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Best YouTube Tips – More Followers, Subscribers and Views – Top 10 Tips

Explanation and best YouTube tips for more followers, subscribers and views. YouTube is one of those social networks that are only fun once you have some followers and subscribers of your own. Even if you film the videos almost only for yourself in the beginning, you want to get more...

Best YouTube Tips – More Followers, Subscribers and Views – Top 10 Tips

Best YouTube Tips – More Followers, Subscribers and Views – Top 10 Tips

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Explanation and best YouTube tips for more followers, subscribers and views. YouTube is one of those social networks that are only fun once you have some followers and subscribers of your own. Even if you film the videos almost only for yourself in the beginning, you want to get more followers, subscribers and views in the long run. Since I am active as a YouTuber myself and have also subscribed to some YouTubers, I have put together my experiences and YouTube tips for you as a help.  

YouTube has become important for me not only for entertainment. I watch YouTube many explanations or tutorials on outfit styling, beauty and makeup styling, and hairstyles. Informative, but sometimes a bit lengthy, I personally find shopping haul videos. However, I’m still always interested in how good some new products from the drugstore really are.

Often I would like to remember after the video performances of the products, these then for my inner wish list. Only YouTube videos have had this effect on me so far. Instagram and other social media networks do not manage to make me so curious and motivate.

YouTube has simply become important in this day and age and, along with Google, is the largest search engine on the Internet. In the USA, more than 50% of the search queries for tutorials, how-to, etc. are already entered directly via YouTube and no longer via Google. This shows the importance of YouTube and the need for video explanations.

Best YouTube Tips - More Followers, Subscribers and Views - Top 10 Tips

YouTube tips – get more YouTube followers, subscribers and views

There are enough successful YouTubers who have found exactly their target audience. I have already presented the best and most successful YouTubers from Germany. But how do you quickly become known yourself and get many new followers and subscribers? I can perhaps already give you some helpful YouTube tips. Whether this will change much for you in your follower numbers, I can not promise of course, but perhaps you will notice one or the other point on YouTube more consciously.

Publish YouTube videos regularly

The most important factor for a growing number of subscribers are videos. To avoid legal problems, you should create content and shoot videos yourself instead of using content from other users. The more videos you upload to YouTube, the more interesting your account becomes for others. The more regularly the videos appear, the more fans you will collect.

If you do not publish a planned video, you will be missed by your fans and followers. Some YouTubers have directly fixed days of the week for their videos – sometimes even theme-oriented, e.g. Tuesdays always a beauty video, Fridays a FMA video. YouTube tips: Regular and thoughtful content with a clear concept is important in the long run.

I try to put a video online on my YouTube channel every Monday evening and if I manage to do so, another video follows on Thursday evening. Should I ever be on the road, have little time and a week is not great active, I immediately receive dear emails whether everything is fine with me and when the next video appears. Love!

Best possible video quality for YouTube videos

Regular YouTube videos are of course of no use if the quality of the videos is not good enough. A video recorded with a laptop or a simple cell phone will generate fans only if the content is very worth watching. It is better to go directly to a good camera and good sound. From the value of the equipment it can vary here.

However, the best equipment is useless if you can’t handle the camera. Whether you work with a tripod or prefer to have a second person with you always depends on your own possibilities and preferences. Even with FMA videos for everyday life or events, there are good cameras that deliver acceptable image and sound quality. However, the result should always appear in HD quality on YouTube to attract more potential subscribers and be better listed in YouTube search.

The sound is just as important as the image quality – if it’s exhausting to listen to you, people will subscribe less often. Background music always interferes with narration if it’s too intrusive. Music for modelooks are usually a bit more difficult legally, as the really good songs are usually not allowed to be used. I can recommend you my solution for music in videos. So far I have always found a good and suitable song for YouTube video. More about the best equipment for YouTube you can find in my blogpost.

When I shoot videos for you, I prefer to go out into nature – sometimes a path, sometimes a piece of beach or a great location. Personally, I don’t like to shoot videos in my own four walls, although some YouTubers have already set up their own “YouTube room” and sit down right there to record every day or several times a week.

Thematically, it always depends on whether I prefer to record videos with a tripod or have a second person film “free-floating”. It’s always a question of equipment and the possibility of post-processing.

