’m also happy if you follow me…)

Top 10 Instagram tips - more followers and more likes - Vanessa Pur in business style with tan tights, high heels and blouse

Top 10 Instagram tips for more followers

Originally I had planned to publish only a simple top 10 Instagram tips post, how to become successful quickly, how to get real interaction and more and followers and what are the top 10 Instagram tips to have more fun on the account. Then as the text was written, I looked at the questions from my talks and workshops, it quickly became a top 12 Instagram tips, then a top 15 secrets for Instagram and then now a top 17 Instagram tips post for Instagram.

Regular updates on these top 10 Instagram tips for Instagram are also always available in my social media newsletter, which you can get for free at any time and also subscribe to accordingly. … and now have fun with my personal Instagram tips.

1. the algorithm on Instagram

Again and again you will notice that Instagram evaluates and decides which pictures of which friends are shown to you at all. Here it is automatically evaluated which pictures you like and even if you do not like pictures, then it is evaluated how long you then at least look at the picture. The more interaction with the person, the more often you get their pictures displayed. The more pictures, the more interaction. Actually quite simple for the start as Instagram tips.

2. how regularly should you post pictures on Instagram?

The most important thing on Instagram and the top Instagram tips are the pictures. So you should upload at least nine pictures to your account before you should worry about followers. Why nine pictures? When someone looks at your profile, they often decide whether or not they find the account interesting and beautiful based on the visible pictures.

The profile, which is often called bio, usually shows nine pictures at the same time. To become really successful, it is said that one should upload one to four pictures per day. However, the pictures must all be very appealing. So it’s not only about mass, but also about class. So you have to be active every day in order not to be punished by the algorithm and forgotten by the followers.

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3. Which filter should you use on Instagram?

The most popular are accounts where you can already guess which picture will be seen next. Same perspectives, same angles or special colors. The pictures become especially uniform if you use a certain filter. The cooler and brighter the colors, the more popular the images often are.

You support with filters a certain mood in the pictures, which convince new followers easier to follow, as long as it looks pretty and positive or dramatic and dreamy. Everyone finds the right filters and editing tools for themselves to create the desired mood in their profile. Therefore, one should always take a look at one’s own last pictures in between to see if they fit together or if there are pictures that are nice, but simply disturb the overall overview and should be deleted again.

Especially popular with fashion bloggers and fashion bloggers is, for example, the A5 filter at VSCO. The images get a cool touch through the filter. It gets a little warmer with the A6 filter, for example. For free editing, many like to use VSCO or Snapseed, although Snapseed doesn’t have any direct filters to choose from, as you know from other apps.

However, even without additional apps, you can choose from many editing tools and filters directly on Instagram. The cooler and brighter filters, such as Clarendon, Juno, Ludwig and many more, are particularly popular here as well. However, you should also always play a little with the brightness when editing.

Some stick with one filter and also quickly know how the background needs to be best to get the best looking images. It’s a learning process until you find a consistent style. Some then also use different filters as long as the basic mood fits together. An example would be that you should not give a landscape the same filter as a food to present both as beautiful as possible.

For food images at food bloggers there are also special apps, if you plan to post only food, these certainly make sense. In general, food in a mixed stream is rather unpopular with followers – especially when it comes to brown sauces and brown colors – rather post a salad, especially if you also do not want to scare vegetarians.

4. What editing do my pictures need on Instagram?

For good and great Instagram users and social media stars, no picture goes online without editing. Only with the right editing, a photo from the smartphone becomes a really beautiful picture for the followers. Sometimes it’s just little things, but they already have a big effect on whether a viewer likes a picture or not.

A really annoying thing is often a crooked background in a landscape shot. Especially when you see the horizon and the sea. Therefore, always like to adjust and align the image – often the apps already do this automatically as soon as you tap the function. On Instagram, bright images always run better than normal images, so always tighten the brightness.

To remove the yellow cast from the images, simply change the warmth in the image. With Snapseed, you can alternatively simply make a white balance, as you know it from large image editing programs on the laptop. Saturation takes the color strength out of especially green and color-intensive images, sometimes making it more pleasing to the viewer. The “Fade” edit on Instagram makes images a bit duller if you find them too real and prefer them to look a bit dreamier.

