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Best Snapchat Profiles – Top 10 Fashion Blogger Accounts – Influencer

Table of Contents

Best Snapchat Profiles – Top 10 Fashion Blogger Accounts – Influencer

Overview of best Snapchat profiles and top 10 fashion blogger accounts of influencers for German Snaps. Snapchat is the new video app for smartphone users. Hardly any app is currently growing faster than Snapchat. Everywhere short videos are posted on the best Snapchat profiles, whether by stars and celebrities, or lifestyle bloggers and fashion bloggers, or even acquaintances and friends. Live via Snapchat thereby in everyday life – blunt and real impressions or with good filters. While on Instagram rather a beautiful illusory world is created by photos, you do not have extremely large editing options on Snapchat.

It has never been easier to create a short video from one’s own everyday life or to view short videos from others. However, producing videos is only fun once you have found followers and friends on Snapchat yourself. Also, following other uploaded videos is only possible once you have found other interesting Snapchat account.

Best Snapchat Profiles – Top 10 Blogger Accounts 

Who once understood Snapchat, is happy to spend time on Snapchat to watch his subscribers in everyday life. Who is still a little difficult with the program for the smartphone, I have created a guide to the app Snapchat.

Now where and how to find best Snapchat profiles and interesting accounts and people on Snapchat? On the one hand, you can find friends on Snapchat if you approve your address book for Snapchat to search. However, not everyone likes to do this. It is easier if you know the username of others on Snapchat. The names on Snapchat often differ from the usual user names. But how do you find the names of the important and best Snapchat profiles without arbitrarily following just anyone?

Best Snapchat profiles and accounts

Many Snapchatters give their usernames from Instagram on Snapchat, so that you can find them there faster. They also promote their own Snapchat channel on other platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube or Google+. Bloggers and fashion bloggers like to write their Snapchat name on their blog or even write a blog post about it. However, not everyone is convinced by Snapchat or even understands the hype of the app. There are many opponents of the app and yet there are some fashion bloggers who have fallen in love with the app and no longer want to do without it.

The easiest way to add someone to Snapchat is to open the app and take a picture of the other person’s ghost. Of course, you need the other person’s ghost to do this. Either you see each other and both open the app, or you find a picture of the ghost on the web. 

Fashion blog VanessaPur - Hamburg - Elbphilharmonie - Overknee boots - HugoBoss coat - Mustang jeans - Wolford body - Harbour jetty - Best Snapchat Profiles - Top 10 Fashion Blogger Accounts for German Snaps from Influencers - Luxury Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine - Styling Tips Vanessa Pur Fashion Blogger

I have once compiled the most important top 10 and best Snapchat profiles and Snapchat names of the well-known German fashion bloggers:

GERMAN FASHION BLOGGER – Best Snapchat Profiles.

“blissiry” is my Snapchat name. I report as Vanessa Pur on my fashion blog and lifestyle blog about my elegant fashion and special events. I give you an insight into my luxury hotels and gladly the one or other tip for blogging or YouTube. Every now and then I will create a short video for you via Snapchat – a direct look behind the scenes. Some of the things that are everyday life for me as a blogger may be interesting and exciting for you. I look forward to seeing you!

“mashasedgwick” is the matching Snapchat of Masha Sedgwick from the fashion blog Maria has momenten gray hair and lives in Berlin. Through her well-known blog, she is constantly on the go and of course also has Snapchat with her.

“bekleidet” is the Snapchat account of Jana from Münster. With her blog, the delicate blonde, who strongly reminds of Taylor Swift, is known throughout Germany. She is also often on the road and likes to take you with her via Snapchat.

“the3rdvoice” is the Snapchat name of Angela and her fashion blog The Munich native lives in a shared apartment and shares many private thoughts and moments with you. Often you can see her cat in the snaps as well.

“luisaslions” is the username of Luisa Lion. In addition to her FMAs on YouTube, the blogwalker is now also busy shooting Snapchats. Often Luisa is out and about in Los Angeles for her blogwalk blog

More Best Snapchat Profiles of Fashion Bloggers and Bloggers on Snapchat:

“novalanalove” Farina Opoku from Cologne from the blog
“designdschungel” Laura from Hamburg from
“palinapralina” Palina from Cologne from
“overdivity” Ania from Hamburg from the fashion blog
“magimania” Magi from the beauty blog
“luziehtan” Luciana from
“fashionblogamm” Alix from Munich from
“madamebouton” Doreen from
“fashiioncarpet” Nina from Munich from the fashion blog
“fashionmonger09” Özlem from Berlin from the blog
“ifiwereaudrey” Chi from

But there are many more bloggers who have also fallen in love with Snapchat and direct communication with followers. Many bloggers are currently using Snapchat more than Instagram…. maybe you know some more blogger accounts so that they can be added here?

