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Best YouTuber – most famous and most popular YouTuber in Germany

YouTuber content on YouTube is the television of the future with high entertainment value and star potential. YouTube has long become an integral part of everyday life for many people. Thanks to the subscription option, you can easily and quickly select the YouTubers you want to watch more often. There...

Best YouTuber – most famous and most popular YouTuber in Germany

Best YouTuber – most famous and most popular YouTuber in Germany

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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YouTuber content on YouTube is the television of the future with high entertainment value and star potential. YouTube has long become an integral part of everyday life for many people. Thanks to the subscription option, you can easily and quickly select the YouTubers you want to watch more often. There are now some great and influential German YouTuber and YouTube stars.

Best German YouTubers

These top YouTubers sometimes have more viewers than some TV shows. Known are these YouTube stars especially among the younger viewers. Not without reason, there is the “VideoDays” as a big event in Cologne, where you can be very close to his YouTube stars. In addition to blogger relations, Youtuber relations are also becoming increasingly important for many companies. It’s not without reason that I started my YouTube channel to go with my four blogs (fashion blog, travel blog, lifestyle blog, food blog). Moving pictures are becoming more and more important.

While some YouTube viewers are specifically looking for product reviews, or for certain topics, there is also a fan community who specifically follow a YouTuber to get everything from him. So, on the one hand, it’s about certain information or, on the other hand, a certain entertainment factor.

Since I myself have recently started using YouTube a lot more again, in addition to Instagram and my blog, and have also restarted my YouTube channel, I am much more involved with YouTube and the various YouTubers. I have already found my personal favorites.

YouTubers that I just like to watch and have already grown a little fond of in a short time. This is much faster with videos than with blogposts. While you have to be active yourself when reading a blog and read word for word – you can let yourself be captivated much more quickly via YouTube and also soak up the atmosphere much better.

I used to think I couldn’t make videos myself or just talk to a camera as if it were my best friend.

When I look at my old videos, or my first videos, and compare them now to my current videos, I notice a definite change. In a way, you can really learn to handle the camera a little more naturally and not to stiffen up too much.

In the meantime I even manage to talk for half an hour without any problems – and I think that there are some YouTube viewers who like to watch it – thank you very much for that! Without you guys, it wouldn’t be as much fun.

I myself have noticed how much the videos I’ve seen shape you. All of a sudden, for example, beauty videos make you want to try a special dry shampoo or a certain highlighter – things that I probably wouldn’t have gotten stuck on in this way with a blog post.

With a video, emotions are also directly assigned to the products and probably stored quite differently in the head. Meanwhile, I own myself both products mentioned, which even promised what was claimed. There one sees once, which “power” videos can have over one. Who wonders about the terms used: Blog = Blogger = he “blogs” and Vlog = Vlogger = he “vlogs”.

Canon 6D Mark II Experience and Review - Entry Level Full Frame Camera - Comparison full-frame camera vs. Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon EOS 80D - video format, advantages and disadvantages - purchase recommendation, practical tip

Most significant YouTubers

If you ask about the best and most significant YouTubers, you quickly come up with YouTubers such as Gronkh (Erik Range), LeFloid, Y-Titty (Philip Laude, Matthias Roll and Oguz Yilmaz), Kontor, Majestic Casual, PietSmittie and Albertoson (Albert Martin Bruhn). However, I personally don’t watch a lot of music or gaming videos and have other favorites on YouTube personally.

I honestly prefer watching women on YouTube. Surely this is related to the video topics of fashion and beauty. I always feel a little like I’m sitting across from a good friend.

Surely this is also due to the fact that when you meet at events, already knows something more than just from a text and photo. At least that’s what happened to me. When a friend told me some time ago that he had to do with Bibi and Dagi at a promotional event and his daughter would certainly have liked to swap with him, the names did not say so much to me at that time.

Since I am very curious by nature, I was able to quench my thirst for knowledge very quickly. You don’t have to search YouTube to find them. You can’t even get past Dagi and Bibi.

That’s why my list of the best, most famous and most popular YouTubers starts with them. For the general public, many YouTubers are unknown – but for YouTube viewers and many teenagers, they are big stars.

// The data of the subscriber numbers were recorded on 01.11.2014. //


BibisBeautyPalace – Bibi (Bianca Heinicke) has 1,230,073 subscribers and has been on YouTube since late 2012. Bibi is 21 years old and makes videos about fashion, cosmetics and lifestyle. She started with a hair tutorial after searching for such a video on YouTube herself. She loves to try out cosmetic products and has little inhibitions to also shoot and post a lot of comedy on your channel.

