Leather mini skirt & shiny satin blouse – Lookbook

Evening outfit and elegant outfit wearing my short leather mini skirt and my blue shiny satin blouse in combination with my black patent leather high heels and sheer tights or pantyhose. During summer time I love to wear mini skirts with a bit A-cut style. I often prefer to select black leather mini skirts, but let me explain why.




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In general I think leather is one of the best materials to combine most different materials with. Leather garments always gets most attentions when you combine it with regular garments. Your outfit in total will get extreme attention, if you choose to wear a full leather outfit. In my lookbook I decided to wear my leather mini skirt combined with a shiny satin blouse.

Leather and leather like faux leather piece of clothings in black color are perfect to add any other color. I selected a black leather mini skirt and added a royal blue blouse. Black leather always looks a bit lighter due to the light shimmer. Color combinations are never too extreme.

In my lookbook I will show you how this black and blue combination looks with my sheer tights and black high heels. I selected my So Kate Christian Louboutin high heels in black patent leather. A simple, friendly and elegant outfit for a nice evening or feminine daytime outfit.

Why do I love black leather skirts like the one in my pictures? This leather skirt is a very comfortable one, not too long, not too short – perfect to sit . But there was another important fact – I went out to enjoy the harbor atmosphere and knew that I would sit on some kind of bench or rock outside. Leather skirts are perfect if you want to care about dirt on your skirt, as leather is very easy to clean.

I really love how many styling options a simple black leather skirt can offer. It is uncomplicated and very easy to wear. For me it is always a must have in my luggage, when I travel. Just the length depends on the reason of my trip or my evening plans. My favorite combination will always be a white blouse, but now you know how I look with a real powerful color.

Do you think I should wear more blue or more colorful garments?

Leather mini skirt & shiny satin blouse - Lookbook
Leather mini skirt & shiny satin blouse - Lookbook





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