More famous stars and celebrities as best Snapchat profiles:

“rebecca_mir” model and presenter Rebecca Mir on Snapchat (one of my favorite accounts).
“bonniesbrain” presenter and IT girl Bonnie Strange on Snapchat
“helloleni” singer Lena Meyer Landrut on Snapchat

German YouTuber as the best Snapchat profiles:

“” Bianca from Bibisbeautypalace
“Dagibeee” Dagibee
“juliencotv” Julian from Juliencotv
“samislimani” Sami Slimani
“therealliont” LiontTV
“realsimondesue” Simon Desue
“melinasophie” LifeWithMelina
“sheynika” ShirinDavid
“philphiliam” Phil from YTitty
“matthiastc” TC from YTitty
“heiko_lochmann” Heiko Lochmann from DieLochis
“roman_lochmann” Roman Lochmann from DieLochis
“dnertv” Dner
“ellevant” Nilam from Daaruum
“janinauhse” Janina Uhse
“dfashion100” Diana from Dfashion
“ebrusbeauty” Ebrusbeautylounge
“mamiseelen” Nancy from Mamiseelen
“fpilgrim” Mira from FunnyPilgrim
“thejoyceilg” Joyce Ilg
“annamdamm” Anna Maria Damm
“paola-mariaa” Paola Maria
“unsnap” Unge
“fresh_torge” Torge from Freshtorge
“andre-schiebler” Andre from ApeCrime
“cengizdogrul” Cengiz from ApeCrime
“janapecrime” Jan from Apecrime
“DwieDima” Dima from DieAussenseiter
“BamJulien” Julien Bam
“tzonlive” TZON
“i2xzi” Izzi
“kayefofficial” Kayef

These are just some of the well-known and popular YouTubers on Snapchat. So far, only miss some YouTubers on Snapchat. You can learn more about the most popular and famous YouTubers in my matching blogpost about it.


“kristina_bazan” Kristina Bazan from the famous blog
“chiaraferragni” Chiara Ferragni from the famous blog
“songofstyle” Aimee Song from the fashion blog
“ihaveacameltoe” Kenza Zouiten from fashion blog
“wendyslookbook” Wendy Nguyen from fashion blog

Again, there are still some fashion blogs and best Snapchat profiles that could be added.


“mileyxxcyrus” is singer Miley Cyrus Snapchat name.
“ArianaGrandePrv” is singer Ariana Grande on Snapchat
“LivelyBK” name of actress and IT girl Blake Lively on Snapchat
“Kimkardash” Kim Kardashian account on Snapchat
“KanyeWest” Snapchat name of Kanye West
“Rihanna” is the Snapchat name for singer Rihanna
“SelenaGomez” is the Snapchat name for Selena Gomez on Snapchat
“KendallJenner” is the Snapchat account of Kandall Jenner
You can find many more stars if you consciously search for them on Google.

Best Snapchat Profiles - Top 10 Fashion Blogger Accounts for German Snaps from Influencers - Luxury Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine - Styling Tips Vanessa Pur Fashion Blogger

Conclusion – Top 10 best Snapchat profiles of bloggers and influencers.

I hope you enjoy following and watching the snaps of these mentioned people. Snapchat has long lost its grungy image and is used by many stars and famous people to show how life really is, or what’s new to report. Companies and big brands have long used Snapchat as a marketing tool to spread information in a short time for selected followers and fans.

There will always be accounts and best Snapchat profiles that you just love to watch, but also accounts that bore you quickly. There’s nothing wrong with unfollowing Snapchatters at any time. However, you won’t get a more direct behind-the-scenes look at the show business and its people anytime soon. With some Snapchatters, you even develop a “best friend” feeling and feel much faster connected with people, bloggers, YouTubers and stars.

Another little tip from me, if you want to “fast forward” on Snapchat: press the snap to play with one finger and tap the video with another finger. You will then jump directly to the next Snap video…. – sometimes very helpful 🙂

I’ll be happy to keep adding to this “Best Snapchat Profiles” list when I find new interesting accounts for you. Now I wish you first of all fun to follow the accounts that interest you.

Feel free to leave your account here as a fashion and beauty blogger – maybe you will link to this page on your Facebook pages – so that there is a regular exchange and interesting best Snapchat profiles and accounts are found. I plan to do the same for Facebook pages and for YouTubers…. so participate diligently…

* This post contains affiliate links to fashion stores or Amazon, so I may earn a small commission when you make any purchase at these stores through links on my site at no additional cost or disadvantages to you. By making purchases through my page, you help to continue to provide new content on this website for free.

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