Bibi regularly receives fan mail and fan packages, some of which she then opens on camera. In her #fancall phone call videos, she likes to spontaneously thank her fans by phone call, who usually can’t say a word because Bibi is their big star. Bibi’s videos appear on Thursdays and Sundays. Bibi’s boyfriend Julian Claßen also has a YouTube channel “Juliencotv” (459,061 subscribers since mid-2014).

Of course, the two are often seen together in front of the camera. Even when traveling, every step is filmed. It is not without reason that Bibi is now the advertising face for Neckermann-Reisen. Bibi is considered the most successful female German YouTuber and is also a student of social sciences in Cologne. Bibi films her videos with her Canon EOS 600D.


DagiBeee – Dagmara has 1,177,973 subscribers and has been active as a YouTuber since mid-2012. The half-Polin is dating half-Spanish Timo from the YouTube channel “LIONTTV” (1,105,767 subscribers since mid-2011). The 19-year-old lives in Düsseldorf and likes to take her followers through her everyday life. So it’s easy to watch Dagi and Timo do their weekend shopping at the supermarket.

Dagi’s everyday problems are shared as well as challenges she likes to have with Bibi. Dagi Bee vlogs about beauty and lifestyle – the video style goes in the direction of comedy. Her videos also appear mostly on Thursdays and Sundays, just like Bibi’s. Dagi films with her Canon EOS 600D camera and the EF-S 18-55mm 1:3,5-5,6 IS II lens.

You simply have to know these two YouTubers. Whether you want to watch their videos on a regular basis is, of course, up to you. A little less subscribers has compared to Bibi and Dagi of course my channel (if you take into account runtime of my channel and the approximately 1,100,000 more subscribers, or deduct) I still have a “small” way to go … 🙂

Best YouTuber - most famous and most popular YouTuber in Germany - Canon 1Dx Mark II als Vlogging-Kamera - wie verhält sich die Vollformat-Kamera bei Videoaufnahmen im Vergleich zu Sony, Nikon und auch Smartphones - Sind 120fps nötig?


VpureGLAM – My video channel – Vanessa Pur has 1,000 subscribers and started in early September 2014. I make videos about my outfits, which are mostly elegant and feminine and like to deviate slightly from the “norm”. I’ll explain a bit about my look, which I prefer to shoot with my Canon 5D Mark III and 50mm 1.4 lens. I like the high quality video of the camera and since I still need the camera for other projects and photo shoots, I can fortunately use it for my videos. 

I also like to shoot shopping hauls for you and explain details from my life as a fashion blogger, travel blogger and lifestyle blogger. My FMA videos I have filmed so far for the most part with my Canon Legria Mini. I try to upload a new video at least every Sunday – sometimes there are several a week. For me, videos are an add-on to my lifestyle blog at

Although I also always critically watch my own videos myself to keep improving, I also like to watch other YouTubers. The YouTube channels that I personally like to watch I present to you once in more detail:


Daaruum – Nilam Farooq has 883,667 subscribers since her video launch in late 2010. She is an actress and sees her acting career as separate from her YouTube success. She deliberately does not mention her YouTube success during job interviews. Nilam has appeared on television on SOKO Leipzig, Tatort, and as the lead in “Die Briefe meiner Mutter,” among others. Nilam lives in Berlin and, as “Daaruum,” enjoys making videos about lifestyle, travel, beauty, fashion and food. She is 25, loves Nutella (very likeable!) and is always very respectful and sweet with her viewers.

I always like to listen to her explanations because she has a sympathetic and honest way. You don’t have the feeling of listening to an actress. I don’t think there is a “TAG” video (you have to answer given questions) that she hasn’t done yet. Her styling with dark red lips is what I like best about her – of course she also gives makeup tips. Nilam also shoots her videos with her Canon 5D Mark III.

I always like to check out beautyvloggers to get the latest tips and tricks for makeup and for the next purchase. These channels are also great for inspiration. I’m always amazed at how normal it is for these YouTubers to sit in front of the camera without makeup and style themselves piece by piece. Personally, these YouTubers make me want to put on makeup and make me “ravenous” for some products. I really have to restrain myself here from time to time to not immediately after the videos, then rush to the drugstore.

Do not be surprised, however, that beauty vloggers are also active in the areas of fashion and lifestyle. The viewer has long wanted to know much more about the YouTuber. What does he do in his spare time? Are there any hobbies? What does the YouTuber experience? What does the YouTuber attract? Since many YouTubers are considered role models, the YouTube viewer would like to know more about him. A beauty vlogger is therefore usually also a fashion vlogger and lifestyle vlogger.


