Shiny tights and golden dress – Summer evening outfit

Here we are in the middle of summer, time to show you one of my shiny outfits with shiny tights as a perfect summer evening outfit with friends. Right now I just hope that we will get some warmer summer days this year before winter is back, as I plan to wear this summer outfit again on a mild summer evening. I guess you already saw this look in one of my videos, as I really love to wear this combination during summer time.




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During a hot summer day you will find me wearing a short sleeveless dress and high heeled sandals without any tight, but when the night comes, I love to wear looks like this summer outfit.

You can see in the pictures, that the sun is setting and I stopped to take some pictures before meeting friends for dinner on a nice terrace in this park.

I love to wear my shiny tights and pantyhose on those summer evenings, as they complete my outfit and gives it a special glow. My tights on those pictures also feel so soft on my legs and make me feel a little extra glamorous.

I never had the feeling, that tights and pantyhose are much too warm during summer, as our evenings are most times cold. Wearing a pantyhose never feels as warm as wearing some pants during summer time. You still feel the air around your legs and somehow I feel a bit more protected against mosquitos 🙂 .

Shiny pantyhose and golden summer dress

My dress is more like a double dress, as you have a little beige dress below and a transparent shiny dress over it. Maybe I should try to create some pictures and videos wearing just the transparent dress with a nice set of lingerie on my Patreon page?

My mini dress is very natural and feminine, but at the same time very glamorous and unique. Wearing this kind of nude dress I love to combine some of my more delicate Christian Louboutin high heels.

I selected my Harler Louboutins as they fit perfectly in my point of view. Some cute ankle cuffs and a pointy toe, made out of velvet material and over all showing a lot of my hosed feet.

Those Loubis are so soft and still very sexy, which it the main reason why I love to wear this combination so much.

Shiny tights and golden dress - Summer evening outfit





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