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Vanessa Pur Calendar 2024 – Luxury lifestyle

Table of Contents

Vanessa Pur Calendar 2024 – Luxury lifestyle

The wait is over! I’m delighted to be able to offer next year’s Vanessa Pur calendar again starting today. After the incredible feedback from you over the last 12 months for the Vanessa Pur Calendar 2023, I wanted to offer a very special one this year and take into account the preferences of most fans and followers.

Over the last few months, you’ve seen a lot of changes on my pages and also on me – but the style has basically always remained the same – luxurious, elegant, feminine and a touch sexy.

If you were looking for more outfits with stockings, latex or leather, is the new place for you.

The new Vanessa Pur calendar 2024

The new Vanessa Pur 2024 calendar combines both directions – sexy and elegant, to strict and demanding…

13 pictures in 30x42cm (11,5 x 16,5 inch) format on heavy paper that will once again look special on the wall.

Vanessa Pur calendar 2024 - exclusive moments

Vanessa Pur calendar 2024 – exclusive moments

An exclusive collection of photo series, some of which will remain exclusive to this calendar and will never be published on the other networks or on my VIP networks. A real rarity for every fan and follower.

The feedback from users who already had the previous copies and were able to pre-order again was overwhelming and so I am delighted to now be able to offer the calendar to all fans.

The calendars are again, like the Vanessa Pur Calendar 2023, Vanessa Pur Calendar 2020 and Vanessa Pur Calendar 2019, strictly limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

For more information about the Vanessa Pur Calendar 2024, please send an email to

vanessa.pur.official @

Please be sure to specify the country of delivery so that it is easier to answer your request correctly.

Your order will be shipped within a few days by DHL in neutral parcels to almost anywhere in the world. So take the chance to receive your personalized Vanessa Pur calendar 2024 before Christmas and spend the year with some sexy moments.

If you have any further questions about the calendar, would like a special copy or are also active on OnlyFans or Patreon, you can also let me know in the email to vanessa.pur.official (at)

I will try to reply to all emails within 24-48 hours, but please be patient if you have to wait a few hours longer… 🙂

* This post contains affiliate links to fashion stores or Amazon, so I may earn a small commission when you make any purchase at these stores through links on my site at no additional cost or disadvantages to you. By making purchases through my page, you help to continue to provide new content on this website for free.

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1 day ago

[…] have already seen it on the first pictures of my new Miss Vanessa Pur Calendar 2024, there will be even hotter, even more elegant and even more sexy looks in leather and latex… a […]

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