TeethAreJade – since 2008 the siblings and twin sisters Nesi and Desi write their blog On YouTube, the two now have 23,638 subscribers since mid-2013. Mainly you see the dark-haired Nesi on YouTube.  She is 24 years old and studies computer science in Berlin. Fashion and beauty are the main topics on her blog and vlog.

Even though I find the channel name a little difficult to pronounce, I really enjoy seeing Nesi in front of the camera. She looks interesting, every now and then she likes to wear red lipstick (otherwise mostly nude) and has great long hair. Every week comes a new video – sometimes a shopping haul (everything she has bought), sometimes a favorite video of favorite beauty products and sometimes an OOTD (Outfit of the Day) video. I love to watch Nesi doing her hair tutorials. Nesi is currently filming with a Canon EOS 70D with Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens.


Mamiseelen – Nancy has 60,355 subscribers since her first video in late 2012. Nancy vlogs about everything beauty related. DM shopping hauls, beauty reviews and first impression videos. Sympathetically, she explains the advantages and disadvantages of the makeup products she tests. Her makeup tutorials and get-ready-with-me videos are very understandable for the viewer. She also likes to show contents or unboxing of the DM Lieblinge boxes. Previews of new products in the drugstore can also often be found with her.

From time to time, she also shoots “used-up videos”, FMA videos, lifestyle and fashion videos. Very informative I feel Nancy’s flop products videos to not even these products accidentally buy. She usually sits in the same place in her videos and visually also always looks quite the same, which also leads to quick recognition. Nancy usually publishes a video every other day. The Asian has beautiful straight long black hair. Nancy films with a Canon EOS 600D and 50mm 1.8 lens.


funnypilgrim – Mira has 222,805 subscribers since mid-2006. She shoots her videos on cooking, vlogs, fashion, beauty, shopping hauls, fun and travel. New videos follow every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Her cat’s name is “Peaches.” Before I found Mira on YouTube, I read her blog She has been writing the blog since 2011. Mira lives in Frankfurt am Main and knows a lot about cosmetics.

At DM you can even find displays with her face as a beauty blogger. She has often “hooked” me with her beautiful lipsticks. I just love listening to Mira’s videos and product descriptions. She not only deals with drugstore cosmetics, but also likes to use high-end cosmetic products from Chanel and Co. Mira films with her Canon EOS 600D.


Jasminar – Jasmin has 56,192 subscribers since mid 2006. I also already knew Jasmin from your blog, which she writes together with Isabella. Jasmin lives in Stuttgart with her dog Jimmy. After uploading 31 videos in October, you can now find a new video from her on YouTube every Wednesday and Sunday.

Jasmin stands out because of her long red hair and her pleasant and friendly manner. Quite relaxed and polite she explains her world and also some tutorials. From hair tutorial and makeup videos to cooking videos and OOTD videos Jasmin shows us what she likes. Jasmin is filming with a Canon EOS 500D.


ConsiderCologne – Lena and Leonie have 91,370 subscribers since the beginning of 2012. Blonde Lena lives and studies in Cologne. Dark-haired Leonie studies in Cologne and currently lives in Seville. Both also write a blog at On their YouTube channel you can find a mix of beautyvlog and lifestylelevlog, through the current FMA videos.

Shopping hauls, hair tutorials and food videos await the viewer. I always enjoy watching these two on their travels and shopping hauls. For their videos they use a Canon EOS 600D and sometimes a Sony alpha 57.


Dfashion100germany – Dfashion is Diana’s YouTube channel. She has 155,273 subscribers since the end of 2012. Dina vlogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Additionally, she writes her blog She just moved to Cologne and is making her apartment cozy. I always love to stop by Diana’s place. She has a soft and gentle way – she loves to smile.

It’s easy to listen to her and I’m always excited to hear her tips and shopping hauls. Diana uploads two videos per week to her YouTube channel. Diana films with her Canon EOS 700D.


DominoKati – Kati has 128,760 subscribers since the end of 2011. The 18 year old blonde loves to shoot videos about hairstyles, make up, fashion and lifestyle. The first video I saw from her was one of her famous hairstyle videos, a tutotial. But she also likes to answer “TAG “s in her lovely way. She is also open to challenges and curious about everything in the field of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Sometimes I find her visually similar to Dfashion (see above). Kati films her videos with the Canon EOS 600D.


xKarenina – Reni has 325,512 subscribers since mid-2007. She shoots a mix of beauty, lifestyle and fashion videos. The 24 year old student loves makeup and also likes to do it away from DM in the high-end cosmetics area. Reni has a very pleasant manner in her videos – clear, understandable and calm. You believe Reni in her product recommendations. She currently shoots about 1 video per week. You quickly notice her red-blonde hair and freckles. Reni films with a Canon EOS 600D.


xLaeta – Julia has 155,325 subscribers since the beginning of 2013. The 18 year old shoots videos about fashion, hairstyles and trends. I like to watch her tips and hairstyles for long hair. She herself has long blonde hair. I also find her makeup explanations beautifully done, in which she explains, for example, which eye shadow she recommends to which eye color. Shopping Hauls belong with her of course also. Twice a week (Monday or Tuesday and Friday) a new video appears. Julia shoots her videos with her Nikon D5100.


