Black Stockings & Black Dress – Festive Lookbook

Time to get festive and show you a classy festive lookbook with black stockings and a little black dress. December is the perfect month to wear all of our most glamorous outfits. So many evening events, birthday parties and special celebrations which ends with the most important two events of the year - Christmas and New Years Eve.




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So many reasons to wear beautiful evening outfits with a lot of glitter and special designs. Endless possibilities to wear stockings, tights, pantyhose – plain or with special designs.

VANESSA PUR - YouTube Channel - Patreon Girl - Instagram - Feminine elegant fashion looks always with high heels

Black Stockings & Black Dress – Festive Lookbook

For me it always depends on the combination of a dress and some beautiful stockings combined with high heels and a glamorous styling.

I these moments I love to wear my hair curly and love to have red lips with dark eyes, sometimes even with fake lashes.

This is also the perfect season to wear red finger nails.

I also believe that December could also be called “stocking-month”, as this is the month, where I see so many women wearing tights.

VANESSA PUR - YouTube Channel - Patreon Girl - Instagram - Feminine elegant fashion looks always with high heels

During the day many combine their tights with boots, but during festive events, I also see very special designs and mostly combined with a nice dress and high heels.

In my festive lookbook I will show you a combination, that I love to wear on these special evenings. I select my favorite black stockings (DE), that look rather sheer on my pictures, but you can see in my video, that they are pretty dark also.

I combined one of my black dresses with this style. In this lookbook I selected a dress with cute feathers at the end, long sleeves and a little turtleneck. I love the fact, that the dress is a real mini dress, but still keeps me warm at the arms and my neck.

To complete this look I wear my So Kate Louboutin high heels with 12cm heel. These high heels gives the look a great and super elegant style. This look is very simple, but still very festive and can also be combined with different tights and pantyhose.