The 5:4 portrait format that is suitable for Instagram can be achieved with Snapseed, for example, which is often only possible in similar formats in other apps. With Snapseed, you can even create great perspectives in pictures afterwards and thus change the angle of viewing. For me, Snapseed is an absolute favorite app for Instagram pictures.

There are countless edits that make your own picture unique. Here you can experiment a bit and try out what you like best and how you want to be seen by others. Some are somewhat critical of the illusory world, exactly for this I wrote a blog post on the illusory world on Instagram. There are people who think that real pictures are simply the best, because it was just the way you photographed it.

However, there is a difference if you were really there and saw it for real, or if you just see the two-dimensional, simple and flat picture. You can only get emotions into the picture through filters and editing. Look at the big travel catalogs and restaurant ads, as well as beauty ads and fashion magazines – the world wants to dream and escape from reality.

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5. Do I need to post selfies on Instagram? Instagram tips

With great lifestyle Instagrammers, it is absolutely important that the person themselves are visible in almost every picture. However, selfies tend to be more unpopular than full body shots, such as mirror selfies. Many viewers find it uncomfortable to be so close to a stranger. But there are also many Instagram channels where you don’t know what the person running the account looks like.

Often, these are good accounts that post a lot of artistic pictures and great landscapes. However, lifestyle accounts with a face get attention and new followers much faster. Special Instagram Tips: By the way, you don’t have to look perfect to be successful on Instagram. Many people want to see real people and not a perfect person. However, even on Instagram you clearly notice that slim, pretty, blonde women (preferably with big curls) get attention faster. However, even with the big lifestyle Instagrammers, no picture goes online without editing.

Not only the lighting mood is adjusted, but also the skin and certain details. For this, people use various beauty apps, such as Facetune or Snapseed. With the Facetune app, you can quickly erase dark circles and pimples with a swipe and in turn highlight the eyes and other details more. The possibilities here have no limits and you can add makeup yourself if you wish or stretch the body shape.

6. how to get more followers and likes on Instagram?

Instagram tips It’s mostly up to the pictures you upload and your own interactivity. It has to be the right mix of beautiful pictures that you just love to see. You will quickly notice which pictures are well received and which ones don’t have as many likes. A good smartphone with a good camera is the basis for a functioning account.

Pro Instagram tips: some users even upload their pictures to Instagram with the good full-frame camera to offer the highest quality pictures. The pictures should not only match each other visually, but also have a clear theme. One’s own photo style should be visible and recognizable. Those who use Instagram as a personal photo album for memories of all kinds will certainly please their closest friends or family members, but will never become successful Instagrammers.

What is often not liked are group pictures, pictures with stuffed animals, poor picture quality, signs and info cards, unphotogenic food. Even food bloggers will notice that light and brown sauces, as well as brown dishes simply do not go down well. Then rather post a fresh and green salad or fruit, if you want to inspire viewers in the long run.

Even though the various pictures on Instagram need a certain storyline, you should always remember not to keep a diary on Instagram. If you can, you should somehow be different from the others. Copying pictures is not the key to success.

It is important to have your own style and thus create something special that fascinates others or makes them curious. Of course you can analyze and try out what works well for others, but it should not be a 1:1 copy.

7. Do I need text under the pictures on Instagram?

The text under the pictures can also scare away new followers if it is inappropriate or too negative. Even though many followers feel better when they experience some schadenfreude about others, you don’t want to be dragged down by your Instagram friends’ problems on a daily basis. The overall mood should always be positive and more motivational or communicative.

Followers enjoy it when they realize that it is an exchange. Therefore, always be nice and involve the followers. Of course, you don’t always need a meaningful text, but it helps to get to know the Instagrammer better and become a fan. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to follow along as a follower and sometimes know non-essential details about the Instagrammer.

