Shiny Tights & Tight Dress with Turtleneck – Fall Lookbook

One of my favorite fall outfits and fall lookbooks this year was my tight dress with turtleneck, combined with my sheer shiny tights and stockings. A combination that I love to wear during fall and winter time, as it keeps me warm, cozy and elegant looking.




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You probably know that I prefer to wear black, white and red as my main colors, but sometimes I just love the option to surprise myself with a different color and different look. One of these colors are nude and soft colors like brown, caramel and gold.

VANESSA PUR - YouTube Channel - Patreon Girl - Instagram - Feminine elegant fashion looks always with high heels

Tight Dress with Turtleneck – Fall Lookbook

These earthy and soft colors are just perfect, when you wear classy outfits like a tight dress, but you still want to look decent and friendly. I just found the perfect dress and combination for my meetings during fall season, that I felt very comfortable in.

I selected a tight dress in golden brown with long sleeves and a cute turtleneck. As I love to wear scarfs around my neck on cold days, I love to wear turtleneck outfits as a great alternative to keep myself warm.

For me this dress is a perfect daytime dress which I can wear during a business meetings as well as sitting together with friends and family.

Shiny tights and neutral Louboutin high heels

As my classy bodycon dress is very decent and friendly, I also select my stockings to be soft and classy. Instead of black tights, I like to select shiny tights (German Store) in tan color with a light golden touch.

These shiny tights give my outfit also a friendly and classy look, as well as they keep my legs cozy and warm. I love the combination of the stretchy dress and my silky soft tights.

VANESSA PUR - YouTube Channel - Patreon Girl - Instagram - Feminine elegant fashion looks always with high heels

When I want to look decent and classy in soft colors, I often love to select my nude Christian Louboutin high heels. Right now I think about a new pair of high heels, a pointy one. If you select light colors like these neutral one, I makes your legs look longer and it fits just perfect to every outfit without stealing the show. I was just very surprised, how good they were looking in combination with my black leather pants. Maybe this will be a perfect look for one of my next outfits.





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