Best German Over 30 Blogs and Over 40 Blogs – Most Popular Top 10 Best Agers Bloggers

Best German Over 30 Blogs and Over 40 Blogs – Most Popular Top 10 Best Agers Bloggers

Best German Over 30 Blogs and Over 40 Blogs – Most Popular Top 10 Best Agers Bloggers

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Best German Over 30 Blogs and Over 40 Blogs from the most popular Top 10 Best Agers Bloggers. A list of the most popular and best over 30 and over 40 blogs from Germany. An overview of the Top 10 Blogger and Best Ager Blogger from fashion blogs, travel blogs and lifestyle blogs. A mixture of my current personal favorites and the blogs popular on the Internet among the over 30 and over 40 blogs target group. A target group that reveals many more readers than bloggers in the age group and thus also quickly and automatically generated the appropriate influencers.

I myself catch myself more and more often on blogs of the older generation. Maybe it’s the writing style or the info content of the blogposts on the over 30 blogs and over 40 blogs? Certainly, the life experience and attitude to life of the over 30 bloggers and over 40 blogs and bloggers plays a big role here. Often you can find in this upper age group also journalists who can write really well and really like to live out in their blog.

While over 18 bloggers like to write about beauty tips and fashion outfits, you can more often find mommy blogs and family blogs among over 25 and over 30 bloggers. Surely hardly surprising that as a woman who does not want to deal with the new drugstore products and children’s problems every day, you automatically end up with the older over 30 and over 40 blogs and bloggers.

Also for many companies and cooperation partners, the over 30 blogs and over 40 blogs or bloggers address a very interesting target group. However, since there are not many bloggers who still start writing a blog at an older age, you see the same bloggers again and again at many events.

So it also happened that at my over 30 and over 40 blogger event and blogger trip to the “Lösch für Freunde” luxury hotel, many bloggers already knew each other. What was immediately striking about this trip was the high quality of the conversations and the lower smartphone usage. Really interesting to observe the differences of the generations of bloggers as an outsider, if you are otherwise more often on the road with the younger bloggers.

Many of the bloggers who were on the blogger journey at the time are among the top over 30 and over 40 blogs that I personally enjoy reading. Other blog readers also consider these over 30 and over 40 blogs to be among the most readable blogs in the best agers segment. Since I am often looked at somewhat incredulously by younger bloggers as to whether there are any older bloggers out there at all, I figured it was time for a breakdown and introduction to my best over 30 blogs, over 40 blogs and over 50 blogs.

Best German Over 30 Blogs and Over 40 Blogs - Most Popular Top 10 Best Agers Bloggers

Most Popular and Best German Over 30 Blogs and Over 40 Blogs – Top 10 Bloggers

Since my blog often does not address the over 18 readers, but rather read by the generation over 25, over 30 and over 40, I count my blogs also often already quite clearly to the over 30 blogs and over 40 blogs.

Lifestyleblog – Vanessa Pur – I write as Vanessa Pur on my blog about my life as a fashion blogger, travel blogger and lifestyle blogger. From luxury hotels to elegant fashion and the latest technology, my blog has a section of interest for every over 30 and over 40 blogs reader. My fashion looks are rather elegant and sexy and deliberately also not intended for the masses, but for people who have no problem to stand out and like to be perceived as a woman.

The latest fashion trends from H&M, Mango, etc. are often something for the generation U20, which is less often represented on my blog. Maybe it’s also because of my “weakness” for shoes with the red sole, which are also preferred by women over 25.

My hotels that I like to visit are on the one hand business hotels, but also very many luxury hotels, such as Kempinski Hotels, St. Regis or hotels from “Leading Hotels of the World”. At the moment I prefer to travel in Germany and like to take my time to learn to love my own country and to give tips from the closer surroundings. Even though many of my younger blogger colleagues like to travel too far as much as possible, I think I’ve lived out this phase enough and choose my travel destinations much more consciously.

It’s just more unbelievable to your own readers if you spend two days on the beach in the Caribbean, then three days in the Maldives, and then maybe South Africa. Which follower can afford that and who remembers with the flood of information then still, where the blogger is just on the beach. I prefer to present my projects over a longer period of time and in more detail – for example, as recently Stylt, the ADLON in Berlin, etc..

I love to surround myself with high quality fashion, latest technology and products that make my life as a blogger easier. Be it a smartphone with the best camera, or a smartwatch that keeps an eye on me to make sure I’m moving enough and drinking enough and that my pulse isn’t too high. I’m always looking forward to exciting collaborations and projects.

Best Ager Travel Blog & Foodblog – Leoni – Leoni is from Munich and is one of my first loyal readers who finally started her own blog in 2013. First as a food blog and shortly after as a Best Ager travel blog. I always enjoy stopping by the over 50 blogger to read authentic blogposts about recipes and travel. Leoni likes to try out current recipes or share traditional family recipes for delicious cakes and a few recipes have made it into my kitchen in my limited time. The cinnamon buns are recommended and can rival the original cinnamon buns I encountered in Stockholm.

