Long legs in sheer pantyhose and leather skirt – Summer outfit

Short skirts and high heels are always one of my favorite styles that I love to wear. Especially during summer and autumn time, it feels great to show long legs in sheer pantyhose and combine a summer top with it.




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I also love to wear my thin sheer pantyhose on a nice summer day, when it is not too hot. Especially with a nice cold breeze it feels great on your legs. You could definitely wear mini skirts without any pantyhose on a sunny summer day, but I love knowing, that my legs look a bit more flawless with a soft bronze shimmer by my pantyhose.

On a really hot summer day I prefer to put some sunscreen or tan body lotion on my legs. But on a regular summer day with 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, I often prefer the soft feeling of a luxury pantyhose on my legs. I just don’t like to touch my legs and have greasy fingers afterwards.

To make my pantyhose summer outfit look different from my regular cold season outfits, I select an A-cut leather skirt and combine tan tights or a sheer pantyhose instead of a black pantyhose. Also my top is often sleeveless or an off shoulder top. Thin nylons adds a bit extra glow and an extra portion of elegance to every outfit.

To make my legs look longer, I wear my black Christian Louboutin high heels. Simple black patent leather high heel with a 4inch 10cm heel for a comfortable fit and an elegant look in total. I love the red soles or red bottoms of my Louboutins and think they fit to all of my outfits, as those heels are really classy and sexy. The shorter the skirt and the higher the heel, the longer your legs appear.

This time I selected my sleeveless zipper top from Calvin Klein to combine it with my leather mini skirt. This top has a high neck but also two zippers to put it on easily. Black combined with a sheer pantyhose makes this outfit perfect for summer season. A leather skirt is also perfect for sitting on places outside while avoiding stains on your clothes.

I took pictures of my look for you during a nice summer afternoon in a green park. Those white benches were arranged to celebrate weddings in this park. A beautiful and peaceful location.

While I am writing this post for you, I wish to be back at this place instead of sitting in a crowded train coach with three little children and very active people running up and down the aisle. Time to close my eyes and try to remember the warmth of those sunsetting sunbeams and the sound of the wind playing with all the green leaves.

Do you also need those peaceful places to escape sometimes?

Long legs in sheer pantyhose and leather skirt - Summer outfit
Long legs in sheer pantyhose and leather skirt - Summer outfit