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Instagram tips guide – more interaction, more followers and likes

Instagram tips and Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media portals and apps on the smartphone. I share with you my personal INSTAGRAM experience, tips and tricks on how I got more followers and likes. A kind of tutorial or even thought-provoking. My Instagram account with the...

Instagram tips guide – more interaction, more followers and likes

Instagram tips guide – more interaction, more followers and likes

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Instagram tips and Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media portals and apps on the smartphone. I share with you my personal INSTAGRAM experience, tips and tricks on how I got more followers and likes. A kind of tutorial or even thought-provoking.

My Instagram account with the Instagram name @VANESSA.PUR exists since 2012. I started with Instagram back then in London for the Olympic Games. A topic that interested many new users on Instagram at the time and I quickly had the first great like numbers and followers. As a blogger, you use many apps and have been able to collect some Instagram tips.

If I’m honest, I always paid some attention to my Instagram account after that, but not on a daily basis. It wasn’t until Mallorca, when I met two of Germany’s biggest Instagrammers, that I looked at my Instagram stream with different eyes.

INSTAGRAM TIPS – Followers and Likes Instagram Tips

Of course, everyone wants to get as many followers as possible and also Likes. If no one sees or likes the uploaded pictures, you quickly lose interest in this photo app. Again and again it’s fun to exchange with your followers and also to like and follow each other with friends. I have already made some new friends through this app and met in person. However, I have also learned and found some new Instagram tips.

On Instagram, you speak “English”

To gain as many followers as possible you should always think globally and therefore choose the language that most app users also use. If you want to get only German followers, then of course it is enough to write only in German. Since a short time there is also an official Instagram account for the German Instagram community under the Instagram name @INSTAGRAMDE – here it makes sense to leave a German comment.

Instagram tips guide - more interaction, more followers and likes

The diary and blogger style

Some great Instagramer use Instagram as an app for their daily routine. You will often find the daily look as an outfit post and OOTD or the applied makeup of the day FOTD as Instagram tips. Whether as #fromwhereistand or as #mirror image. Also special events and events are gladly captured with #selfie group selfies. Products are always gladly put in the limelight.

Not to forget the cool drinks and healthy food, which is gladly photographed from above. All pictures with nice filters and as white details and backgrounds as possible. Often life looks like something out of a catalog. Instagram tips: if you love and absorb everything from a certain person, then the follower will love this channel and will more quickly consider the Instagramer as a star and role model.

Personally, I don’t like to follow these instagrammers. I don’t like this kind of “idolization” and make-believe. I don’t like to see food on Instagram either way. But maybe that’s because of my INSTAGRAM DIET 🙂

Personally, I do not need to know what breakfast the Instagramer had on 316th day of the year and which on 317th day. If you then follow several people who all upload 10-15 pictures a day, it quickly becomes very crowded in your own photostream and the special pictures in between, which are really original, have a great perspective or were taken in a special place, you miss then unfortunately very quickly.

The photo stream with a motto – professional Instagram tips

Instagramer post pictures that all fit together. As a professional Instagram tips: as a follower, you can already recognize who the picture is from in the stream, without having to look at who uploaded it. Recognition is easier here. Some Instagramer upload e.g. only black and white pictures, only dog photos, only Streetstyle photos, only straight ways, special light incidences, special angles or special treatments. They are almost more like artists and the photos pure art. Personally, I like these photo streams much better because the images are more “value-free” in my eyes. Products are very rarely in the foreground here.

If a beauty blogger indicates the current products for makeup or these are on the table, it is one thing and belongs to the picture, but if the Instagram stream is only used to advertise a product, a location or an event – I lose – and many other followers also directly the desire to follow and I ask myself, I want to know what about the user or am I only led as a number in the stream, which you can show advertising.

Then I choose but rather a glossy magazine or choose a detailed product presentation in the various blogs. For me personally, advertising in the Instagram stream should be used only very carefully.

Instagram tips guide - more interaction, more followers and likes

How often should I upload pictures to Instagram? Instagram tips

There is no basic rule on Instagram tips, but anything between 1-4 pictures daily is ok in my opinion. I usually only upload one picture a day unless I have really great experiences and places that I want to share with my followers quickly out of the mood.

If someone uploads 10 pictures in a row (because they are just back on the hotel’s wifi network, for example), then I find it extremely annoying. Rather few pictures, but really good pictures and then daily, than as many pictures as possible.

Not without reason there is the golden rule for Instagram, which you should internalize and is also used by many Instagrammers – 3-2-1- 3 pictures like, 2 pictures comment, 1 own picture upload with personal accounts even rather 30-15-1 (30 pictures like, 15 pictures comment, 1 own picture upload).

Use the gained time for your own liking and commenting in your stream. You will notice that the like numbers will also increase if you don’t put 10 photos online every day, but also take care of your followers.

Which filters should you use on Instagram?

Please use filters only discreetly. A little more contrast or a certain color mood can support a picture nicely. But quickly it can also be too much. Too much “drama” (in Snapseed), for example, looks unrealistic. Instagram tips: always find a healthy middle ground. The same is true for shots with HDR filters. Once in a while some(!) HDR can be nice and highlight moments, permanent HDR filters look unreal and artificial. Very popular are especially bright pictures – often it is enough to raise the brightness in pictures.

What apps should you use on Instagram? Instagram Tips Insider

I can recommend a few photo editing apps as Instagram tips, such as Snapseed and VSCOcam. If you want to create special pictures, panorama photo capture from your smartphone is sometimes helpful. For short movies, you can use the new Instagram app Hyperlapse, which compensates for shakiness.

