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The best beauty apps for image editing on the smartphone

Table of Contents

The best beauty apps for image editing on the smartphone

Beauty apps for face filters are now part of the smartphone for many. Nowadays, real life also takes place simultaneously on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many other smartphone apps, and therefore also beauty apps. Few people are aware that the online images from the various networks often deviate from reality.

As a viewer, one would like to dive into the friendly, bright illusory world of others. Whether it’s a nicely put-together breakfast, a great outfit or a special place – we like to be up close and personal. But especially when it comes to selfies, beauty apps have tricks that can bring fun to anyone’s smartphone photography.

For an Instagram-worthy breakfast picture, some users and bloggers take a little longer in the morning. The perfect ingredients are sought for the usually bright and friendly breakfast picture. Healthy and delicious it should look and the fuller the table, the more popular. At least the scrambled eggs will be cold after the photo then, but the picture was certainly worth it.

Quickly add a little more brightness thanks to image processing and the picture is ready for the various social media networks. For a landscape shot, you can quickly adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation until the picture looks coherent.

The best beauty apps for cell phones

For a selfie, there are a few selfie tips that you can follow directly when taking the picture, but sometimes the light is still not perfect and the circles under your eyes are more visible than you actually feel. I know fashion bloggers who take almost 100 selfies and then take one of them and edit it with beauty apps.

If you’re not a pro on the web, let me tell you that the “pros” don’t do it any differently. Fortunately, there are beauty apps and programs that help the selfie look perfect later. Simple image editing thanks to beauty apps on the smartphone quickly on the go is possible and not so difficult.

If you look at beauty apps and photo editing apps for the iPhone and for Android smartphones like Samsung, Windows, HTC – you get a lot of apps displayed, but which apps are really useful and helpful? I’ll tell you my favorites for really good pictures.

The best beauty apps for image editing on the smartphone


For me, the YouCamPerfect app is one of the best selfie apps and beauty apps for image editing. For one, you can directly use a filter with the photo function, but I rarely use that.

I prefer to take a picture that I took with my smartphone and then use the “beautify” function.

The face is scanned (you can move points that don’t fit) and then select functions like skin smoothing, shape change, eye enlargement, nose beautification, acne removal, blush, oil-free T-zone, remove bags under the eyes and other functions. A slider allows you to adjust the intensity of the filter so it’s not too unrealistic. No rubbing over the monitor to destroy bags under the eyes, for example, but simply already erased by the technology behind it.

If you want to change something in the make-up or quickly whiten your teeth, you can move on to the next program – YouCamMakeup. There is also a beauty circle for beauty and fashion inspiration, similar to Pinterest. 

The best beauty apps for image editing on the smartphone


At the YouCamMakeup beauty app you can put on makeup without makeup and try out new looks. With makeup on, of course, you can also customize your look. What’s interesting here is that this doesn’t just work on a photo, but is put on your face live in video mode. For me, an app with a really high fun factor. For example, you can choose the item “natural makeup” and upload a picture to the app.

One can choose pre-made looks or manually edit the face. On the one hand, you can again find the beautification tool from the YouCamPerfect app and additional options for eyeliner, eyelashes, eye shadow, eyebrows, eye color, lipstick and brighter teeth. Funny thing at the moment is the hair option, but here the developers are still working on it.

I’m surprised at how perfectly the adjustments fit and how little you have to correct yourself. Also in this app you have access to the beauty circle. In the future, you should be able to buy the products you try directly for real.


Another beauty app to beautify the face and hide the skin imperfections. Similar to YouCamPerfect, Perfect365 lets you put different makeup variants on a selfie face picture. Here you can also put gloss on the lips, enhance the smile and brighten the whites of the eyes. Personally, I still get along better with the handling and the result of YouCamPerfect, but maybe it’s the other way around for you.


One of the most popular beauty apps that you can use to quickly whiten your teeth and smooth your face. You select the function you want on Facetune and “rub” across the monitor to apply the desired function to a spot on the image. With “Overlay” you can “stamp” something away. It gets funny with the option “Reshape”, here you quickly become your own comic figure, if you are not careful :-).


The image editing app PicBeauty for smartphone, which smoothes the skin and brightens the image. Here you can also adjust the intensity. Personally, the smoothing effect is a bit too extreme for me. I used to like the program on the iPhone, but on Android I had problems with saving (which no longer exist) and deleted the program. For quick editing of selfies, the program is good and easy to understand.

The best beauty apps for image editing on the smartphone


I use Snapseed mainly for landscape shots, but I also use the app for selfies from time to time. For landscape shots, I like to add some drama (click on the brush and scroll down) and still adjust brightness, saturation, and ambiance when fine-tuning. For people shots, I like to brighten up the faces a bit.

To do this, I use “Selective Adjustment” tap on the area I want to edit and use two fingers to drag the area smaller. Now drag to the right with one finger and the spot becomes lighter in the image. Drag down with your finger to also change the contrast and saturation for the spot. Already you have brightened a face where you would have actually needed a flash. After that, you can still use the YouCamPerfect app to beautify the face a bit if you want.

The best beauty apps for image editing on the smartphone


For breakfast pictures, I like to use VSCO as well as Snapseed. Here, the edited images are saved in the app in an overview – you can always re-edit them if you want. If you click on the tool icon, you get a selection of pre-made filters – you can download more filters partly for a fee.

I usually prefer to edit the images manually by dragging from the bottom to the top of the tool menu and then selecting the tool again. Now you can adjust brightness, sharpness, saturation, shadows, highlights, warmth and fade. The brighter the breakfast picture and the more directly taken from above, the better the picture comes across to followers with me.

In addition to the various programs, some smartphones also already have good image editing. On my Samsung S6 Edge, for example, you can activate a smoothing filter directly when taking a selfie. In general, selfies are more fun with this smartphone, since you only have to raise your hand to take a selfie, for example – the same goes for the word “click”. A very comfortable solution that is really fun to use and that I will gladly introduce to you in more detail in the future…

The best beauty apps for image editing on the smartphone

The best beauty apps for image editing on your smartphone

With these image editing and beauty apps, selfies are even more fun. If you still can’t get used to selfies or don’t like to see portraits of yourself in general, you should take a closer look at the beauty apps for your smartphone. Even if you have to take a picture of yourself for an interview or a company website, for example, you can at least minimize the shine a bit afterwards if you don’t want to change much.

Personally, I find the possibilities fascinating and see how you can use filters to give many pictures and situations more glamour or a different mood. I also use the smoothing for selfies from time to time – especially when you’re feeling down. I’m glad that you don’t need a PC or laptop for good photo editing for social media channels, but a good smartphone is enough.

With all the beauty craze that you mostly expose yourself to nowadays, I want you to remember that you don’t really need these apps. You are just right the way you look – you have to feel good about yourself or if not, have the courage to change something. The important thing is that you know that these beauty apps are only options to influence your appearance in the online world.

However, you as a person are already perfect the way you are – so have fun with your look!

Maybe you know other programs and apps or beauty apps that you like to use that I haven’t listed here. Feel free to introduce them as well if you are convinced. Otherwise, I hope you continue to have fun with your photos and selfies.

* This post contains affiliate links to fashion stores or Amazon, so I may earn a small commission when you make any purchase at these stores through links on my site at no additional cost or disadvantages to you. By making purchases through my page, you help to continue to provide new content on this website for free.

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