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8. Which and how many hashtags should I use for Instagram? Instagram tips

You can use up to 30 hashtags. Either directly in the text or following the text – alternatively, you can post the tags in the first self-written comment. Often people use this version if they have the image automatically shared through the various networks and don’t want to have tags here. Some also use the most important tags in the main text and write the rest in the first comment.

Again, you don’t have to use tags. However, tags help to make the image more visible. In general, you should try to use tags that fit the image and under which you yourself would search for the image. Tags like “love” or “travel” are used very often, but the own image disappears quickly, because so many images follow in a short time. D

o you want your image to be displayed in the competition with 80,000,000 images (e.g. with the hashtag “love”) or would you rather have it displayed for a longer period of time if there are only 100,000 images for the hashtag? You try to get among the “best nine images” with the selected hashtags to be displayed a little longer and thus address more followers. You have to consider for yourself how many tags, or words with the hash in front of them, you want to use.

9. Do I have to answer comments on Instagram?

Yes, you should answer comments and ideally each comment individually and not as a summary. Thank people for their comments and ask counter-questions to keep the discussion going. Instagram evaluates how many interactions you have on the image. Do followers engage with the image or is it rather irrelevant. The more comments you answer, the more people get a more personal connection.

Therefore, always reply! The faster, the better for the rating of your picture. If you comment a lot and are active, you will get a lot of comments back. Of course, there are also spam comments or unpleasant comments that you might not see right away because you can’t watch your comments every hour. There is a filter for this, which I explained to you in more detail in my blog post about the Instagram comment filter.

10. Does it bring anything to comment and like on others?

Commenting and liking is the only way to get noticed by others. Other Instagrammers see your reaction and decide if they would also like to friend you. By liking, you stand out to users who look at who also likes the picture. However, you should still pay a little attention to what kind of picture you give a heart then.

Texts that you can not read, for example, should perhaps be viewed with a little caution. Only by exchanging mutual comments you become important for other Instagrammers. Already often have become through Instagram friends also real friends. You can also attract the attention of companies and brands with good comments, which can always lead to further cooperation.

Remove Instagram followers - simply without blocking - Vanessa Pur Luxury lifestyle blogger

11. Should you upload videos to Instagram? Should you use Instagram Stories?

Instagram tips Instagram considers it positive if you publish videos, as Instagram would like to further focus on moving images. Whether it is always the best solution for one’s account and for one’s followers, everyone must decide for themselves. An alternative to videos instead of pictures is the new Instagram Stories feature.

One of the most important Instagram tips. With Instagram Stories, photos and videos only remain active for 24 hours. Followers can thus get to know you more, but the content does not remain permanently visible as a picture or video in the account. However, followers can take screenshots or recordings of it and you can have the content saved as well.

Followers get added value and information that they would not otherwise get. This can create a closer relationship with the person. Even if the content doesn’t stay permanently, it stays permanently in the viewers’ memory. It’s similar with Instagram Live, where the video is only directly visible and not saved at all.

You only address a small amount of followers, however, the contact can become much more personal this way, as you can answer questions directly if you want to. The longer the Stories or Instagram Live are viewed, the better for the algorithm.

12. What does the Instagram algorithm evaluate?

Similar to Facebook, Instagram no longer displays all of our friends’ content, but only the content that Instagram deems relevant to us. This can have a significant impact on the likes of our pictures if they are only displayed to a few friends. Data is collected and analyzed for this purpose. As far as one knows and suspects, it is therefore analyzed exactly who interacts with us.

Comments, viewing time of the pictures and videos or Instagram Live and Stories, Likes of the pictures, are therefore evaluated – also whether rather large or small Instagram accounts engage with us. So it is evaluated how important we are for Instagram and for our own friends. One also always sees the pictures of the new friends more often than those of the good old friends.

Here it can quickly happen that one misses whole account at once and misses – or this happens with your account. The more active you are, the higher you are in the ranking. For some a curse, but for some a good opportunity.

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13. What is the best time to post on Instagram? When should I post my pictures on Instagram?