If you wanted to bring pictures from your laptop to your smartphone, the app PhotoSync is very useful. Personally, I don’t like a picture gallery made up of many different pictures assembled into one Instagram picture. You can then recognize too little of the mood.

Captions on pictures also makes more sense for diary style – here you can use the app Phonto or Typic+. If you want to post a lot of selfies, then I can recommend the app Beauty-Plus-Pro – here you can quickly get a little “spruced up”. There is also an app for hashtags – here you can use Instatag-Pro, for example.

Instagram tips guide - more interaction, more followers and likes

How many hashtags should you use on Instagram?

There are certainly many different views on this as well. The predefined limit for hashtags is 30 hashtags. Some use as much as possible all the important hashtags that are trending at the moment.

Instagram tips Be careful when using hashtags without regard to the uploaded image. If you tag the most beautiful beach also with “Justin Bieber”, “Tags4Likes” or “F4F”, you will surely get 2-3 more likes, but also scare off all other users. For example, if I’m looking for pictures of a sunset and then find the latest selfies, just so that they get a few likes, there is firstly no LIKE from me and certainly no FOLLOW – and that’s actually how most Instagramer hold it.

Also, these hashtags like to be re-placed on the pictures every few minutes. The result is that you get a few more likes, but you don’t gain any followers. In the long run, hashtags that are properly tagged make sense. Only the tags that match the image have an effect on new followers or to show up on various special tags. Sometimes less is more here – however, I also always think of too many hashtags (but they also fit the picture) :).

Should you include the location on Instagram?

If you’re out and about in special places, sure. Your pictures will be found when someone looks who also uploaded something at that place. If you are at home or at your everyday places, I would never put the location. Otherwise, someone will quickly know where you live and when you are not at home. 

Think about your privacy and protect yourself a little bit with it. There’s certainly nothing wrong with being downtown in Munich and choosing Marienplatz as your location, or Times Square in New York. It generates a few more likes and many people link up in the long run based on the same interests.

Should you set your own account to PRIVATE?

If you only want to upload something for your friends and you don’t want new followers to find you – YES. If you want to have new followers – NO. If you think that you protect your private life much more, if you only manually unlock female followers for example – think about how fast you unlock someone who might not have a real profile then. Please always be careful with personal information.

Which Instagram name should I choose for my profile?

I get asked this question a lot on Instagram tips and there is no perfect answer. However, I can tell you from my own experience as Instagram tips that it is easier for me and many many Instagrammers to follow people whose Instagram name is related to the person, the topic of the stream or easy to remember.

If you have a name like.” Pe20gns0AS2″, people will have permanent problems talking about account account – whereas “HansausMünchen2000” is much easier to remember. Always remember that other people will also want to remember your account if they like it. If you are unsure, you can always change the name of the account later.

Sometimes your own style of Instagram account also changes and you want to give a hint to the direction even in the name already, so this is also not a problem with Instagram. There will certainly be some users who are a bit confused, but you can then explain it well in the next picture, why you have changed your name on Instagram and what is the best Instagram name for your profile from now on.

Instagram tips guide - more interaction, more followers and likes

Conclusion – Instagram Tips and Tricks – INSTAGRAM TUTORIAL

What can you do to get more followers and likes on Instagram?

There is no basic rule for Instagram tips and no secret recipe that you can just follow. But I can show and explain you some more of my experiences, tips and tricks.

It may not be a direct tutorial for Instagram, but maybe it will help you understand Instagram and your followers better thanks to my Instagram tips. Buying followers and likes doesn’t make sense at all in my opinion, because you can see when some Instagram accounts get likes but no comments.

There are some well-known accounts that always get a certain number of likes, but no comments. It’s a bit surprising when you’re standing at the Statue of Liberty in New York and none of your friends are happy about it, isn’t it? Or all pictures always get the same or divisible number of likes.

Bought followers are not active and do not like and at the same time it can be that Instagram blocks your account permanently. (Then you have spent the money for nothing).

What should you watch out for on Instagram? Instagram tips

Always be active – several times a day your own stream by liking and commenting. Therefore, do not follow more than 200-500 people. Preferably people you really know.
Be active daily (liking and commenting) and upload a picture yourself every day. This is exactly what I personally often lack the time to do.
best to post information and descriptions that are really informative and your followers learn something from it or get to know you and it is an “added value”.
go to Instagram meetups. You’ll meet a lot of other Instagrammers there. Perfect for networking.

I hope my Instagram tips and tricks helped you see your account from a user’s perspective. But maybe everything I have given you as thoughts already makes automatically from you.

Feel free to leave your best experiences with Instagram as a comment, as well as your username. I would be happy in return, of course, if you share the post, for example, on FACEBOOK and tell your friends about it.

You can also find even more Instagram tips and inspiration at Amazon: “Instagram Marketing in 30 minutes: More reach, more awareness, more followers”, “Successful with Instagram: More attention with photos & videos” or “This is Happening: Life Through the Lens of Instagram”.

The top 10 photos on Instagram for me – perspective – light – description – likes.

Certainly one of the most frequently asked questions about Instagram tips when it comes to the topic “Instagram – more followers and more likes” and I also went through for me once, which photos are good, which pictures have a special perspective and especially whether they were processed with the filters or destroyed by too much HDR filters.

From what perspective should you create shots, what light works well on Instagram and what description worked well for me.

I am of course happy if you follow my Instagram account. If you are more interested in pictures of myself than my travel pictures, you can find them at @Vanessa.Pur – XOXO Vanessa

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….​

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….​

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