TheMsMania – Shanti Tan or Shanti Joan Tan has 228.587 subscribers since the beginning of 2010. The Asian or Chinese Shanti is 18 years old and shoots different videos about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She shoots 1-2 videos per week. Her natural way is infectious and you just love to listen to her. Shanti also has a huge following on Instagram. She films with her Nikon D5100.


Nhitastic – Nhi or Nhitastic has 186,328 subscribers since mid 2012. She is 19 years old and additionally writes a blog She lives in Bavaria and makes videos about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She is also very popular on Instagram. Nhi gives beauty tips and shows her shopping successes thanks to haul videos. My favorite thing about Nhi is watching her FMA videos. She films with her Canon EOS 600D.


KindOfRosy – Vania has 103,744 subscribers on her YouTube channel since mid-2011. She also has a blog since 2013, but I only found it after subscribing to her as a YouTuber. She makes videos about her shopping hauls, tutorials, reviews, outfits and tips – as long as it’s about beauty and fashion. Every Wednesday and Sunday, a video of her appears on YouTube. I really like Vania’s videos and her look. She uses her Canon EOS 600D for filming.


Barbieloveslipsticks – Barbara has 157,489 subscribers since mid 2012. She lives in the Düsseldorf area and shoots videos on beauty, shopping hauls, used up and reviews. She just moved – as a viewer you literally suffer with it, but of course it results in tons of videos. I like your top and flop products videos and also just like to listen to her. Her natural way quickly gives you that “good friend” feeling. I think she just can’t be in a bad mood. Barbie shoots 2 videos a week for her YouTube channel.


MadameTamTam – Andrea has 78,213 subscribers since mid 2008. Together with YouTuber Jasmin she has a blog about fashion and beauty respectively. Her videos revolve around the topics of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Andrea is 23 years old and studies English, health and nutrition. About two videos a week are currently appearing on your channel. I like to watch her videos, but that’s because of Andrea’s friendly nature. I like her TOP 5 products videos and her shopping hauls.

Mama Co

Mama Co – Steffi has 7,200 subscribers since your first video in mid-2013. I quickly remembered Steffi because she always has the same background, her makeup table, in your makeup videos. Also, her birthmark on her lower lip is, so to speak, her recognition feature. I like to watch her videos with makeup advice.

She makes videos about beauty, cosmetics, fashion, shopping hauls, makeup tutorials, vlogs, unboxing videos, used ups and FMAs. A new video is released almost every other day. Her makeup collection is huge – she also made a video about it. Steffi is really good to listen to. She films with a Panasonic HC-V210EG-K camcorder.


DariaDariaCom – Not “Daria”, but Madeleine or also Maddie has 5,321 subscribers since mid 2012. I know Maddie from her blog She is from Vienna and is a photographer and blogger by profession. Her lifestyle blog and fashion blog also has a YouTube channel where she promises a video every Friday. Currently, however, it is more like 2-5 videos per week. Her explanations, such as her photo equipment as a YouTuber are understandable and well explained. Her outfits and OOTDs are very nicely produced. You can tell she loves to film with her Canon 5D Mark III.

Best YouTuber - most famous and most popular YouTuber in Germany - Shan Rahimkhan - Star Hairdresser - My Styling Expert Shan Rahimkhan Salon in Berlin - Hair, Hairdresser, Extensions - Experience - Legria

I always like to watch international YouTubers, too, of course. Most of them are fashion bloggers, as I relate to these bloggers the most. Here is also my favorite YouTuber or blogger.


WendysLookbook – Wendy has 582,987 subscribers since early 2011. Her videos were the first videos I saw on fashion and high heels back then. Really professional videos. I actually know Wendy from her blog I really like her clothing style and her dear and direct way. The Asian gives tips or shows her clothes as emotion clips.

Wendy lives in California and of course likes to use the environment there as a backdrop. Her boyfriend is a film producer. Unfortunately, she produces only a few videos now, but I’m always happy when a new video of her appears. You can find recent videos on her second channel. Wendy is filming with her Canon 5D Mark III.