Best YouTube Tips - More Followers, Subscribers and Views - Top 10 Tips

Suitable background for videos and YouTube tips

Actually, it should go without saying with YouTube tips that you pay attention to what you can see in the background of the video. You should be aware that a room that is not tidy is naturally visible – however, some people like to show this as realistically as it really is. Personally, I prefer to watch videos where there is order and you can get inspired.

Beauty videos are mostly filmed in front of the famous white IKEA dressing table, outfit videos mostly outside in the city or nature, technology at a table – just look at where your role models are filming and find something similar that seems appropriate and you might even stand out.

With indoor videos, you can quickly get recognition value from the background. However, indoors, lighting problems sometimes come into play with the videos. Daylight or daylight lamps are important here.

If you want to work with a lot of blur in the background, you should make sure you have enough light and especially the right lens. An aperture of f2.8 already gives a very nice gradient, an aperture of f1.8 or even f1.4 or even f1.2 almost takes away your room to move and you will quickly become blurred even if you move even a few centimeters forward or backward in the video.

Best YouTube Tips - More Followers, Subscribers and Views - Top 10 Tips

Top YouTube Tips: Good thumbnails for YouTube videos

First impressions count! Often the preview image of a YouTube video decides whether I want to watch a video at all or not. I can only recommend to always take pictures before or after a video shoot as well. Of course, you can also cut still images out of a video, but I like the simple variant better and you can be creative with it. You can upload the desired thumbnail at the same time as the video.

If you like, you can also add text to the image, so that the viewer immediately knows what it’s about. Videos with good preview images and text are generally clicked on more often. Of course, you can also change a preview image afterwards. You should make sure that in the channel overview the thumbnails look as even as possible. At best, the header is filled with a nice personal header image and a nice, appealing profile picture has been selected.

Always make sure to produce your thumbnails as large as possible. If you later want to include the videos once in a blog and use a large video player, you will quickly see whether the image was produced in 1280×720 or even 1920×1080, or only 640×480 pixels. The smaller image will then be blurred on the blog and you will have to recreate all the thumbnails again.

Intro for a video – YouTube tips

If you want to use an intro for your video, it should be as short as possible and stay at 5-10 seconds in length. Sometimes people also work with an intro after the first few minutes of video. Even though it is easier to remember the video producer and the video channel with an intro, a long intro can also scare the viewer right back. Even worse is then only showing a commercial at the beginning of the video if you want to retain viewers.

To get subscribers, it is of course difficult if you first see advertising on YouTube, before you can start the tutorial and then first get an intro of 20-30 seconds with a bad music. Often these are already reasons why visitors do not continue watching the video and subsequently do not follow the account or channel.

Title and description of the YouTube video

Absolute number one of YouTube tips: it is best to have a title and description of the video to explain the video shown in words. Feel free to be creative, but always remember to search YouTube. If you would name a fashion outfit video “Summertime”, no one will find you when they are looking for a outfit video.

The description and the info text are also important to fill in. Even if you want your video to be viewed in full, feel free to describe your video in the text and link to websites, videos or products. It is even possible to jump to certain moments in the video with a time specification. Of course, you can also invite people to subscribe. I always read through the descriptions and comments as I continue to listen to the video.

If the video is a bit lengthy and the information box doesn’t reveal more about the topic, the viewer is much more likely to “flip the channel” or pick another video that are featured in the right block and thus probably won’t follow the channel.

Social media and blog linking for YouTube

Of course, it helps if you have your own blog and there is already a larger community on social media channels. If the video is incorporated or linked in a blog, this is of course good for you. Of course, you should link and promote your YouTube account everywhere you can. Many followers from other networks, also quickly become followers on YouTube. Share your videos and your account on social media where you can.

Please don’t forget that YouTube belongs to Google, so Google+ should not be underestimated as a network. In the social media channels you are welcome to use hashtags to be found better.

Best YouTube Tips - More Followers, Subscribers and Views - Top 10 Tips

Content of the YouTube channel as YouTube tips

Videos that are watched again and again with pleasure are usually videos with added value or entertainment value. When watching a video, people are often looking for a piece of information, like YouTube tips or even inspirations and improvements. A good mix of entertainment and information is very well received – boredom and monotony, on the other hand, not so well. Which topics you shoot videos about now depends on your own preferences, interests, education and hobbies.

Of course, you can always ask your followers and subscribers for a desired topic and then respond to it. In general, a variety in your own videos is not wrong, as long as a certain thread remains. Interviews and joint videos are also always well received. If you are unsure, just give it a try – the number of views and reactions will show you what your subscribers prefer to see.