With her travel reports on Walking on Clouds, I also still learn something – or did you know that you can visit the “Big Ben” Elizabeth Tower in London only two months a year and only as an English citizen? I am curious what I can still learn from her blog in the future, read and re-cook or re-bake. Leoni shows that even with over 50 years as a blogger you can still travel far away and reports from her travels to Australia, Asia or from North America. In addition, Leoni regularly reports on her best-ager travel blog about different and interesting cruises – so also a small cruise blog! Keep it up!

Lifestyle Blog Frl. Ordnung – Denise Colquhoun Over 40 Blogs – I’ve known Denise Colquhoun and her blog Frl. Ordnung online since I’ve been blogging myself. In April 2011 Denise began with your order blog and speaks many women with her writing from the soul. The family blogger from NRW explains how to bring more order into everyday life. On the blog of Fräulein Ordnung you can always find ideas for decoration and interior, as well as many helpful tips. If you are looking for delicious recipes, Denise is also in the best hands.

Denise then came to my personal attention by chance during a cooperation at an online meeting. A short time later, we got to know each other better at a blogger events at the IFA fair and we were both positively surprised by each other. 🙂  Some people you just like when you meet and with Denise this was the case. All the more I was happy that I could take Denise with me on my blogger trip to the LÖSCH für Freunde Hotel a short time later.

I appreciate in Denise her fighting spirit and her always friendly and positively curious nature. A right portion of humor and her loving nature can also be felt as a reader on her authentic over 30 blog. I always find her interviews regarding different closets worth reading. In addition to her blog with the traditional columns, such as the order day (Thursday) or the weekly review (weekly happiness Saturday) Frl. Ordnung has also written a book “Seven days for a tidy life” and helps again and again people to bring order into their lives and in their homes.

Recently, Denise’s blog moved from Blogger to WordPress and I find the new design even more fitting to her name than before. I’m already looking forward to meeting Denise again and am glad that coincidences brought us together back then, and here I say thank you again for the delicious chocolate cake she baked just for me…. so sweet! 🙂

Fashion blog Conny Doll Lifestyle – Conny Doll Over 40 Blogs – Conny Doll may still be known to some under the blog name Ahemadundahos. Since 2013 Conny writes your fashion blog and lifestyle blog from Munich. She is a mother and wife and reports from her everyday life, as a woman over 40. Conny is always seen with red lips and a smile on her face. She stands for wearable fashion that doesn’t have to be boring and likes to let others sit in the front row at Fashionweek.

I also met Conny during the blogger trip to Hornbach and am always happy when I meet Conny. Conny is always in a positive mood and beams with joie de vivre, which has an effect on those around her. The blog is a hobby for Conny besides her job and a way to live out her love for fashion. I knew Conny’s blog A Hemad and a Hos from the beginning and I enjoy watching how the photos and the blog have evolved since then. I may not be completely innocent in some of the changes to the blog either. 🙂 I look forward to many more meetings with Conny Doll.

Lifestyleblog Life40up – Valérie Müller over 40 Blogs – Valérie Müller writes in her over 40 lifestyle blog about all topics that interest a woman over 40. However, her blog is also very readable for younger readers and men and always written in a positive tone. When you start reading Valérie’s blog, you may not be able to get away from her blog so quickly.

You can tell right away that Valérie studied German language and literature and that she really enjoys writing in general. Just as you get to know Valérie in her texts, you also experience her when you meet her in person. Having met and gotten to know Valérie and her husband at several marriage weekends, I can tell you that it’s always fun to meet these two lovely people.

On the blog Life40up you are “gesiezt” as a over 40 blogs reader, which has a very special charm in today’s fast world. With this charm and a hint of irony and a lot of joie de vivre, Valérie takes us into her world and likes to try new and unfamiliar things. A classy woman and mother who knows exactly what she wants. I look forward to our next meeting, dear Valérie. 🙂

Lifestyle Blog Dreiraumhaus – Andrea Stodden over 40 Blogs – I met Andrea Stodden at a blogger event in Berlin and immediately found her direct and honest style impressive. On your blog you can immediately recognize her personal style. She more or less slipped into “blogging” back in 2013 and started out as a test monster before launching her own blog, which is now known as Dreiraumhaus. The name says it all and so Andrea’s blog is all about what’s happening around her and in her house.

Soon Andrea will move with her son and her sweet dog “Bommel” from NRW to Leipzig and is already looking forward to a new phase of life. Just recently we talked about how amazing it is what our blogs have already made possible for us and how grateful we are for that. I’ve come to know Andrea as a hardworking, reliable and focused blogger with a photographic eye for detail and various decorating elements.

Her drive is contagious and so it’s probably not surprising that her best friend and her son are also in the starting blocks with their blogs. By the way, you can also recognize her discipline by watching how Andrea has lost many kilos in just a few months. I keep my fingers crossed for Andrea’s new start in Leipzig and look forward to seeing you again soon, then for the fourth time.

Fashion blog and lifestyle blog Glamupyourlifestyle – Cla over 50 blogs – I’ve known Cla online since she started her blog in 2012. Last year I met and got to know her and her best friend during a blogger trip in Southern Germany. Cla is from Frankfurt and is a very sweet and honest person who likes to know where she stands. Due to the fact that Cla photographed her outfits from the beginning with self-timer in front of a wall herself, this quickly became her recognition feature. In the meantime, she gets offers from various wallpaper manufacturers who would like to be seen in the background of the pictures.