Zoella280390 – Zoella, or Zoe Sugg has 6,408,036 subscribers since the beginning of 2007. Zoe lives in Brighton (UK) and makes videos about many different things from beauty to lifestyle. She is one of the top personalities in the UK and currently shoots about 1 video a week. Her boyfriend is also a YouTuber. She has also been writing a blog since 2009. Zoe really started shooting videos herself only in 2009. Before that, she used YouTube to watch videos by “Lollipop26” and “TheCurrentCustom” herself back then. Zoe films with her Canon EOS 600D.

But I could go on with these lists indefinitely. If you want to have a little more fun, I like to check out “Määäcker Montag” by Mirella from Nuremberg of “Mirellativegal” (118,136 subscribers since mid-2012), for example. I also find even more beauty and entertainment at Jamina from “jamina1404” (31,339 subscribers since the beginning of 2011).

I also can’t ignore the other great beauty vloggers, like Maren or Mary from Hürth as “BeautyPeachiii” (413,359 subscribers since mid 2009) or the 28 year old beautician Ebru or Ebru’s Beautylounge as “Ebruza” (293,627 subscribers since mid 2008). Her word carries weight in the world of YouTube.

If you prefer to look for a male counterpart you can’t go past “HerrTutorial” (1,044,581 subscribers since early 2009), Sami Slimani. His whole family also shoots videos. Sami likes to give tips for all situations in life and is considered a big girl crush. The “PopStar” of the German YouTube scene from Berlin.

But also “HalfcastGermany” (1,504,403 subscribers since the end of 2009), Simon Desue (or Joshua Weißleder) is an interesting phenomenon on YouTube. He came to the attention of the wider public through his participation in the first Celebrity Big Brother. The subscriber numbers are really impressive. Of course, the subscriber numbers say nothing more about the content of the videos, except that many viewers are interested in what is shown there.

Bravo magazine (which is now only published every 14 days) has long since understood how important YouTubers have become for teenagers. All the tips and opinions of younger society are often shaped by YouTubers. There is already a YouTube magazine of its own, which Bravo would like to keep up with. An interesting development, in my opinion. Even some well-known music stars used to start small on YouTube, such as singer Lana Del Rey and the well-known Justin Bieber. The power of YouTube should not be underestimated.

I’m also struck by how closely YouTube is linked to other social media channels, such as Twitter and Instagram. The followers on YouTube are often found on other social media as well. A real fan culture and for advertising an interesting marketing concept. As far as anyone knows, the best-known YouTuber is the Swede Felix Kjellberg, aka “Pewdiepie.”

He is said to have earned around four million dollars from his YouTube channel last year. He easily gets 1.5 million views on just one new video in a day. Numbers that you first have to internalize. It’s no wonder, then, that abroad YouTubers and sometimes bloggers are already among the big VIPs. They have become important stars for society. In Germany, people are still a bit behind in this respect.

Anyone who watches YouTuber videos will sometimes be surprised by the “thumbs down” function and how often it is used. Anyone who doesn’t like a person or a video likes to give a “thumbs down” to annoy the YouTuber. However, a YouTuber is also happy about a “thumbs down” because it is an interaction and thus statistically positively evaluated at YouTube. Better a reaction than no reaction at all. As a YouTuber, you have to polarize in order to attract attention. However, every YouTuber is naturally more pleased about a “thumbs up”.

My photo equipment and video equipment - Blogger & YouTuber

Equipment among YouTubers in Germany I also find it striking and interesting that the Canon EOS 600D is almost always used for videos. Nikon is only very rarely represented. Photographers often use the Canon 5D Mark III, and many use Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Photoshop for editing. I didn’t pay much attention to the YouTuber’s camera at all before my compilation. Now I can really recommend one camera for YouTube: the quality of the Canon 600D is perfect for YouTube videos.

I hope you could find some new and interesting YouTubers thanks to my listing of my favorite and best YouTuber channels. I’m always happy to find new channels and have subscribed to many more even smaller YouTubers. YouTube is a great new way for me to be “sprinkled” or even to communicate with my “viewers”. I’m already looking forward to my first own live hangout.

If you are also interested in my fashion blog listing “most influential and best fashion blogs, best fashion blogs”, I have put together a list of my favorite blogs here. For those who like to travel the world, I have also created the whole thing in the travel blogs section “most influential and best travel blogs, and best travel reviews”. Of course, this is not just my personal opinion, but I’m happy to give you my personal impression of the blogs mentioned.

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….​

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….​

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