Ask yourself, which videos do you like to watch, where could you stay for hours or are you already waiting for the next update. Just don’t get the idea to copy the video channels you like to watch. It’s always just a copy and usually doesn’t come close to the original. The big YouTubers often have years of experience with hundreds of videos and that doesn’t work out in the beginning.

Point to subscription – YouTube tips

In your own videos, you should calmly point out the possibility of a subscription. Whether spoken or also as a link insertion or even in the text in the infobox. Sometimes the option of a subscription is simply forgotten and overlooked by the viewers.

Sweepstakes bring an extra follower every now and then. However, the new subscribers gained are not real fans and not particularly active. For a good community and interaction, sweepstakes followers are not really useful and helpful.

If you have an interesting channel, regularly have good videos or also comment positively on others (without promoting your channel) many YouTuber also look once and also their followers and your own community grows – but does not actively point to a subscription on other sites. Here, of course, it is then effective if you have a good and interesting profile picture.

Caution with monetization

There is generally nothing against monetization of videos. Here, advertisements are displayed or advertising videos are played. However, these promotional videos are only really useful and lucrative if the videos that you have released for this purpose are already running well.

If a video starts with advertising at the beginning, you quickly scare away possible new and already won subscribers. Personally, I would rather be sparing with ads if I want to gain new subscribers.

You always have to consider, if you have a nice video that might also get 500-1000 views a day, whether it’s worth it to you to bother your viewers with ads that might then bring you between 20 and 40 euros at the end of the month or whether you’d rather wait until the channel is even bigger and the earnings justify some advertising.

Best YouTube Tips - More Followers, Subscribers and Views - Top 10 Tips

Allow video embedding – Basic YouTube tips

Actually quite logical, but still important to mention in my YouTube tips: you should allow the embedding of the videos. This is the only way to embed and promote the videos in websites and blogs. Of course, it is good if your own videos are embedded in websites, because it stands for a high value and importance of the video. Please also take a close look at all the settings for the video to see if everything fits.

In the long run, as your followers grow, you will have more options for videos and video settings. As YouTube tips I can recommend you to fill out everything that is possible. Preferably even the subtitles. Pro YouTube Tips: Subtitles help rank your video on Google.

Be active yourself – subscribe and comment

As with almost any social media system, you have to be active yourself to get noticed. One should subscribe to other similar channels as YouTube tips. On the one hand, you can certainly learn a thing or two from the successful YouTubers and get YouTube tips for yourself – however, interaction is also very important.

YouTube tips: you should comment on videos that you have something to say about. The more personal or helpful, the better for you and your channel as YouTube tips. So it’s not enough to just draw attention to yourself, you should write a comment that really relates to the video. This way, curious people will quickly become subscribers and fans.

Self-promotion and spam rarely goes down well. It’s also better to avoid begging for a mention from the big YouTubers right away. It is more important to produce good content yourself. Mutual promotions and cooperations will then develop all by themselves.

If you receive comments on your own videos, always comment back and ask questions. This often leads to nice conversations, friendships and of course subscribers and followers.

Best YouTube Tips - More Followers, Subscribers and Views - Top 10 Tips

CONCLUSION – YouTube tips for more followers and views

There are many things and YouTube tips that can make a YouTube channel more popular. Some of the possibilities you can think of, I have now summarized for you. Feel free to tell me your experiences, what helped you to get more active followers on YouTube or why you like to follow other channels. Of course, this always depends on your own personality and this is where you can learn a lot about yourself.

There is certainly no one hundred percent recipe for success on YouTube – but a mixture of ambition, personal activity and a little patience will certainly help. I also still like to listen to the criticism as YouTube tips on videos, is it too quiet, too loud or simply poorly recorded from the light. Only in this way can I also still improve my videos and hopefully make more subscribers out of the visitors to my YouTube channel in the long run.

However, there are also limits and any kind of insults you do not need to put up with for your trouble. Also a listing of wish lists, what you should produce but especially for some users, you do not have to take for full. You can also completely block users for comments – just do what’s good for you here, it’s your channel.

Just be creative and stay true to yourself. Don’t make videos just because others would like you to, make it for you. I am happy if my YouTube tips help you a little bit and if you come back to my blog for more YouTube tips in the long run. Maybe I will make a new video about my YouTube tips.

I wish you many new subscribers and a lot of fun filming and on YouTube with my YouTube tips!

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….​

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….​

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