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    Wishlist of Vanessa Pur

    Does Vanessa Pur has a wishlist? Where can I see the Amazon wishlist of Vanessa Pur? Can I sent gifts to Vanessa Pur? What is the address of Vanessa Pur to ship something? Some questions I often see in my mail or on my direct messages on social media. Time to give you an answer and some explanations, what I really love and how you could surprise me.


    Yes, I do have a wishlist. To be honest, I have many wishlists and many different wishes. I just heard a man in the city saying “It is just shoes, handbags and flowers - all a woman needs to be happy”. It sounds so easy and I guess there is a lot of truth in it - so I had to smile…

    If you directly ask me, what wishes I have and what I am looking for, I would not think about material things first. My biggest wish is to be able to continue with everything I am doing right now, as I really love to create content and to interact with different individuals and supporting followers during the day. My next big wish would be to create some more space for a bit more “me-time” and time to relax and re-charge my body and mind. Also I love to see the closest people around me being happy.

    After all these thoughts, I would start thinking about clothes, shoes, handbags and maybe also some flowers. I never was a bit fan or having flowers in my house, that only last for a few days, but during the last years, it changed a bit. Sometimes it really helps to get into a happy mood, when you see beautiful flowers on the table.

    of Vanessa Pur

    Vanessa Pur Amazon Wishlist

    But let’s talk about what most of you like to know, when they ask me this question. You like to see which material items would be useful or which would give a smile to my face. For that reason the easiest way to show some of these wishes is my Amazon wish list. You will find it at

    Problems ordering from my Amazon wish list?

    Get instructions about how to oder from my German wish list…

    The German-Amazon website is similar to Amazon websites in every other language. You can switch to English language at the top of the page below the search bar. Amazon might ask you, if you want to switch to your local store – but please reject it.

    After that you can easily browse on the German store and select items from my wish list or create an Amazon-voucher.

    What kind of wishes do I have? I love the newest technology to create the best possible content in the best possible quality. I love all tech equipment, that helps me to be faster, efficient and which makes even more fun to use it or give a creative new perspective on things.

    I love clothes and shoes, that I can wear for a long time. For these classy items, I am looking for clothes and shoes of high quality, that last long. I have some brands, that I would prefer over other brands, but it often depends on the style, material and how they look on me. I also love to combine my classy items with some trendy items, that are not made to last over several years. 

    Due to the amount of pictures I create with my style I often try to change some little parts in my style, but in general, it stays the same. I love to wear classy items in classy colors. I prefer black, white, grey, red and sometimes also some special colors – but overall, I love items, that are easy to combine, mix and match.

    Vouchers & Gift Cards

    Amazon Gift Voucher

    Send me a voucher and I will order directly to my home address

    Net-a-Porter Gift Card

    Send me a virtual gift card and I will select my favorite high heels, bags or fashion items

    Apple Gift Card

    Gift voucher for iTunes (music/movie) or the app store (games)

    Please use as email-address for all vouchers

    HouseOfCB Gift Card

    Send me an email voucher to my inbox and I will order directly

    Nike Gift Voucher

    Send me a gift voucher as a perfect way to help me stay fit

    Honey Birdette Voucher

    Send me an online gift voucher for hot new lingerie sets

    VANESSA PUR - YouTube Channel - Patreon Girl - Instagram - Feminine elegant fashion looks always with high heels

    What I really love...

    High Heels & Tights

    You might have seen on my shopping page that I find many of my products online in different stores and some directly at Amazon, some items I prefer to shop in the city and feel them in my hands, before I buy them. But sometimes, I also like to see, what my followers would love to see on me and what kind of items they can suggest.

    So I am really happy, if you love to support my style, my pictures and videos. If you are not sure which item to select or if you just want to show your respect, I am also happy to receive a voucher from Amazon or Net-a-Porter to collect them for a great item, that helps me. But if you prefer to select items directly from my wishlist, it will also bring a big smile to my face.

    Most of my favorite tights and pantyhose brands are also available on Amazon. My size is in most parts S, but if this size is not available I can also wear tights in size M. You will find my Amazon Wishlist with products, that will directly be shipped from Amazon and not from third party companies, because of the protection of my shipping address. As I will ship all items to somebody, who will take care, that I will receive all items, I still want to be very careful with this address. 

    I love to get new high heels from Christian Louboutin to fit in my already existing collection. Because of that I have a wishlist at Christian Louboutin, but also find many items at Net-a-Porter in my shoe size EU 37.5. 


    Your gifts and what I do with it

    But what do I do with your gifts? I will use them, have fun with them, and produce new pictures and videos with them. Sometimes you will see a unboxing at YouTube, Instagram, OnlyFans or Patreon Stories. Sometimes I will send a private message to the person to say thank you. You will see your gift in many of my pictures and videos, so you can be sure, that your gift is really special to me.

    But, do I just need your gifts for my online appearance? No, I really love to be a woman and I love to wear the style you see online also in my private moments. I love everything, that is special and not boring in my life. Sometimes you have moments, where flats and denim fits better to the situation, but if I want to be happy with myself, you would always find me wearing elegant styles and high heels.

    So if you think about something special to surprise me with or want to support me in any possible option – I love to say “Thank You”. Nothing of my online appearance would be possible without you and your interest in me. Thank you for the possibility to keep on doing what I love most right now and create much more content for you in the future. 

    Thank you, Vanessa

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