Frequently Asked Instagram Tips: I already wrote a detailed blog post about the best time to post a picture on Instagram. In general, it can be said that in Europe most people have time for Instagram in the early evening. From 6pm to 9pm, many have time to engage with their Instagram friends. Also in the early morning on the way to work, many have time for Instagram. In the summer, however, you should keep in mind that many people are more active outdoors and spend less time on their smartphones than in the winter.

The times therefore also change depending on the weather and the day of the week. On Fridays, for example, many get off work earlier and tend to go out more in the evening, where they upload pictures but interact less with followers. Sometimes you even notice when you watch a program on TV in the evening, that during the commercial breaks suddenly a few more likes come again.

It’s best to observe your followers when they are particularly active and have time for you. If you have linked your Instagram account with a Facebook page, you can see exact statistics on these Instagram tips, when the best time for a picture on Instagram is. You can then also see exactly which followers you have – age, location and language. A perfect analysis of Instagram tips if you want to try to predict the best time for each day.

14. how to make my picture successful on Instagram? How do I get a lot of likes?

Instagram tips Many upload their picture to Instagram and put their phone away. However, that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do if you’re not a big Instagrammer yet. There are many things you can do to give your picture the push and interaction it needs.

My Instagram tips show, the right order as Instagram tips everyone should figure out for themselves… you should, for example. liken your own stream like different hashtags that you use yourself comment on good pictures in detail and appropriate to the picture quickly comment back on your own image comments possibly explain the picture briefly in Instagram Stories possibly even go live online

For these first interactions in the first minutes of the image, it shows whether your image is displayed to many people, or rather fewer people. Right here, of course, there are means to make it as easy as possible. There are various like groups as secret Instagram tips, where you can be invited by great Instagrammers. The great ones all support each other – sometimes you just have to have the right contacts to become Insta-famous. Of course, no one questions whether that’s fair or not.

15. How do other Instagrammers in the vicinity find my picture best?

It is always worthwhile to include geo-data as Instagram tips and select the location where the picture was taken. This way, your picture will show up when someone clicks on the location with another user. You can also click on the location yourself and “look through” the pictures there as Instagram tips to draw attention to yourself.

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16. How do companies and brands get my attention on Instagram?

For fashion bloggers and travel bloggers it is almost routine as Instagram tips. One tags the various companies, brands, brands and directories simply as a person on the picture. The tagged people then get a notification if this has not issued it. You then also appear in the profile of the brands under “Pictures of the person or company of others”. In this way, fans and brands also become aware of you.

Also with some Modelooks it helps to tag different directories to be featured if necessary, which can bring you then some new fans. However, if you are hoping for a feature, you should take a close look at which images are published there and critically consider whether your own image would probably fit in there. Overall, this happens rather rarely from big brands and directories. Be careful though, as soon as you mention brands, your post should be marked as “advertising”.

17. Do Instagram shoutouts do anything for me? What are shoutouts?

Shoutouts and “S4S” means that you introduce another account for a few hours. You call your followers to follow the other account. Often you ask accounts with a similar number of followers and like ratio. Depending on the account, you can gain a few followers, but in the long run it is very tedious and a bit annoying for the already gained followers. Often you lose many of your own followers and gain few new followers. 

Top 10 Instagram tips - more followers and more likes - Vanessa Pur in business style with tan tights, high heels and blouse

Conclusion – Top 10 Instagram tips for more followers on Instagram

I hope my Instagram tips could help you a little to get a small impression of how to become successful on Instagram. It does not work without work, diligence and time, as well as a little analysis of Instagram tips and calculation.

It is possible to have a good and successful Instagram account even without fake followers, but it takes a little time and patience with good Instagram tips. If you want to know more about bought likes and fake followers and how expensive like packages are, you should read my separate post about fake and bought friends.

I also keep informing my followers and many PR agencies and brands about my Instagram tips on the three big APPs – Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube in my various talks and workshops, as well as in my regular newsletter on social media. There are certainly more top 10 Instagram tips coming your way.

I’m happy if you also check in with me once at @vanessa.pur and leave a lovely comment and wish you all the best for your online presence. Maybe you also have one of your best Instagram tips for me…. Happy Instagramming with my Instagram tips!

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….​

Vanessa Pur - Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
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