Cla from Glam up your Lifestyle loves fashion and fashion and especially bags and shoes. I know very few women over 40 who still like to wear high heels, leather pants and red lips. On Cla’s lifestyle blog you can also learn more about beauty topics like wrinkles or menopause in general. Cla is for me a great and proud woman who looks absolutely great and takes life not too seriously. A great attitude to life! I am already looking forward to our next meeting of the Ü40 blogs. 🙂

Best Ager Life Style Blog Uefuffzich – Bärbel Over50 Blogs – Bärbel started writing her blog in 2012 after being rather active in forums before. She recently moved from Berlin to Hamburg. Sometimes you can find her on the net as “Eau Minerale”. Bärbel counts herself among the over 50 bloggers and wants to show that you can still be fashionable beyond 50. She has a preference for high-quality products, such as her great bags.

I met Bärbel in Berlin, where I met her twice in one week. She was a guest at my #BerlinOffline event and then at a beauty brand launch event. I’m happy every time I see Bärbel with her glow and hope we run into each other more often.

Beautyblog & Lifestyle Blog Schminktante – Anja Frankenhäuser over 40 Blogs – Anja Frankenhäuser is a make-up artist and has been writing her blog since 2007. I find it particularly worth reading and credible to get tips and assessments on products from a beauty expert like Anja. On her blog, she also likes to devote herself to the topic of skin aging. Anja is at home in Potsdam and is nevertheless on the road a lot.

She is often active as a stylist for well-known personalities and has already experienced the “Fashion Week” hype in Berlin first-hand backstage. I could listen to her stories for hours and was able to get to know Anja personally as a great woman in Frankfurt at one of my blogger workshops. I find her excursions into the fashion world also very charming and like her simple, effective and explanatory videos additionally very much. I look forward to seeing Schminktante Anja once again and maybe I will even be her styling victim one day :).Modeblog – Anette Hepp – Anette Hepp is a blogger over 40, writes one of the classic Ü40 blogs and has also recently caught my eye again and again on the World Wide Web. She started her fashion blog in 2014 and thus fulfilled her dream. She loves fashion and that’s exactly what you can feel in each of her great model looks, which are sometimes elegant and sometimes sporty. You can feel Anette’s zest for life in each of her extremely high quality lookbook pictures.

I am thrilled by Anette’s positive aura and charisma and find the clothing style she shows stylish and absolutely wearable, even for older women. With her short dark hair and perfect makeup, Anette always catches my eye. I’m excited to see more fashion looks on Heppiness from Anette.

Top Best Ager Blogs Over 30 Blogs Over 40 Blogs – German Over 30 and Over 40 Bloggers

As you can probably guess, I read many more over 30 and over 40 blogs and would like to introduce you with this blogpost only a few more detailed. I hope that no one is sad because I have not introduced them in detail. You are just as great bloggers as my 10 mentioned bloggers and maybe there will be a continuation of this listing soon – then with the second group of over 30 blogs, over 40 blogs and over 50 bloggers, new travel blogs and new lifestyle blogs.

For all the bloggers I mentioned, I just want to clarify that this is not a special order or some kind of ranking. I don’t think you can have any ranking at all with blogs. What are you supposed to measure blogs by? By the followers? By the likes on social media? By the blog visitors? By the external image? By the appearance of the blogger? The photos? By the texts? Or perhaps on the basis of personal preferences? I could not put any of the blogs on position 1 and see my listing also more as information for people who know no over 30 and over 40 blogs or even over 50 bloggers at all.

By a wonderful coincidence, I have almost all of my older bloggers mentioned above in a picture along with me. I was lucky enough to meet many of the above bloggers already in person and almost had to be a little careful with the information that I do not reveal too much about some women, which they themselves do not have in their “About me” texts. Some “private” I keep then but rather for me and I hope you understand that.

Perhaps you have noticed that my over 40 blogs and bloggers listing is only about women. So far I had to do with very little male over 40 blogs and bloggers and could probably also only very difficult to show a listing of the best male bloggers from all industries and all age groups. But maybe this will come your way soon anyway. If you’re male readers of my blog, maybe consider taking up blogging! There are few male bloggers and even fewer male over 40 blogs, except maybe in travel.

If you are also interested in bloggers from the under 40 and over 40 segment, you might find the right blog in my listing of best and most successful fashion bloggers. Those who are more interested in travel instead of fashion may find the right blog in my listing of the best travel bloggers. If you prefer watching movies and videos, you might find a new YouTuber in my list of the best-known and most popular YouTubers. For those of you who haven’t really found your way around Snapchat yet, I’ve also put together a listing of the most popular and well-known Snapchat accounts.

I’m glad if I could help you with my top 10 list of over 30 and over 40 bloggers and maybe you could find a new favorite blog. Until the next Top 10 Blogger compilation!

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

Believe in yourself, your personal dreams and start your own journey – just for you….

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